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Cost, dr



The order determines the fees

  • What does the lawyer cost??
  • Initial assessment of your legal matter you receive free of charge

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to the legal fees

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Costs for indiv />

The way to advice

  • Which does ______________ mean "" alt ="consultation"? >" aria-label ="consultation"? >">consultation"? >here
  • How do we conduct consultations? here" alt =" > here" aria-label =" > here"> > here
  • here" alt ="What does the advice cost? > here" aria-label ="What does the advice cost? > here"> What does the advice cost? > here


The legal framework for the remuneration of legal advice is not easy for the right-seeker to understand. It is between the term > " consultation " and > " Initial Consultation " differentiated. The "Initial Consultation" is a legal concept of art. Counseling is what most clients in everyday life understand by counseling.
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  • Priority of the fee agreement :
    Since 2006, the RVG no longer contains a statutory fee for consultancy activities. With § >34 para. 1 p. 1 RVG, the legislator demands that the legal profession be consulted >Compensation Agreement (BGH, Judgment of 22.02.2018 – IX ZR 115/17, Rn 6). We talk about it openly and transparently before advising.
  • No fee agreement :
    If no fee agreement is made to carry out the consultation, the following applies:
  • For one >Initial consultation is the maximum legal fees 190, – € net (§ 34 Abs.1 S.3 3.Hs. RVG) plus. 20, – € Flat fee (No. 7002 VV RVG) and VAT, i. a total of 249,90 €. This results from § >34 para.1 p.3 3. Hs RVG.
  • For one >Advice to consumers is the maximum legal fees 250, – € net (§ 34 Abs.1 S.3 1.Hs. RVG) plus. 20, – € Flat fee (No. 7002 VV RVG) and VAT.
  • The way to our advice:
    You do not need one "Lawyer around the corner". In our practice we lead many -> (Initial) consultations online. As the respective subject matter is very individual in terms of scope and difficulty, we do not provide any advice before we assess your need for advice professionally and you from us one >Have received a cost proposal. In other words, we generally conduct consultations (including online consultations) on the basis of >Compensation agreements (§§ 3a ff. RVG) by. This makes the consulting costs transparent and comprehensible for you.

practical tip

Check You, the lawyer of your choice, before you make a final decision under a > first consultation . If he has the necessary expertise to you "well advised" through the separation phase and the following > In the counseling interview, he has to discuss important practical issues ad hoc can give a satisfactory answer. Unless: "hands off!" a Catalog of possible > You can find sample questions > HERE . Make a note of your questions in writing in advance, to which you want an answer. Make a note of the advisor’s answers, at least in a catchword. Check with our information online, if the answer is correct.
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What does one include consultation?

What "consultation" means is in § -> 34 para.1 p.1 RVG legally defined. Any out-of-court lawyer acting over a -> first consultation goes out, but is still no extrajudicial representation to the opposite side or business care, is one consultation in the meaning of § -> 34 para.1 p.1 RVG. If the lawyer is only to act internally towards his client, there is consultation within the meaning of § 34 RVG (BGH, Judgment of 22.02.2018 – IX ZR 115/17, Rn 9) Most of the consultations desired go beyond the scope of an initial consultation or beyond the scope of (mere) advice. This is especially true for -> Maintenance calculations, not just for internal purposes. Follows after an initial consultation or a consultation legal representation opposite the other side or another agency, so will the -> consulting fees on the resulting business fee (due to legal representation towards a third party / opposite party) count. The way to -> HERE. " alt ="You will find advice -> HERE. " aria-label ="You will find advice -> HERE. "> consultation do you think …? Find -> HERE.

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