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Contact - implanteer® - smile is everything

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Dr. Marc Hinze, M.Sc. & colleagues
Bahnhofstrasse 17
82166 Gräfelfing / Munich

Tel .: +49 (0) 89 85 10 76
Fax .: +49 (0) 89 85 43 55 9

Dates by arrangement.

Our phone times:
Monday: 09.30 -17.00
Tuesday: 08.30 -17.00
Wednesday: 08.30 -17.00
Thursday: 08.30 -17.00
Friday: 08.30-12 o’clock

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about the consultation.

Why is a personal consultation on site important?

Individuality. The human being in the center.

The success of a dental treatment is not possible without a detailed analysis of the existing situation and definition of the treatment goal. In addition, each patient has different concerns and expectations. That’s why every therapy requires an exact diagnosis and planning – precisely tailored to your needs personal needs.

How long does a consultation take? ?

We take our time and reserve for you at least 1 hour for initial consultation!

A detailed consultation gives you the opportunity to learn, weigh up and decide every detail of your treatment. So that your optimal care nothing stands in the way, all open questions should be answered.

Who performs the consultation appointment?

At Implanteer you will be exclusively by Dentists and Specialists who are specialized and experienced in the disciplines of implantology and periodontology. We want to enlighten you completely at the first appointment and provide you with transparent information!

How much does a consultation cost me??

The costs for a consultation are usually covered by insurance companies or reimbursement centers and amount to approx. 50-60 euros. In the case of a subsequent treatment, we will charge you the consultation fee accordingly.

Where is the consultation held??

The choice of a dental practice is a matter of trust. In addition to competence, ultimately the “really good feeling” is crucial. That’s why we hold consultations in a relaxed atmosphere. consulting room or treatment rooms we offer for this purpose.

How long does it take for me to get a consultation appointment??

We always keep a certain contingent of possible counseling appointments for new patients. We guarantee that manageable waiting times of about 2 weeks for a consultation appointment in our practice.

At what times of the day can I take a consultation appointment?

Consultation dates we agree individually according to your schedule and agree these on your personal and business obligations & Wishes.

Can I bring my documents for consultation??

Definitely. Existing documents such as X-rays, medical records etc. help us to get a comprehensive picture and course of your personal situation.

I have a long journey. Can you help me?

Should you have a longer journey, we take care of each other with pleasure after arrangement around your accommodation as well as the transfer between airport, hotel and practice.

Do I have to wait for my appointment with waiting times?

We are an appointment practice. In our scheduling we take great care that you no or very short waiting times to have. Should there be any longer delays due to an emergency, we will inform you in good time and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible with good service.

Can I cancel a consultation appointment again?

Yes of course. If you can not attend, please contact us please in time! Thus, we can allow valuable treatment time benefit other patients and ensure a smooth practice.

What to do after whom questions arise after the consultation?

We try to answer all open questions for you in the consultation. If any questions arise after that, we are always available for you. Telephone, mail or in another appointment on site.

I am an anxiety patient. Are you the right person??

Yes! Dentists and specialists at Implanteer are also focused on anxiety patients. In keeping with our philosophy, we want every patient, regardless of his or her history and strong fears, to enjoy a high-quality train. From your visit, we approach you with an honest understanding of your dental fear and speak openly with you and show you how the treatment is possible despite your fear. All treatment steps, starting with the diagnosis, are completely painless. Even during treatment under general anesthetic you will never feel pain. After surgery, there is no pain that can not be controlled with normal painkillers.

If urgent questions or problems arise after an intervention, we are naturally also there for you outside of office hours! You will receive a corresponding emergency number from us, which you can use to contact an Implanteer specialist at any time.

I get a cost plan for my treatment?

We are very keen to inform you seriously and transparently. Therefore, the value of your treatment is reflected in a personal cost plan that you before your treatment receive. This informs you and your insurer transparently about the planned and necessary course of treatment.

How are things going after my appointment??

treatment planYour treatment consists of different sections, which usually build on each other. In treatment planning, the important steps for you are discussed and the treatment goals are determined individually. Systematic and structured planning offers therapy security and minimizes failures.

schedule – Quality requires time. Your entire treatment plan is structured from the beginning and organized according to your appointment options. Our flexibility provides you with free time.

Can I reach the practice in an emergency outside of office hours??

If problems arise after an intervention, we are, of course, also available for our customers outside office hours! We will gladly give you a corresponding one emergency number With.

Dr. Hinze & colleagues

Bahnhofstrasse 17
82166 Gräfelfing / Munich

Tel .: +49 (0) 89 85 10 76
Fax .: +49 (0) 89 85 43 55 9

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