Cost of a general anesthetic, anesthetic dentist wiesbaden

Cost of a general anesthetic, anesthetic dentist wiesbaden

General anesthetic costs

When you can expect a reimbursement

Dental treatment with general anesthesia can have many advantages. Some patients are even absolutely dependent on them – for example if they suffer from particular fear of the dentist. The Dentalplus dental practice in Wiesbaden reveals everything you need to know about the costs of general anesthesia.

In which cases the statutory health insurance company supports you

The anesthetist, that is the anesthetist, will invoice you separately for the cost of general anesthesia. The anesthetic costs are therefore not part of the dental treatment costs. The statutory health insurance companies attach certain conditions to whether they pay the dentist for the cost of their general anesthesia. The following patient groups can expect reimbursement:

  • Children under 12 who do not cooperate in dental treatment and can therefore only be treated under general anesthesia
  • People with allergies or special diseases that make other types of local pain relief impossible
  • If you have severe physical or mental disabilities

With private health insurance companies, reimbursement of the costs of general anesthesia can also be considered. This depends on the insurance and your chosen tariff. The reimbursement guidelines are not uniform, so it is worth asking your insurance company.

In which cases private health insurance supports you

Private health insurance usually covers the costs of anesthesia caused by a dentist, provided that it is not a simple anesthesia. An anesthesia is desired if the treatment could also be carried out without anesthesia, but the patient decides for "convenience" to be treated under anesthesia. For anxiety patients, however, confirmation from the family doctor about the presence of anxiety conditions that require treatment under anesthesia often helps.

General anesthesia costs for other patients

In the above cases, the health insurance companies consider general anesthesia to be medically necessary. But even if these conditions are not met, dental treatment under general anesthesia can be very useful. As is so often the case with medical services, what the health insurers and health insurers pay for is not necessarily what is best for you as a patient.

General anesthesia can be the most appropriate solution in the following cases, for example:

  • If several treatments are to be combined in a single appointment to facilitate your dental therapy
  • For larger dental surgery
  • During implantological interventions (insertion of dental implants)
  • When removing multiple wisdom teeth in one session
  • If you suffer from fear of the dentist

The cost of anesthesia essentially depends on which anesthetic method is used and how long the anesthetic lasts. The costs therefore usually vary between € 100 and € 1000, rarely above this even with anesthesia lasting several hours

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