Cots – play meadow and dream land at the same time

Cribs – playground and dreamland at the same time

When the little ones are bigger, their demands and wishes change to the nursery. A new cot and […]

When the little ones are bigger, their demands and wishes change to the nursery. A new cot and the right furnishings have to come from. Many parents are then faced with the task of choosing a beautiful as well as high quality cot. Nobody wants to make a mistake in terms of quality and of course the children‘s dreams are equally important.

The diverse world of cots

From classic beds in child-friendly sizes, the selection ranges from bunk beds and loft beds to adventure beds. Dreamland and playground are very close to each other here.

The sleeping place in the loft bed can usually be reached via a ladder or stairs. Below there is enough space for individual design. Desk, playground or seating area – each variant is used below a raised sleeping area and makes the loft bed a space-saving space saver. However, loft beds should not be purchased too early. A minimum age of four to six years seems appropriate.

Bunk beds are similar in construction to bunk beds. The only difference: in the lower area there is a second sleeping possibility. When siblings share a room, bunk beds provide efficient use of the existing space. The older child then most likely sleeps up while the younger child makes himself comfortable downstairs.

However, the dream of every child seems to be a great adventure or play bed. During the day they are princesses in the castle, pirates on the high seas or professional drivers on the racetrack. At night, however, all superheroes and sailors must be able to sleep well. There are hardly any limits to the inventiveness of the manufacturers.

Colorful houses, climbing parks, tent beds, airplanes and knight castles – the range of combined sleeping and play landscapes is huge.

Sleeping comfort with high-quality mattress and matching slatted frame

Although there are many different types of cots, some components always stay the same: each bed has a mattress and slatted frame. Both elements are essential for the comfort of lying and are best adapted to the sleeping habits and physical conditions.

For the cot, the focus should be on harmless ingredients and materials that promote spine growth. At the age of five to eleven years, the spine is particularly sensitive and forms the typical double curvature. In this particular growth phase, for example, cold foam, latex or spring mattresses in combination with a rigid slatted frame with a small distance of the slats are.

Conclusion: quality combined with fun in the game

When selecting a suitable cot, the quality of the production and the material must be taken into account. In the second instance, it is also about bringing children’s eyes to shine. Adventure beds combined with high-quality mattresses and slatted frames ensure a healthy sleep and encourage the desire to play. With a little research, there are many providers who have this combination at fair prices in the range.

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