Cool flea markets in europe: beat’s – stroll in the gare du neuss

Cool flea markets in Europe: Beat’s & Stroll in the Gare du Neuss

For me as a bargain hunter and friend of the little peculiarities that life brings with it, flea markets are a wonderful thing. Many great little things, new and used, that get the chance to start a second life with me.

This with the flea markets has only one huge disadvantage. Most flea markets open their doors already at 6 o’clock in the morning and if you arrive there as late risers until 10 o’clock, the first stalls are starting to decline again. Naturally, the really great treasures are already gone.

Already two years ago I discovered close to my home base a cool evening flea market, which has meanwhile not only made a regional name. In the Gare du Neuss, in old freight yard halls with nostalgic charm in Neuss, a flea market takes place regularly in the morning, but for me the junk events are interesting in the evening. To the “Beat’s & Bummel “or the” female stuff “is next to the typical junk also music, readings, waffles and wat delicious to drink offered.

The assortment is very “women-heavy”. Clothing, home decor and now and then a Münszen or record player-seller. There are also repeat offenders, who meet regularly on site.

While most of the winter takes place in the halls, in summer the sales area is also extended in front of the halls and onto the ramps. Parking is difficult, so park outside and come by train.

The best bargain you will make at the evening flea markets between 20 – 21 clock. But then it is the fullest. On my last stopover, I completely satisfied my deco passion with an old brass pot, a big pillow, a lettering, a wisdom scroll and a record bowl. And just under 18 euros invested.

Around half past 10, the junk halls are slowly emptying, while some shuffle full home, the others treat themselves to a nice drink in a cool ambience in a small side hall. Or a helping of chips outside on the ramp. Depending on the whim of the dealers, the event will go on until 2 o’clock.

  • If you want to know more about current dates and events in the Stückguthallen, prices for “dangling” learn, so you can inform yourself on the homepage of the Gare du Neuss about everything else.
  • By the way, if you want to see a few highlights of Neuss, I can only recommend the report from a tour of Neuss by Jessica (Fernwehundso).
  • The best way to reach the flea market by train, there is parking, but at that late hour rather poor.
  • Do not be put off by the underpass. There is a lot of pigeon dung there, but nothing happens to you there.

There you have to go: Karl-Arnold-Strasse 3-5 41462 Neuss

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