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The 6 best children’s and youth beds at a glance.

Being a parent means little sleep, especially in the first few years. If you have a baby or toddler, you are probably also dreaming of it finally sleeps through in his own bed. Despite the new bed, a small visitor will probably still crawl into your bed at night.

The chance, that your child at least likes to go to bed, are increased by a nice and comfortable cot (e.g. the models in our comparison table). With such a chic bed, your child will surely have Want to take the sleep test alone. Read our comparison to find out about all important purchase criteria.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

33 other colors / motifs
1 more color


Cot comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Clamaro children’s bed Dream´n Play Leomark cot Micoland house bed Katido cot Steens ALBA cot Steens for Kids cot
at Amazon *
47 reviews 101 reviews 12 reviews 3 reviews 1 reviews 218 reviews
More suitable for ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀
Recommended age
according to the manufacturer
K.A.. from 1 year K.A.. from 1 year from about 4 years from 4 years
Max. Resilience
according to the manufacturer
up to 100 kg up to 40 kg up to 30 kg up to 100 kg K.A.. up to 100 kg
Dimensions lying area
80 x 160 cm
other sizes available
70 x 140 cm 70 x 160 cm 70 x 140 cm
other size available
90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm
frame material Fiberboard Fiberboard solid wood solid wood Fiberboard Fiberboard
Color | motive White | zoo animals White | butterflies White | White | White | Wood |
Other colors / motifs available
Incl. slatted Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Incl. mattress
Incl. roll No No No No No No
Incl. Protection against falling out This type of protection usually consists of raised side panels that prevent them from rolling out at night. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
With drawer Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
self-assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • padded edges – very safe
  • large selection of colors and motifs
  • robust
  • robust
  • rounded edges – very safe
  • Storage space for bedding
  • robust
  • with drawer for bedding & co
  • at the same time house to play
  • robust
  • with drawer for bedding & co
  • available in different sizes
  • Ladder can be mounted on the left and right
  • easy-care surface
  • can be converted into a play bed
  • many spare parts included
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Clamaro children’s bed Dream´n Play Questions and answers about Leomark cot Questions and answers about Micoland house bed Questions and answers about Katido cot Questions and answers about Steen’s ALBA cot Questions and answers about Steens for Kids cot
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
Available at *

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  • A cot is the next step in your child’s development and replaces the cot and crib. When your child is ready for a cot depends on its size, independence and willingness to play. Most parents accustom their children to a cot between the ages of one and a half and three years.
  • Usually the cot comes in a new children’s room. To make your child easier to get used to, a colorful children’s bedding is very helpful.
  • Solid wood children’s beds are particularly robust, MDF is lighter. If you want to use the cot as a bed for teenagers or guests or sometimes want to lie in bed with your child, a 90×200 cm lying area is worthwhile.

The time has come: You have decided to get your child from the crib into a real cot. Be it because your child grows out of the baby bed or because a little sibling is on the way. From the age of about one and a half years it is safe to exchange a cot with the crib. You decide when is the right time for you. However, the easiest way to move is if you find the right cot that gives your child so much joy that they want to sleep on their own in the cot. Design is not everything, however, it also depends on the safety in terms of structure and material. If you want to know which is the best cot for your child, you will be advised in our 2019/2020 cot comparison. In our table for 2019/2020 cot comparison you will find our winners of the cot comparison.

1. Why a cot?

A cot is the first large bed your child will sleep in. So the furniture symbolizes a big change in your child’s life and usually goes hand in hand with moving into the nursery. Beds are of course available in many different designs, colors and sizes. The bed is not only used for sleeping, but also as a place of wellbeing in the children’s room, as a playground and a cuddly cave. When buying beds, please note that there is enough space for you to read the bedtime story. As part of our buying advice, here are the advantages and disadvantages of children’s beds with a colorful children’s design:

  • has an animating effect – helps your child get used to their own bed
  • siblings in particular often place great value on personal motives
  • Eye-catcher in the children’s room
  • can usually not be used as a youth bed

2. What types of cots are there??

When looking for the best cot, you come across many different types of beds. For our cot comparison, we have divided the beds into the following categories:

Type description
Classic The classic children’s bed mostly consists of solid wood or MDF. Due to its simple design, the wooden children’s bed can also be used as a youth bed or guest bed. Unlike a loft bed or bunk bed, it is very unobtrusive in the children’s room, youth room or bedroom. You can buy items painted or unpainted in natural. Untreated wood can be varnished without any problems.
with drawer A cot with a drawer or drawers offers you extra storage space in the bedroom. Do the cot drawers have casters, they are particularly easy to open. Free drawers can be pulled out completely and offer you the most space for children’s bed linen, children’s bed covers, toys and children’s books.
with children’s design Are you looking for a cot car? Or would you like to convince your child with a fire engine crib or princess bed to move? Many manufacturers offer articles in all colors, e.g. as a slide bed (a children’s bed or bunk bed with slide), car bed or with accessories such as stickers and 3D images (e.g. Danish bed storage bed "Frieda" with slide).

