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accident insurance

After the accident heavily insured with the best rates

The accident insurance – insured at every step

The accident insurance protects you in the following cases:


Damage example:
During a bike ride, you suddenly fall and injured yourself. You suffer multiple bruises, a fracture of the left upper arm and a femoral neck fracture. These injuries leave you with considerable mobility limitations.

about 33.500 €
From the accident insurance you will receive a disability allowance of 33,500 €, as well as an immediate payment of 3,000 € and a monthly accident pension of 1,500 €.

Cosmetic operations

Damage example:
After a serious accident and the completed treatment phase your external appearance is permanently impaired. You no longer feel well in your skin and want a correction of the affected body parts.

about 3,000 €
The accident insurance covers the costs of a cosmetic operation that has become necessary as a result of the accident, up to at least € 3,000.


Damage example:
Careless cooking will start your kitchen fire. Panic leave your apartment and bring yourself out to safety. However, the fire has given you a slight burn and you broke a leg in your flight.

about 1.000 €
The accident insurance comes for the cost of hospitalization and also provides a hospital daily allowance of 25 €.

Is the conclusion of an accident insurance makes sense?

Every 4 seconds an accident happens in Germany, that is about 9 million accidents per year. The accident insurance covers accidents caused by accidents in all areas of life and worldwide. It not only covers the medical costs, but also all other accident-related costs, such as Ambulance transport, care needs, retraining in case of disability or, in the worst case, death benefit for the survivors.

What makes a good accident insurance?

Performance is the all-important criterion when taking out accident insurance. In the worst case – full disability – the insurer must pay at least 500,000 euros to the victim. However, you should also pay attention to lower degrees of disability, e.g. the loss of a hand to be properly cared for. Also, make sure that your policies apply around the world, 24/7, and in all life situations.

What contribution do I have to expect?

Good tariffs cost for men in non-dangerous occupations from about 236 to 333 euros annually. Women in non-dangerous occupations get away a little cheaper and pay for good rates between 221 and 306 euros.

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That’s what the press says

Financial test recommends

“The tariff should already provide benefits from 1 percent disability. Contracts for which you can only get 20 or even 50 percent disability benefits are disadvantageous. ”
Financial test 12/2011

That’s what the press says

Eco-test recommends

“Especially for all employees who can no longer get occupational disability insurance because they are already too ill, private accident prevention is highly recommended.”
Eco-Test 09/2010

37.5% of Germans have private accident insurance

Which insurance should I choose??

Before you take out accident insurance, you should always check what the selected tariff does in the event of disability. At a total disability it must be at least 500,000, at 25% disability at least 25,000 euros. Generally, the tariff should be from one percent on disability, not only at 20 or even 50 percent. The degree of disability is determined on the basis of limbs tax measured. Thus, the loss of one foot counts as 40 percent invalid, while a missing arm already accounts for 70 percent of disability.

Also, be sure that your policy worldwide and valid around the clock is. Pure recreational accident insurance or tariffs that are limited to specific situations are not worthwhile. The Performance in the event of death should be € 10,000, as you will also receive this provisional if the degree of disability is not yet finally established.

What if I’m unsure?

The conclusion of the right accident insurance must be well considered. Therefore, we offer you further information possibilities in order to familiarize yourself with the subject of accident insurance. In our questions&Answers section we explain the most frequently asked questions, so that they are understandable even to the layman.

Should there be any further questions after that, please feel free to contact our insurance experts directly. You are by phone 089/45 206 79 20 free of charge for you.

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