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at Converse is a sporting goods manufacturer from the United States, which is mainly through the Converse All Star has become famous. Today the brand belongs to the sporting goods company Nike (click here for the Nike size chart shoes). Converse shoes is available for children and adults – with the Converse shoe size chart you can choose the right one Converse shoe sizes Find. This includes with the Converse US shoe sizes, the UK shoe size and the D / EU shoe size all relevant international shoe sizes.

The popular shoe brand was created by Converse shoe size chart founded in Massachusetts in 1908. Initially, the shoe brand focused on the production of winter shoes. In 1917 the Converse All Star released a unique basketball shoe.

In honor of Chuck Taylor, a legend of basketball, the Converse All Star added Taylor’s signature in 1923. That was equivalent to the birth of a new type of shoe: the Chucks. Even today, children, women and men like to wear chucks in their free time. It was not for nothing that Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sold a total of more than 600 million pairs of shoes.

Converse shoe size chart for women

Shoe size in cm DE (EU) shoe size UK shoe size US shoe size
22 35.5 2.5 5
22.4 36 3 5.5
22.9 36.5 3.5 6
23.3 37.5 4 6.5
23.7 38 4.5 7
24.1 38.5 5 7.5
24.5 39 5.5 8th
25 40 6 8.5
25.4 40.5 6.5 9
25.8 41 7 9.5
26.2 42 7.5 10
26.7 42.5 8th 10.5
27.1 43 8.5 11
27.5 44 9 11.5
27.9 44.5 9.5 12

When it comes to buying shoes, women usually don’t fool themselves. Nevertheless, the women should also before Buying Converse shoes again on the Converse shoe size chart for women watch. Especially if the chucks are not in the EU shoe size be awarded, but in the US shoe size or UK shoe size.

In the Chuck’s shoe size chart from Converse you can then choose the one that suits you shoe size Find. Play it safe when buying new ones Converse shoes you can go if you measure the feet and you the Shoe size in cm use. With that the new Converse Chucks then also sit optimally.

Converse shoe size chart for baby and kids

Shoe size in cm DE (EU) shoe size UK shoe size US shoe size
8.3 15 0 0C
9.1 16 0.5 1c
10 17 1.5 2C
10.8 18.5 2.5 3C
11.6 19.5 3.5 4C
12.5 21 4.5 5C
13.3 22 5.5 6C
14.2 23.5 6.5 7C
15 25 7.5 8C
15.9 26 8.5 9C
16.7 27 9.5 10C
17.2 27.5 10 10,5C
17.6 28 10.5 11C
18 28.5 11 11,5C
18.4 29.5 11.5 12C
18.8 30 12 12.5c
19.3 31 12.5 13C
19.7 31.5 13 13,5C
20.1 32 13.5 1Y
20.4 33 1 1.5Y
20.8 33.5 1.5 2Y
21.2 34 2 2.5Y
21.6 35 2.5 3Y
21.9 35.5 3 3,5Y
22.3 36 3.5 4Y
22.7 36.5 4 4,5Y
23.1 37.5 4.5 5Y
23.4 38 5 5,5Y
23.8 38.5 5.5 6Y
24.2 39 6 6,5Y
24.6 40 6 7

If you want to order chucks for children or babies online, then you should Converse shoe size chart for baby and kids take as the basis for your purchase. Because on the one hand the feet of babies and children have to sit well and provide the necessary support, but at the same time they have to offer the feet enough space for them to develop properly.

Measure the children’s feet regularly, preferably before each shoe purchase, and then look at them Chuck’s size chart for kids and babies. This is the only way to ensure that you have the Chucks for children order in the correct shoe size. See you at the Converse shoe sizes with the international shoe sizes when confronted this is not an obstacle either, because in the Converse shoe size chart for baby and kids will all too German shoe sizes, the US children’s shoe sizes as well as the UK sizes listed.

The one pictured here Chuck’s size guide kids can also answer the question of how chucks turn out in children. Because at Chucks brand shoes you can refer to the specified size information leave and by representing the Shoe size in cm, you always know which Children’s shoe size is the ideal.

Converse shoe size chart for men

Shoe size in cm DE (EU) shoe size UK shoe size US shoe size
23.7 38.5 5.5 6
24.1 39 6 6.5
24.5 40 6 7
25 40.5 6.5 7.5
25.4 41 7 8th
25.8 42 7.5 8.5
26.2 42.5 8th 9
26.7 43 8.5 9.5
27.1 44 9 10
27.5 44.5 9.5 10.5
27.9 45 10 11
28.3 45.5 10.5 11.5
28.8 46 11 12
29.2 47 11.5 12.5
29.6 47.5 12 13
30 48 12.5 13.5
30.5 48.5 13 14
31.3 49.5 14 15
32.3 50.5 15 16
33 51.5 16 17
33.9 52.5 17 18

In young as well as older men Chucks very popular. The Shoes from Converse are very comfortable and can be perfectly combined with jeans. With the international size information but the gentlemen often find it difficult. So that the purchase of chucks is easy for you Converse shoe size chart for men the German shoe sizes, the US shoe sizes, the UK shoe sizes and beyond that Shoe sizes in cm listed.

So you can choose the ideal one Chuck’s shoe size by the Measure the feet Avoid wrong orders. To measure the feet, place the foot on a flat surface and then measure from the heel to the tip of the foot and always to the longest point. It’s already foot length in cm determined which the Shoe size in cm matches and then you can find the perfect one Converse shoe size easy in the Converse shoe size chart for men read off.

Convert Converse shoe size

A formula to convert the Converse shoe size you do not need if you look at the Converse shoe size charts orientate. Finally, the Chuck’s size chart act just like one Converse shoe size calculator.

The results of converting the international shoe sizes are in the individual Converse shoe size charts for women, men and kids summarized clearly and understandably. So you can without converting the shoe size Order Converse shoes online.

The Converse size comparison: an overview of the Converse shoe sizes

No matter if you Chucks or others Buy shoes from Converse want with the Converse shoe size charts are you always in the picture. Would you like to know how Converse sizes fail, then you can click on the Converse size chart cm watch. In all Chuck’s size charts on this page you will also find the Converse sole length, the the Shoe size in cm corresponds to.

The Shoe size 9 chucks is the German shoe size 44 equate, provided that it is the Converse UK size 9 is. Are the chucks in the US shoe size 9 specified, then lie You at the German (EU) Converse shoe size 42.5. So you can see how extreme they are UK and the US shoe sizes differ from each other and much more, how big the difference to D shoe size is.

Another example is Converse size 5½. The UK shoe size 5½ is a 38.5 in Germany. Is it again the US Converse size 5½ then you are here with the German Converse shoe size 36. It is all the more important that you are always in the respective Converse shoe size chart look so that when trying on the Converse shoes there are no unpleasant surprises. Also see the Reebok shoe size chart.


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