Cough syrup for toddlers – what should you watch out for?

Cough syrup for toddlers

If toddlers lead under excruciating cough, this can be very stressful. Both for the children who are at night disturbed become and have a sore throat, as well as for the parents. Home remedies such as breast wraps and the usual cough measures are usually sufficient to treat a cough caused by a cold. But also cough syrups have their meaning and purpose. You get a few from us, especially when dealing with small children Tips, what you should consider on this topic.

Key facts at a glance

  • Cough syrups may help toddlers more when tried and tested home remedies do not work
  • The administration of chemical cough syrups should always be discussed with a doctor
  • Juices for irritable cough can help children sleep better
  • Stop cough syrup treatment on your own if your toddler’s symptoms don’t get better or worsen

How many years can I give my toddler cough syrup?

Most herbal cough syrups can already from the age of 0 years are given. Many chemical drugs can only be given from 2 years. It is advisable to ask the doctor or pharmacist about this and read the package leaflet. It says, among other things, how exactly you use the juice dose have to.

What should I watch out for if I want to cough syrup against my toddler??

One speaks of an infant from the beginning of the 2nd year of life until the completed 3rd year of life. As mentioned, many juices can be given from 1 year. But in this toddler phase, careful consideration must be given to whether the child needs cough syrup or not. Basically, almost all manufacturers of cough syrups recommend this, only after consultation to give the child a juice with the pediatrician.

You should also see if a Juice really needed is. There is not much you can do wrong with vegetable juices, as they usually have no side effects. Synthetic or chemical juices, which are also available without a prescription, should be the last choice due to the side effects. However, there are a few good reasons to use such juices:

  • The child hardly comes to rest at night due to intense coughing stimuli
  • The small child is exhausted from the cough and very tolerable
  • The airways are completely covered with mucus and the child needs support to cough up

Cough in young children

If children have a cough, parents are particularly concerned. The younger the child, the more difficult it is to understand the symptoms correctly. But how do you know what helps against the cough?

Home remedies for young children

These home remedies help relieve cough in young children. Here you will learn some of the most effective home remedies you can use to treat your child.

How long can toddlers take cough syrup?

The duration of use of cough syrups in young children varies from product to product. The package insert contains individual information for each medication, how long you can use it. It is usually the case that the juices should no longer be used if the symptoms worsen or if you feel that the effect of the medication is too weak or too strong.

Love, security and care are among the best when treating cough, especially in young children. If the circumstances are right, cough syrup can often be dispensed with. After all, the effects of cough syrups have not been proven to have an advantage over herbal and home remedies.

Love, security and care are among the best when treating cough, especially in young children. If the circumstances are right, cough syrup can often be dispensed with. After all, the effects of cough syrups have not been proven to have an advantage over herbal and home remedies.

How do I give cough syrup to my little child?

Herbal cough suppressants can help with strong cough

This question is not that unusual. If a child of this age has had to swallow bitter medicine, they will be reluctant to use this type of medicine. So choose one that tastes sweet. There used to be some medicine dripped onto a piece of sugar. There is no reason not to stretch medicine that does not taste as good with a little honey. Be creative. And then a look at the package insert for the medication helps to find out how many times a day you should give your child the juice. It makes sense, of course, something to relieve coughing before sleep apply (as long as it is irritable cough). If you want the child’s mucus to dissolve better, give him the appropriate preparations a day, even if he is well able to cough up the mucus. Of course, before giving the cough syrup, you should pay attention to what is in the package insert or what the doctor has recommended.

What ingredients are not good for toddlers?

Herbal ingredients generally tolerate young children well. Unless hypersensitivity to a certain substance is known. In the case of synthetic additives alcohol be an exclusion criterion. Although there is very little alcohol in a few milliliters of cough syrup, small children in particular could be sensitive to it. After all, they break down alcohol much more slowly than adults. Codeine is now also being used no longer recommended for children, but what is due to the sometimes massive side effects. Also with other chemical cough syrups you should only use them in Consultation with your doctor use.

Already knew?

If young children have a productive cough, the associated cough should not be suppressed. The worst thing you can do is use cough suppressants and expectorants at the same time.

When do I need to see a doctor??

Since infants are much more sensitive to infections, you should see a doctor if your child’s symptoms have not improved or worsened after a week. The sudden appearance of high fever is also not part of a regular cold. The reason could be bronchitis, to which bacteria have joined. difficulty in breathing, night sweats or a clouded consciousness are also alarm signals. In connection with cough syrups, please see a doctor if there are side effects after ingestion.

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