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Everything about the topic eat & Drink in the socko – family magazine and family guide. Cooking for the family is part of everyday life. Always new, great recipes and ideas are in demand. It should go fast, cheap and healthy and taste good. We would like to present you inexpensive dishes in a healthy, fast, affordable kitchen. Of course cooking, baking or barbecuing together with the family and eating and enjoying with the children is of course the most enjoyable. Great recipes to complement your family recipes and everything else around the topic of food and drink, we have here for you with many tips, ideas and advice ready.

It should taste, not only the children; it should also be healthy, and can be implemented in stressful everyday life and inexpensively. Recipes for cooking, baking, grilling, for every day and for holidays invite you to try it out. Delicious and healthy thirst quencher are also not too short and ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

Smoothie recipes

The tastiest and best smoothie recipes summarized on one page

Baby food recipes: Beikost- and baby porridge recipes

Each baby is unique, but soon each one starts off individually

5 tips for a healthy diet – even on stressful days

Especially when things get chaotic in everyday life, everything in the job

Vegetable Broccoli Salad: Fresh, tasty, healthy and easy

The broccoli salad tastes best in summer, of course

Ketchup Recipe: Make tomato ketchup yourself

Have you ever tried making tomato ketchup yourself? Because

Laid apple pie recipe

A real highlight: apple pie with blanket. On shortcrust are the

Make potato wedges yourself

Potato wedges or potato wedges are a tasty alternative to fries

Good Friday food: what is typical and common?

Fasting on Good Friday is easy for many of us

Variant of “False Rabbit”: meatloaf different (and with cheese)

Always popular and suitable as a Sunday roast: Muttis Meatloaf. The so-called

The northern Italian kitchen

Northern Italian cuisine is different in many ways from the one to the other

Stockbrot Recipe: Stockbrot with and without yeast

Stockbrot BBQ is a great idea for kids‘ birthday or

Kinderbowle: 7 great recipes for non-alcoholic punch

Celebrating a birthday makes you thirsty! Kinderbowle is not just for

Organic, Fairtrade – what is that??

In many supermarkets, in cafes and restaurants is always found

Freeze-dried fruits

The cold season is approaching: to prevent infections and the

Tea: A hot drink conquered the world

Tea is one of the world’s most popular drinks after water. ever

carrot cake

The carrot, carrot, carrot, yellow turnip, yellow turnip, turnip, or Riebli

Chervil: recipes, tips and information

The all-rounder Chervil (Anthriscus) finds a spice in the kitchen,

fruit & Dry fruits: The drying of fruits

Dörren is on everyone’s lips again today and not

quince jelly

Quince bread that lasts long will be good. The preparation is right

Garden Party: >

In sunshine and summer temperatures there is hardly a better one

Fruity fresh: watermelons gazpacho homemade

The term Gazpacho comes from the Spanish and means to

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