Cool room ideas for teenagers

Are you also facing the challenge of decorating and furnishing a youth room? Before many parents encountered the issue, they believed that this process would be easy and straightforward. In reality, transforming a child’s room into a child’s bedroom is not an easy thing, because on this stage of their lives the adult children already have their own opinion and often a completely different vision for beauty and modernity compared to their parents. In this case, the parents have the difficult task of talking to each other their children to find the topic, to discuss different furnishing ideas and to reach the goal. However, the bright and cheerful colors of the past childhood do not necessarily have to be replaced with simple pastel shades, and the furniture in the youth room does not have to look as usual as for an adult bedroom. To help you set up a youth room, we have prepared some cool room ideas and tips for modern and creative design.

creative furnishing idea for modern youth rooms by Susanna Cots

Here are our 4 tips for creative youth room decorations:

1. Make a point of storing the furniture

The teenagers are already known for their messy rooms. Enough storage furniture is of course required to clean up a room. Since the furniture is an essential part of the interior design, it must also be functional and optimized. Adequate and space-saving storage of clothes and different objects will not only keep enough room for movement in the room, but will also contribute to a regularly tidy youth room. A practical and suitable solution for teen rooms are the bed frames with built-in drawers or shelves for storage boxes and boxes. Adjustable shelf systems, labeling of all storage containers and a note board for noting all important events and appointments will make your children more organized. The desk is another piece of furniture that also offers sufficient storage space for storage and can be used functionally.

/ Apartment in Klaipeda 011_Martens JSC /

Set up a small children’s room with a loft bed and wardrobe in green

/ Creative Woodwork Ltd /

2. Personal youth room furnishings

Transforming your teenagers’ nursery can play a positive role and create a new bond between you and your children. So, take the time to get to know your children better. Together, choose the right colors and decoration for the new youth room that will express the personality of your children. Let the teenagers pick out the wall colors and some of the furniture themselves. You have to expect that bright colors like green, orange or violet are very popular among teenagers and you will have to match this bright color palette with the interior of your apartment. A floor covering that differs from the rest of your house can also be a wish of your adolescent. In this case, keep in mind that the wooden floor is easy to refinish if you ever want to have its original look again. If the young person wants a neutral wall color, a color accent through the carpet, curtains or other accessories can refresh and bring the youth room to life. If your child wants a dark and even black wall color, it is best to paint only one wall in the color that is behind the bed. You will achieve a strong wall accent and the perfect background for a creative and modern wall design with wall shelves and wall decorations in bright colors.

/ Westchester Colonial_Fougeron Architecture FAIA /

creative wall design for children’s rooms and a cool youth room wall unit idea

/ Robeson Design Kids Toy and Playroom Storage Solutions /

creative color design for children’s rooms and teenagers’ room furnishing idea with shelves

3. Create a comfortable slack environment

Compared to adults, adolescents need nine or even more hours of sleep. Children suffering from sleep deprivation have mood swings and are naturally sleepy, which can also lead to a deterioration in school performance. How could you create a healthy slack environment in the youth room? Systems such as televisions, computers and video games are often the cause of insufficient sleep. Certainly your children will not be pleased with the removal of all these devices from their rooms. Another solution, in which you do not have to come into conflict with your adolescent, would be a suitable color design, which creates a calming atmosphere in the room.

modern and functional children’s room furniture with a space-saving bed

Creatively decorate a small children’s room for two children

4. Design the youth room creatively and modernly with tricks

All teenagers want to be unique and look, this also corresponds to your idea for interesting and modern room furnishings and cool room design. Instead of buying the usual mass-produced items, decorate the youth rooms with special and unusual tricks that you can find inexpensively in vintage and second-hand shops. Design a gallery wall with accent colors, artistic representations, or with photos in colorful picture frames with different shapes and sizes. If your child has an artistic side, encourage them to decorate the room with their artwork.

Design teen room in Vitange style

/ Mill Valley House_Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs /

modern wall design children’s room with gallery wall from comic book

/ Orange County Media & Bloggers Shelley Gardea /

Here are some interesting examples and inspirations for modern children’s room design, creative youth room furnishing ideas, functional furnishings for small children’s rooms, interesting and unusual decorating ideas, as well as for stylish wall design and color design using different wall colors.

Girls’ youth room with pink color accent

/ Dream Home Designs /

minimalistic children’s room design and creative wall design

/ South Coogee House_Capital Building /

creative and minimalist children’s room with TV wall panel and star Wars-wallpaper

/ Rado Rick Designers /

modern youth room with interesting wall design and modern desk

Idea for modern youth room with the wall color black

/ Sally Wheat Interiors /

bright and bright colors for cozy youth rooms

/ McQuin Partnership Interior Design /

cool furnishing idea for small youth rooms

/ Orange County Media & Bloggers Shelley Gardea /

Fantastic idea for a youth room with a bunk bed as a hanging bed and a counter for a DJ desk

Children’s room painting ideas and interesting children’s room design with pink ceiling and curtains

creative color design in natural colors with a fresh accent in blue and orange for a beautiful youth room

space-saving device for small children’s and youth rooms

yellow accent wall and red duvets for vibrant color scheme in teenage room with dressing room

/ N O V I S P A C E /

cool room ideas for small kids room

Bed and modular cabinet system as a unit for small children’s rooms and space-saving furnishings

red, blue and black accents for modern furnishings and design of small youth rooms

attractive youth room on the top floor with visible roof construction

/ Colin Cadle Photography /

round shapes and bright pink color as an example of a colorful children’s room

black shelves and bright green and blue accents a white teen room

/ London Furniture & Accessories GAUTIER UK /

Paint idea in blue for a girl’s youth room

/ Interiors by Natasha /

black wall as accent wall and storage boxes as wall decoration in the children’s room

/ Interior of Greenwood’s Home /

Idea for teenagers room with indirect lighting and wall covering with shelves

built-in wardrobe for Save up from the place in the small children’s room

/ Sandhill Crane_Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc /

a youth room for girls with pink wall paint

/ Steven Mueller Architects /

creative youth room ideas and interesting children’s room design


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