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Coolpad smartphones – the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones

Coolpad phones are considered in the industry as a cheap alternative to the models of popular manufacturers. This is where smartphones by Coolpad fall through low prices on. So if you want to order a Coolpad smartphone without a contract, this is a cheap model, which visually makes a good impression. How the Coolpad mobile phones but beat in everyday life, tell you the respective reviews. In the following lines you will see the Coolpad smartphones at a glance and get an impression of how the company has developed in recent years. You can then view the respective Coolpad mobile phone test in the respective categories.

Coolpad Smartphone Test 2019

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Coolpad as a manufacturer for smartphones

Only a few customers will know the Coolpad phones, because according to the Coolpad smartphone test, the manufacturer does not belong to the best known brands on the German market. This is because the manufacturer decided only a few years ago to distribute smartphones from Coolpad in Germany.

Previously, there was the Coolpad phones, according to Coolpad Mobile Test only in China. The Chinese brand has made in its own philosophy, however, that smartphones from Coolpad should not be cheap products. The smartphones from Coolpad should be cheap, but should not cheap processed his. How it works, see the following sections.

The company comes – as already mentioned – from China. Nearly 5,000 employees worldwide work on Coolpad smartphones. The Coolpad series have been developed and produced since 1993. Coolpad was founded this year. Although the company does not sell its products today via Saturn or Media Markt, the online shop regularly offers coolpad smartphones.

The company Coolpad is a company dedicated exclusively to the production of smartphones. Coolpad has been on the market since 1993, but only in 2012 will the Coolpad smartphones reach Europe. Since then, however, experience shows that the company always evolving. Especially in the last two years, the demand for Coolpad phones has increased enormously. If this continues, Coolpad may be able to compete with manufacturers like Huawei in the foreseeable future.

Tip: The German headquarters of Coolpad is in Munich. From here also the German customer support is operated.

The Coolpad smartphone models in the overview

Before going into Coolpad’s flagships or niche products, first of all, you should get an overview of the individual product series. Basically, Coolpad not only produces cell phones in a series, but also offers the customer as much as possible many different models on. This way, as many customers as possible can be addressed, which in turn increases the chance that Coolpad mobile phones will be purchased. The Coolpad smartphone test shows that this is a common marketing practice, if a manufacturer as quickly as possible to attract many customers and wants to win. Another advantage: Anyone who wants to buy a Coolpad smartphone without a contract, does not have to look far for this. The low prices are a big advantage of Coolpad in direct price comparison. Since 2016, the company Coolpad has also been composed with German network operators. Since this year you can use the Coolpad smartphone without contract order, but the devices can also conveniently buy with matching tariff – the choice is yours.

The following Coolpad Smartphone models can be ordered from Coolpad:

  • Modena
  • Max
  • Torino
  • Torino S.
  • Porto S.
company Coolpad TCCM GmbH i. G.
Headquarters Munich, Germany
founding 1993
Products different smartphone series

The special Coolpad smartphones in the check

If you want to get a Coolpad phone, you have a great choice, according to Coolpad Smartphone Test. In the Coolpad smartphone comparison, however, it must then show which model in the overview may be considered the winner and the best Coolpad smartphone. The flagship and test winner is the Modena 2 smartphone from Coolpad. This smartphone works with one 8 megapixel front camera and has a very thin plastic case. More precisely, a material with a thickness of only 7.8 millimeters is used here. Such thin cases are usually rare in cheap smartphones. Another positive feature is the large screen with a size of 5.5 inches.

Thus, it joins the ranks of smartphones from Samsung, Huawei or Apple. Furthermore, the company Coolpad has recognized that users put a lot of emphasis on storage capacity. Thus, the smartphone has an internal memory of 16 GB. This may seem little at first glance, but this memory can always with another Memory card expands become. Similar to a Dual Sim function, another memory card can be used. However, the device does not have a Dual Sim function. Also, the smartphone is not waterproof, which is why it is less than outdoor to watch mobile phone.

If you value security, you should take a look at the Coolpad Max Smartphone. This smartphone has – unlike the Modena – one fingerprint sensor. In addition, a Secured Dual Space function is used. In this case, a virtual second device is created on which you can store photos, videos or other documents. The storage space of built-in 64 GB will be left untouched. You can also use this feature to set up a second profile for apps. Even if no Dual Sim is used here, this feature comes very close to the Dual Sim functionality.

The Torino smartphones – whether the normal smartphone or the S variant – are very solid smartphones, according to Coolpad smartphone test. Who wants to buy such a Coolpad smartphone without a contract, also receives a model with a fingerprint sensor, but the company is in this case on a full Dual Sim function. So in Torino and Torino S you can in both cases one second sim card use. If you do not want to use this feature, you can use a memory card instead.

Pros and cons of a Coolpad smartphone

  • Optically, the smartphones from Coolpad can keep up with the devices of leading manufacturers.
  • Especially details such as rounded corners and slightly curved glass give many models a noble touch.
  • The fingerprint sensor on the back of some devices can be configured individually.
  • The quality of the cameras is usually sufficient for normal pictures in daylight completely. For pictures like with an iPhone from Apple, however, other manufacturers should be considered.
  • Only a few smartphones from Coolpad have a notification LED.

Coolpad as a real alternative for smartphones?

Take a look at the Coolpad smartphone review, you will find that the company is very ambitious to make smartphones in different series. The offers always have low prices. And if you look at that then technical data Look at the Coolpad smartphone models, you can be sure that the company will certainly gain in the coming years in the name of. The andro > Review a very good figure and can compete with the competition. Just that Dual space function is very interesting for teenagers!

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