Country of origin peru, mama ocllo blog

Country of origin peru, mama ocllo blog

Peru, we come!

Miguelito will cross the Atlantic for the first time to his second home, which is 16000 km away Peru know. Family reunion, supplier visits and finding new inspirations. The time has come in March and we look forward to it.

From the village >At the age of just six months, Miguelito will be on the KLM plane and will be treated to more than 15 hours by mom and dad. Since we travel during the day and the little guy usually does not care to sleep before dark, we need to think ahead to an exciting program.

Three packed weeks await us in Peru. A precious time in which Miguel will get to know his countless relatives, let himself be charmed by the sound of Limas and enjoy the sun of the Peruvian late summer.

We are excited because it will be our first baby journey. Instead of squeezing into the hopelessly overcrowded micros (“minibuses”), this time the taxi drivers will be earning us. We need to be more careful about clever pickpockets, because that’s not how fast you react with a baby in a sling. And even when eating the ultra cheap version should not be chosen to avoid a lethargic stomach. Say, the adventurous bachelor life is over now. Instead, an increased need for security and a certain comfort come to the fore.

family reunion

Miguelito’s German family is small, you can count the narrower circle in less than two hands. When Gustavo and I got married in Peru in 2012, I realized for the first time to what extent my family would grow through this union. And at the time of our wedding, I just met a fraction of about 100 people. So let’s surprise ourselves how our Miguel reacts to so many aunts and uncles who will all want to hug him &# 128578;

Even as a mom, the family reunions are a challenge. For example, how do you make it clear to a Peruvian mother that our baby has to go to bed between 7pm and 8pm? After all, babies in Peru are usually present at all celebrations until the very end.

Soothing is the feeling that we have our own home in Peru, our oasis of peace, so to speak, where we can crawl ever, should the bustle become too big.

supplier visits

Meetings with our suppliers are planned for the second week.

We become the women of the non-profit organization Manuela Ramos visit their new products and talk about future joint projects. In particular, we are looking for products made from handcrafted organic materials, such as high-quality bio-certified cotton such as alpaca wool.

Great is also the joy of seeing our clothing suppliers again. Although we have regular contact via email and telephone, but facing each other is something else.

We will take the opportunity to create new fabrics, colors and materials for our Organic baby clothes to discover and feel. First and foremost, of course, fabrics and knitted fabrics made of Pima cotton. However, we are also increasingly planning products from the long-fiber Tangüis cotton to include in our assortment. It is a very good cotton, the price is slightly lower than Pima cotton. Tangüis cotton is very nice in combination with naturally colored cotton. Here are the tender white Tangüis cotton fibers mixed with green, brown and beige native cotton threads. In this way beautiful patterns are created, as in the case of our baby Kurzarmbody’s in ring optics.

Project: Report about our production country

Our long term goal is to promote Peru and its high quality Pima cotton. Questions such as “Is Lima a city in the mountains, at over 4000m?” “Cotton is not equal to cotton?” Should be answered in the future of the majority of conscious end users with a clear “NO”. Why is this important to us??

On the one hand we want to bring you closer to this beautiful country, our production country Peru. And not just as a holiday destination or a land of adventure. Peru is a unique textile supplier. Centuries know-how in the production of high quality garments, rare raw materials (e.g., pima cotton, stone nuts etc.) and a lot of creativity deserve a name. It is not India, Bangladesh, nor Romania or Portugal; Peru is unique, like any other manufacturing base in the world, except that the media report too little about the Andean state and its riches.

We want to change that. Without betraying too much, one of our projects is to create a small documentary about Peru, its cotton production and production conditions. We already have an excellent Brazilian journalist in mind, there is still a missing photographer and a detailed planning of our project. What we want is for you to see where Mama Ocllo® Baby Clothing comes from, what materials it is made from, and what work is behind every garment.

In search of new inspirations

And, last but not least, We will search Lima for fresh inspiration with open, curious eyes. Colors, products, motifs, natural materials, just everything that we can record in three – unfortunately much too short – weeks.

We already have some new product ideas in mind, but as with any product development, we need a longer lead time. The quality standards and production conditions of potential suppliers must be checked, costly calculations must be drawn up, designs designed and patterns developed.

Since our time in Peru is limited in time, we are even happier that our French fashion designers and thus the fourth in the league of the Mama Ocllo team, Telma Sousa De Brito, is expected to travel to the Andean state in midsummer. A trip to the Andes, to Puno, to visit the women of the NGO is also planned here. A journey with Miguelito due to the altitude of over 4000 meters above sea level. not yet possible.

Be curious about what we have to report from Peru!

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