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Order a mobile phone contract for children and teenagers – great mobile tariffs for children

Smartphones have long since arrived in children, they grow up with this technology and use cell phones like the big ones in everyday life. We want to help parents find a suitable cell phone contract or a cheap tariff for their children. Great mobile phone tariffs for children and teenagers in a direct comparison!

Many children want a cell phone at a very young age. After all, around 30% of ten to eleven year olds have a cell phone. Of course, many children do not want to lag behind the trend, so many parents are faced with a question: "When does my child need a cell phone?" Mobile phones for children offer many advantages: Many parents usually have to be at work early, which is why many children have to walk to school on their own. However, children are dreamy, careless and naive, which is why many parents are afraid that the child will not arrive at school.

In such situations, it is useful if the child has a cell phone. This way, parents can be informed as soon as the children arrive safely at school. In addition, the child is always accessible to the parents. In addition, parents can be informed and picked up immediately by the child in the event of short-term changes in the timetable, accidents or the like. So the child is not on its own in extreme situations. But a cell phone can also be very helpful for less important cases. It is possible to put together a kids’ mobile phone contract if you already know which tariff options the child needs. It makes sense for the parents to sign a cell phone contract for their child. It can really be worth it!

Find good cell phone tariffs for children – prepaid or contract?

In principle, one can differentiate between mobile phone contracts and a cheap prepaid tariff. Here you have to ask yourself when a contract makes sense. If you only want to reach your child on the way to school or in emergencies, a prepaid card is sufficient. After all, the cell phone is not used very often, since communication among younger children is not limited to the cell phone. In addition, complete cost control is required for a prepaid card. As soon as the credit has been used up, it can easily be recharged via SMS. If the cell phone is used more often, it is better to choose a mobile phone contract. The higher basic fee is offset by the free quota of SMS or calls.

Child protection is also available in many tariffs, which blocks unwanted content and expensive value-added numbers. This is particularly important for younger children, as they can handle the unfiltered content on the Internet. In most tariffs, such blocks cost around two to four euros per month. There are also many current offers with a cell phone contract for less than 10 euros a month, here it is worth comparing the mobile phone providers.

Kids mobile phone contract with cost control under 18 years

What should children’s cell phone contracts be able to do? It is important for the parents to have an overview of the costs involved. A prepaid card is therefore ideal in this respect, since only the loaded credit can be used here. When choosing the tariff, you should definitely pay attention to the number of freedoms and the costs when exceeding them. The more often the cell phone is used, the higher the freedoms should be, because exceeding them can quickly become expensive. A mobile phone tariff with the right amount of free minutes can therefore help you keep an eye on the costs.

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