Congratulations on the 9th

Congratulations on your 9th birthday

by birthdayDecember 20, 2018

Congratulations on your 9th birthday

Everyone expects their birthday with joy and impatience. Children in particular can hardly wait for him. Some are looking forward to the event, which only takes place once a year, for weeks in advance. On this day, the birthday child is the focus of all events. This day offers everyone, of course also the grandparents, an excellent opportunity to show their grandchild how much they love it. A suitable way to do this are beautiful birthday wishes and sayings that make his heart beat faster when reading. The grandchild may remember some birthday wishes for the rest of his life. Not everyone has the gift of devising beautiful birthday greetings and sayings. That is why we offer you a selection of excellent birthday wishes. You will certainly find some that speak to you from the heart and are tailored to your grandchild. Have fun while reading!

Congratulations on your 9th birthday girl

  1. Everything that makes you happy should happen to you in life. Fortuna the goddess of luck should accompany you forever and be kind to you. Nothing should be missing in life and everything should give you joy. I wish you good luck, love and health with all my heart. My dear darling, life is beautiful, live it and be happy. But don’t forget that you have to learn for a lifetime. You are a good and clever child and know that learning ensures a bright future for you. Today is your birthday, let yourself be celebrated and be happy! Let us all share your happiness. The very best congratulations on your 9th birthday!
  1. With all my heart and with great joy I congratulate you on your 9th birthday. My dear, you should know that I am always there for you. No matter what it is, you can always count on me. I will never let you down. Why is that, you wonder? The reason is very simple, three words will tell you. I LOVE YOU! For your 9th birthday I wish you a lot of joy, fun and joy. For the rest of life all the happiness in this world and God’s blessing!
  1. Today be happy and cheerful, have fun and let yourself celebrate. At 9 years old you are still small, but your existence delights us. Because without you the world would be bleak and empty for me. For me you are like a fairy tale fairy who makes the world around me more beautiful with her wand. You fill my heart with warmth and beautify my everyday life. I am especially proud of your gold heart. Not everyone is given a golden heart. Always stay as happy and cheerful as you are today. I wish you all the best and happy 9th birthday with all my heart!
  1. Your birthday my dear girl is a very special day for me. On your birthday, I feel kind of rejuvenated and full of energy. Your smile gives me joy and makes my heart beat faster. Just let yourself be celebrated today and be proud, because you can really be proud of yourself. At serve 9 years old you are very smart and seem much more mature for your age. This is very nice, but today let yourself be guided by your feelings and have fun at your birthday party. Best wishes for your 9th birthday and all the best for your future life.

  1. My dear (name), today you are 9 years old. At nine, you are still a child, but old enough to understand a lot from the adult world. Let the adults be adults and cope with their difficulties themselves. Time flies in no time and you will already be grown up. Until then, be a happy and playful child. Use every opportunity to have fun in life. Be sociable and nice, because that’s the key to a fulfilling life. On your 9th birthday, I wish you all the best, fun and joy. Of course, this also applies to your future life. Congratulations!
  1. What, you are already 9 years old? It’s incredible how time flies! Of course I know how old you are, just wanted to tease you a little. A little bit of fun is necessary, because having a life without fun is not worth living. Especially for your 9th birthday, you should be happy, cheerful and exuberant. But please (name) do not exaggerate with the exuberance&# 128522 ;. All the best for your 9th birthday.
  1. Today is your feast, the date you were born. It was a special day for me and always will be. My dear (name), today put all worries aside and be cheerful, let yourself celebrate properly. You need to know that serenity should be an important part of everyone’s life. Because a smile shines and also affects the surroundings. I wish you a lot of fun and joy on your 9th birthday. For your further life I wish you that all your wishes come true. Congratulations on your birthday.
  1. Exactly 9 years ago a baby was born, namely you. On your 9th birthday I wish you joy and happiness. That is what makes a beautiful life. By the age of nine, you had quite a lot of tasks. But you always have to try to take advantage of everything. Even things that seem insignificant can delight and edify you. You just have to look at them properly. My warmest congratulations on your 9th birthday my dear (name)!
  1. You should live high, you should live high, three times high! I wish you all the best, lots of fun and joy on your 9th birthday. For your further life I wish you that all your wishes come true and that you are always happy. Play, be cheerful and enjoy your childhood. Don’t let anything trouble you, because after every gloomy day there is sunshine. For my part, the best birthday wishes for yours 9th birthday.
  1. Always be happy and cheerful, your face should always have a smile on it. For your 9th birthday, be relaxed and have fun, let everyone celebrate. Today is your day, your party! Be open-minded and playful, childhood doesn’t last forever. Therefore use the time and your youth to have fun in life. Be in the company of good friends, everything is nicer together. For your 9th birthday I wish you what you want most yourself. All your wishes now and in the future should come true!