3. Criteria for buying cots: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. Size of the bed area

Play bed and loft bed in one from DES GmbH.

If the cot is 90×200 cm wide, your child has a lot of space and the bed can also be used as a youth bed or guest bed. If the cot is 70×140 cm wide, it is particularly suitable for small children’s rooms. Note that in many cot tests, the overall dimensions of the products are not specified. So if you read “90×200 cot” and “70×140 cot”, this refers to the bed surface and the size of the mattress that fits in the bed. A cot with a drawer in particular needs more scope.

3.2. material

Solid wood cot, beech cot, pine cot, metal cot: the choice is not always easy when buying a cot. A solid wood cot is particularly stable and easily withstands jumping kids. However, you should get help to set up a wooden cot – solid wood is very heavy. The most common types of wood for furniture are solid pine, solid beech and solid oak. Beech and oak are hardwoods, pine is a type of softwood.

Allergy sufferers prefer a solid wood children’s bed made of hardwood, softwood emits so-called terpenes, which can irritate sensitive people.

When choosing, you can also use existing furniture such as a wardrobe or changing table – but not everything in the children’s room always has to fit together.

We compared these other products for small children:

In the case of wood or plastic, when comparing cots, we recommend paying attention to any pollutants they contain. Especially plastic may contain plasticizers and BPA that can cause allergies. Even wooden beds are not always pure: if the bed is painted, the color may contain toxins. The best cot for sensitive kids therefore has a TÜV seal and is shown to be tested for harmful substances.

3.3. processing

The cot is usually set up at home by the parents. Especially if you want to buy a cot cheap, you should check the safety of the bed before installing the furniture. Pay attention to splinters, screws that are too small or poorly glued beams in the slatted frame.

4. Slatted frame and mattress

You can buy the bed with mattress and slatted frame in a set, usually at a lower price than if you bought the accessories separately. Most beds are offered in standard sizes, so they can be combined with any other slatted frame and mattress. In addition, the included mattresses and slatted frames performed less well in a cot comparison.

5. The main manufacturers and brands

  • Arbox
  • Best for kids
  • Clamaro
  • Demeyere
  • Deuba
  • Ikea
  • Roba
  • TW24

6. Children’s bed at the Stiftung Warentest

A roller grate is usually cheap and can be easily stowed away, but has no resilient properties.

If you would like to know which product the children’s bed comparison winner of the Stiftung Warentest was, we have to disappoint you. Le >ÖKO TEST of the June 2008 edition placed particular emphasis on possible pollutants and production errors when choosing the winner of the children’s bed comparison.

7. Questions and answers about the topic of a cot

7.1. Which is the best children’s bedding?

In the comparison of children’s bed linen, pure cotton or a mix of cotton and bamboo performs best. The materials are breathable, soft, durable and very gentle on the skin. If you want to buy a children’s duvet, cotton is recommended as the upper material. If you want to buy children’s bedding at low prices, the discounters Aldi and Lidl are a good place to go.

7.2. A cot fire engine is worth it?

Most children will find a cot fire truck or a cot car in the children’s room great. Often you can buy the "blue light", the wheels and the steering wheel separately. Alternatively, you can buy a loft bed or bunk bed with slide as a play bed.

7.3. Children’s bed Ikea – the furniture store offers beds for children?

Princess bed by Worlds Apart.

You can use Ikea cots both in the store as well On-line to buy. The furniture is available in different sizes and designs. You can also find mattress protectors and bed linen at Ikea.

7.4. What is special about a Worlds Apart cot??

Children’s furniture from Worlds Apart can e.g. bought as a Disney cot and have a lot of storage space. Accessories such as matching wall stickers and shelves can also be bought in Disney design.

7.5. How can you build a cot yourself?

If you prefer a cheap cot, you can buy a used cot. Alternatively, you can build the cot yourself relatively easily for a small price – you can find everything you need in the hardware store. You can find building instructions for a bed made of natural wood in the video:


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