Cot and bunk bed made of solid wood dwarf furniture

Our adventure bed as a children’s loft bed, the pirate bed and our football bed in white

Girls cot: pirate bed and princess bed (also suitable for princes: can be customized)

A handmade children’s bed made of dwarf furniture

As soon as the dear little ones are out of the age when they want to be close to mom in their parents’ bed at night, the question of one arises in young families cot.

At dwarf furniture you will find great cots of all kinds – handmade and lovingly processed.

And of course we also manufacture individual cots or a functional bed for you.

Beds for the baby are also our specialty, just like a loft bed or a bunk bed

A bed as desired for the children’s room

The cot as a favorite place

Children have favorite places in the nursery. Certainly your offspring will stay in some places in the house or apartment much more often than in other places, regardless of their age. Often the little ones only want on their favorite blanket – that of grandma! – play with the toys or find a safe place under the living room table to let the wooden train whiz around in a circle.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the cot would also become a favorite place for your children

With a bed that inspires the child and in which they feel comfortable right from the start, the bed will soon become such a place. Whether it’s a loft bed, a bunk bed, with a slide or without. And if a child likes to go to bed because he loves to snuggle up there and sleep comfortably after reading aloud in the evening, then mom and dad are also happy.

Children’s beds, produced in the traditional way

What can my child expect with cots from dwarf furniture?

Cots earlier and today

The cot is a piece of furniture that only takes time his Has justified existence. In the Middle Ages or in the early modern period, people’s living quarters were small and cold, so families moved closer together – even at night. Later, when the dwellings got a little bigger, people often have no money to buy a cot. And if it did, there was a big bed in which all the children slept together. After all, large families were the order of the day, and the children had to move closer together.
Only with the construction of more spacious apartments did the idea come up that children should have their “own kingdom”. This is how the children’s room was created. At the same time, the number of descendants in the families fell dramatically. Where five descendants and more were normal in the past, three children were soon the exception. This had a decisive impact on the families. Because less hungry mouths had to be taken care of, the money that was still left alone with the father remained home brought, always more left. So families with children could also afford to live in apartments that had spacious rooms. And even if two or three children first had to share a children’s room – there was now space and money for cots.

Why are we telling you all this? The toddler bed today is not so different from the toddler bed from back then. Even at that time it was important that a child’s bed (the bunk bed or loft beds had not yet been invented) was primarily stable and durable – it was an investment for the parents. Good cots had their price. Just as we build a cot or cot for dwarf furniture today, it was made in the 19th century, often from beech.

Function bed? Loft bed with slide? Bunk bed? Car bed? Youth bed? cot?

The children’s loft bed

Loft beds exert a very special fascination on children, which can be observed again and again. Children always like to look down from somewhere, which is much bigger than themselves! And loft beds also mean: Stop, mom and dad, this is my realm, you won’t get up so easily here. A children’s loft bed is particularly great because it is extremely space-saving. This is because it arises each Ample space to play or slide. Your child’s bedroom or bedroom will look much more spacious. Of course, in the workshop we do everything to ensure that a loft bed as a child’s bed does not simply become a loft bed – no, we attach great importance to incorporating loving details that your child will simply love. Be it the design in the form of a ship, a rocket bed, a horse bed or a loft bed with slide, which we manufacture exactly according to your ideas. For us, the safety of children and sustainable production are our top priority. And it doesn’t have to be a loft bed – a bunk bed is also great.

As you can see on this website, we have decided to manufacture and offer you four-poster beds as well as bunk beds. Because it is certain that mostly boys are interested in the adventure bed. So we thought that four-poster beds would also be part of the range as a bed for girls.


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