Contemplative christmas greetings

contemplative Christmas greetings

Christmas is not far off when loving scents lure you through the market and lights adorn the many windows of the houses covered with snow. The Christmas season is full of magical moments. On Christmas Eve the family sits together at the dining table and enjoys being together. The little ones pounce on their presents. Contemplative Christmas greetings delight adults. Because if you want to make a loved one happy, you should also find the right words for the selected gift. Contemplative Christmas greetings are always a good choice here! When choosing the texts, you don’t even need creativity. All seekers can find what they are looking for here. There are numerous Christmas sayings on this page. Simply choose one and use it as your personal Christmas greeting. Make sure that the selected saying fits the person to be gifted. Sensitive and emotional people in particular are happy about a contemplative Christmas greeting. Choose e.g. a saying that makes you think and has a deeper meaning.

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Contemplative Christmas greetings

Click through our list of contemplative Christmas greetings. Here we go!

For Christmas we want to give:
A happy festival and God’s blessing
To all of you who remember the Lord
and wish him rich gifts
All of you with strength and courage
to love one’s neighbor as he does
may he accompany you through life
praise Christ at all times.

Time to be silent, to listen, to go inside.
You can only see the miracles in silence,
that the spirit of Christmas gives to people.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas time!

Once chosen to reflect
Christmas almost lost that meaning.
Despite the stress and hectic pace far and wide
we wish you a peaceful and quiet time!

What magic does this festival have?,
that makes us forget pain.
Where we are happy and gentle
and in the heart like a child?
Where we believe in the good
and deprive ourselves of fear.
Oh, you Christmas blessing!
You can move us very much.

Merry Christmas wishes.

A couple on a bench,
Hand in hand and full of thanks.
49 years for two,
through ups and downs,
joy and suffer.
The hair gray, the eyes wise,
he whispers softly in her ear,
that he loves Christmas so much,
because they are by his side.
Not everything that people honor,
is given at Christmas.

Merry Christmas wishes.

We almost forgot what Christmas is. Christmas is more than a festive meal. Christmas is more than noise and buying, walking through neon-lit streets. Christmas is: having time for the children, and also small gifts for strangers. Christmas is more than gifts. Christmas is: thinking with your heart. And old candlelit songs – that’s how Christmas should be!

We wish you a peaceful Christmas, a satisfied reflection on the past, a little faith in tomorrow and hope for the future.

Christmas, the feast of love,
I wish it would stay that way.
Golden candles light up our room,
you are there, it is as always.
The tree and the biscuit scent,
Festivity is in the air.
The best gift is your time,
which I enjoy with you for two.

When one gives love to another,
when the misery of the unfortunate is alleviated,
when hearts are satisfied and happy,
God descends from heaven
and brings the light:
Then it’s Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas!

Christmas is not a time and not a season, but an emotional state. To keep peace and benevolence in your heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within you.

Happy Holidays, dear ones!

Author: Calvin Coolidge

The short days and long nights around Advent and Christmas are something special. The many lights a small replacement for the scarce light of the sky. A time in which longings are shaken, which point the way and enthusiasm regains importance because true love dwells in it. There can be nothing better than tasting the magic of this time and flowing with it into the new year. Send love and Christmas greetings.

Stop once and don’t hurry
and look at the little still light.
Have time for yourself alone
to be carefree.
Let your senses rest
and have the courage to do nothing.
Let this wild world spin
and have the heart not to see her,
be human again and child again
and feel how children are happy.
Then you are separated from all haste,
you on the way to ADVENT.

I give you a Christmas light,
that your years shine
and means well with you and your future.
That drives away all despondent thoughts
and a good companion for your tears.
A light that illuminates your ways
and your doing never dwarfs.
A light in which hope sparkles,
when life darkens around you.
One in which your soul rests
and do you and others good.

A special radiance illuminates the world again –
Christmas time is coming.
May she give peace,
Direct warmth to the heart.
I wish you a peaceful Christmas time!

We wish patience and peace for the feast of love. That in the universal gear, the quiet happiness of Bethlehem shines like the bright star. You can then pay close attention to loved ones near and far with small gestures and big gifts. Merry Christmas!

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