Corniche – abu dhabi travel tips, your honest – detailed travel guide

Corniche - abu dhabi travel tips, your honest - detailed travel guide

Abu Dhabi Travel Tips | Your honest & detailed travel guide

Tips from vacationers to vacationers looking for Abu Dhabi? On my travel blog you are absolutely right! Come with me – I’ll show you everything about the fascinating Emirate!


The Corniche is a 6-mile long pedestrian, jogger and cyclist promenade directly on the coast. She is something like one central landmark in Abu Dhabi and is trend-setting on many street signs. Here are also some large hotels located.

Although you will rarely be able to walk in Abu Dhabi because of the outside temperatures and bad walkways, at least once you should take a short walk on the Corniche! In the afternoon, when the sun is shining from the sky, the Corniche is almost deserted and it is quite exhausting to move because of the heat and the glistening white stones. But as soon as it gets dark, the somewhat gloomy place fills with life.

Then joggers and skaters make their rounds there, people sit on the benches and enjoy the view, families use the pavilions for picnics, the food stalls are home to more life, and there are stalls where bicycles and other companions can be borrowed. The nice thing is you on one side the public beaches or the open sea sees and on the other, the beautifully lit skyline in the evening from Abu Dhabi.

Directly parallel to the Corniche always stretched out Greenery, with trees and flowers, meadows and playgrounds for children. Even a small labyrinth of bushes can be found there. You will reach these small parks via underpasses that pass under Corniche Road. They are often nicely decorated with fountains, mosaic walls, etc. Of course, you will not have to go through these underpasses until you reach the Corniche.

Maybe you have After a day on the public beach, feel free, not directly in a taxi, but to go stroll along the corniche, enjoy the cool breeze and watch the goings on? If you get tired and want to get back to the hotel: Corniche Road has taxi stalls where you can easily wait for a taxi.

My conclusion: The corniche is nice for a little walk, especially in the evening, when it gets cooler, and you have no other plans. If you do not visit her, But you do not miss a lot! The hype that is always made about it is not really justified. ;-)


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6 thoughts on “Corniche”

our holiday (10 days) in Abu Dhabi is now over. It was our first stay there … and what can I say ?! We will be back definitely. I was fascinated by the cleanliness there. Berlin can not compete with that for a long time.
There was so much to see and we walked for miles every day and it was just beautiful.
We were fortunate that in many shops was “seasonal sale” and we also entered shops that we had never visited here in Germany.
… I just do not have the words …

Hey Sandra, that’s great to read – another Abu Dhabi fan! :-) I have just returned and have been on site – whether on the Corniche or anywhere – always pleased about the cleanliness.

Many thanks for your great website and therefore this blog!
I am really thrilled and have to say that I have been able to get much information from you for my trip to Abu Dhabi at the end of March.

What I would only be interested in and I’m not sure if I’ve skipped your article about it, but you can also dive for pearls in Abu Dhabi??
So I do not mean so deep that you need a bottle ….

I also have a little question about Waterworld.
I take flip-flops and I read, there are drawers for. Could I take the shoes in my hand and then slip with them?
We did that with your stuff? Valuables clearly in the locker, but Fotoapperat (after all, I would like to take pictures of my children), bath towel and backpack or something, you had the taken to the beach and you could leave the good conscience as well or I have to expect that one I then go to my stuff or through this rummages through??
A check of the backpacks takes place at the entrance and I have to empty the backpack completely??

Thank you in advance and many thanks.

Hey Marion, so that you can dive for yourself from one of the beaches in Abu Dhabi or the Corniche for pearls, would be new to me now. As far as I know, the pearl divers at that time risked their lives despite hard training, because of course they had to dive without oxygen cylinder into great depths to make prey. So this is not an experience, what you could just take along as a “casual vacationer” incidentally – even if you knew exactly where diving would be worthwhile. ;-) But there are “Pearl Journey” tours on traditional Jalbooten – as the guests drive out in a small circle by boat and not only served Arabic snacks, but also tells the story about the Pearl Diving vividly. The highlight is then the opening of the oysters, with each guest doing it for themselves and looking for his own pearl. It ensures that there are enough oysters with pearls on board and everyone can then take a pearl souvenir home (hence the salted price of AED 500 per adult).

At Waterworld, you do not have to worry about your valuables, there’s hardly any crime in Abu Dhabi and there’s security everywhere. The “poorer workers” can hardly afford to visit such parks. At least I was not worried that something would be lost and I left everything – even the camera – covered on the couch as I do in Germany and also in the outdoor pool. But I can understand if you are unsure. I think that you should not keep the slippers when sliding for safety reasons and I can also imagine that the security may ask you to put them on the shelf. But why would anyone want to steal used bathing slippers? That seems to me quite unlikely … ;-) Maybe the floor at the end of March is not so hot that you need it everywhere in the park and then you can just leave it on the couch or completely in the locker.

With the camera, I think I would do it this way: If you do not want to leave it unattended, then just take it – after you have oriented yourself in the park – now and then consciously at hand and make some nice pictures with your kids by You eg Wait until they come out of the chute, etc. In between, you close the apparatus again and move without you through the park – into the water you can so bad anyway, let alone slide! In addition, in the park are also still professional photographers on the way, should capture the very special snapshot, after you have your camera back in the locker, then you can think about their pictures when leaving the park to buy.

I can not remember checking the backpacks, to be honest. Which object worries you??

Hello Sarah.
I’ve almost thought of something like that so you can not just go to the Pearl Diving.
I would like to know something more about how it was then. Finally, that added to the wealth even in …
But now I have to ask some stupid questions, but can not I go diving for pearls in this water park ?? I mean to have seen in a video rudimentary that since children are immersed in a 3m glass basin after shells and then dribbled to keep three pearls …

Because of the pines, I had asked, because unfortunately I basically have the habit of rumping my toes, whether you can not take them in the hand. If necessary, a man just has to carry me;)

And with the bag control was only needed (because of an ulterior motive), my children each have a lactose and gluten intolerance and we wanted to give them some food (at least a few minor things), so they do not starve there. After all, in any fast food meal anything against which they have an allergy, included … and I really do not want them to tip me out of the pines …

Incidentally, I have seen that the water park offers a discounted admission. For 185 Dhiram until March 31st on bronze. You just have to have an “alys Emirates ID”.
Can you tell me what that is ?? Is this an identity card or is this the stamp in the passport for Abu Dhabi??

Hey Marion, now that you say it, I remember: Yes, there was such an offer at YAS Waterworld, but I did not look into it. The food is a tricky situation, can understand that you are doing so your thoughts. Just checked again: in the FAQ of the park is yes, that you can bring your own food / drinks. Perhaps you could write to the management beforehand and ask for a special permit – that would probably solve any problems with any controls at the entrance more diplomatic and faster. With Emirates ID they mean an ID card of the UAE – so unfortunately the deal is only for locals.

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