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Cot with fall protection

According to this text we have a nice selection of beds with fall protection put together for you. You can find ours here Cots . And here the right one Failure protection .

A cot with fall protection is a bed with integrated protection against falling out.

Why a cot with fall protection?
Parents decide to let their child sleep in a large bed at different times. Up to this point it was in the cot through the grid sides "protected". It couldn’t fall out during sleep. Changing to a 90 x 120 cm cot is a new experience and requires getting used to.
The fall-out protection attached to one or both sides ensures safety because your child can no longer fall out unnoticed. But – and this is just as important – your child also feels safer and may fall asleep better and easier. Because it also feels the associated Safety and security.
The safety device is not a disadvantageous investment in that it can be removed at any time without having to change the appearance or construction of the bed. In this way you combine additional security with the greatest possible flexibility.

What versions are there for a cot with fall protection?
Almost all manufacturers of children’s beds also offer suitable fall protection. So it can always be ordered as an option or later reordered.
If you choose this option, you can be sure that the drop-out protection fits perfectly – also visually – and forms a unit with the bed.
However, there are also universal fall protection devices that can be attached to the majority of current children’s beds. Mostly, these are clamping devices that make it possible to attach the protection to one side of the bed.

The question of whether the bed is against a wall or freely in the room is also decisive for the selection. Because if the cot is free in the nursery, you need fall protection on both sides. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, if the bed is against a room wall, protection against falling out is sufficient.

Which cot should be protected against falling out?
Protection is optional for a normal single bed. The lying area is not too high and many parents do not use fall protection in this case.
Above a certain height – for example with block beds or raised bunk beds – one should think more concretely about the possibility of lateral elevation.
With half-height beds and loft beds, the question no longer arises, because these two types of bed are already equipped with a safety device. It is then no longer optional and / or removable.


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