Happy 9th birthday boy / grandchild

  1. Everything in life comes and goes but my love for you remains. You are not just a part of my heart but my whole heart. You can build on my love and trust me with every secret. I will keep all your secrets and protect you from all evil. My dear grandson I wish you all love for your 9th birthday. Good luck for your future life, joy, joy and health.
  1. My dear boy, nothing is more valuable to me than a smile on your face. That makes me extremely happy. When I see that you are happy, my heart is warm. Your laughter clicks in my ears like the most beautiful melody. Always be happy and cheerful, like that day. Today you are 9 years old and already a good big boy. You are smart and behave well, so I am very proud of you. For my 9th birthday I wish you, my dear grandson, a lot of joy, joy and fun!

  1. Now you’re a year older, having a birthday is wonderful. We all gathered today to give you presents and think about you. We will now celebrate your birthday. Good luck and God’s blessing, I wish you for life. My dear grandson, be healthy and joyful, happiness should always be with you. You should walk joyfully through life. All the best for my 9th birthday, I wish you with all my heart.
  1. You are my grandchild, my everything and everything, I love you more than anything. Never despair for advice. But I don’t just want to be at your side with advice. You are my inheritance, not just my possessions, because we have the same genes as gifts. So be proud and don’t let anyone grieve you. Life is beautiful, you just have to practice it. Practice to understand how it’s done, the tire. But that comes of its own accord if you allow yourself enough time for it.

For your 9th birthday I wish you all the best and endless joy!

  1. What makes a grandfather’s and a grandmother’s heart beat faster than a well-behaved grandson? You are this well-behaved grandson and we are very proud of you. You fill our lives with love and give it a special meaning. Today at the age of 9 you are already a big boy, but for us you will always be our little sparrow. We love you more than anything and are always there for you. Your dear being gives us happiness and contentment and beautifies our existence. Thank you for passing! Nothing can be nicer than having such a lovely grandchild. All the best and love for your 9th birthday.
  2. My dear grandson, on your 9th birthday I wish you what you want most yourself. Wishes come true if you believe in them firmly. Always be confident and never give up your wishes. Life has ups and downs, it is important that when you are below you get up and strive upwards. Take this advice from your grandfather to heart. Congratulations on your 9th birthday from your grandfather!
  3. What could be nicer than a birthday party when everyone is gathered around the birthday child! So, for me, your birthday is something special, something to be celebrated. After all, my grandson doesn’t have a birthday every day. Therefore my dear (name) I lift the glass for your well-being and wish you all my heart a happy 9th birthday. A happy childhood and a bright future!
  4. My dear boy, today we want to be happy and celebrate your birthday. You are my only grandson and I love you more than anything, you know that anyway. But do you know that I can’t imagine life without you? That you fill my life and give it a special meaning? For your 9th birthday your grandma wishes you all the luck in the world. Always be in a good mood and enjoy life. All the best my angel!
  5. Everything that means happiness in life, I wish you my dear grandson. A wonderful childhood but also a future. That you are never sad, you should always be happy and cheerful. If sadness should appear on your face, simply wipe it off. Don’t let anything trouble you. I am always by your side and will always protect you. You can always count on your grandpa! No matter what it is! My dear grandson, on your 9th birthday I wish you all the best and all the best!

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