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3 Selected events for individuals & pairs,

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Here you will find typical topics for
Couple therapy / couple counseling / marriage counseling:
Event number one: relationship crisis
If you’ve tried a lot yourself but just don’t know what to do next.
Event number two: communication problems
If you have the impression that you no longer understand your partner. or arguing all the time
Event number three: Your friends don’t know any more either.
Then we can as "Neutral third parties",
Moderate your conversations professionally while directing your gaze in other directions
Our areas of expertise
Affaires / affair
Couple therapies or couple coaching in the marriage crisis e.g. after an affair, usually take place in the following phases:

– coping with the trauma

– What did the beloved stand for??

Sitting out / silence as a temporary solution? Shaping change!

Communication instead of fainting and impatience:

the "deceived" Leave time for (re) trust

How to forgive / start again?

Crisis as an opportunity? Face the SINN question without fear

(Re) discovering the (unlived) needs

Conflict management for couples:

Fighting violently as love- & Lust killer.

When violent arguments become a nightmare:

Does that seem familiar to you??

If "out of the blue" thunderclouds" raise

They argue more often and more violently than before

They are engaged in word battles below the belt line

Afterwards you are sorry, but reconciliation is difficult for you

Sometimes you no longer recognize yourself

Your partner: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

continuous voltage & Separation is in the air

Your children are afraid

Your energy budget will soon no longer be able to stand all of this

then you should:

Learn fair arguments above the belt and healthy acting out of negative emotions

Recognize and change control constraints

Break through old patterns

Speechlessness in marriage

Your partner seems strange to you?

They are no longer looking forward to "at home", Instead, they prefer to work longer

They focus on that "Macken" Your partner

Postives is like "Never been"

They think about separation more often

The thought of getting older together will make you queasy

Somehow you lack drive and motivation OR you fall into actionism that doesn’t make you happy either

Several hearts beat in your chest: You need a sparring partner to clarify your inner dialogue: make healthy, adult decisions

Accompaniment when you want to have children & unwanted childlessness.

When your desire to have children becomes a nightmare: Between hope and fear

Be mindful: Feel natural limits for the first time in life

Stay relaxed: don’t get lost in the stress of the reproductive machinery

Lust for sex instead of just on schedule: Refresh vocabulary from good times

The loneliness of women and the role of men

Learn to let go: Develop plans B and C.

Develop alternatives for a common future

When excessive jealousy becomes a problem.

Recognize causes, destructive behavior patterns and your own needs

Losing fear: compulsive behavior and "clinch" overcome

Learn to formulate justified wishes for the partner

Overcoming the "4 apocalyptic riders":
Marriage counseling with malicious criticism, defense, contemptuity and emotional isolation

The balancing act between autonomy and commitment:

The balancing act between longing for security and

Obligation and the simultaneous need for

Self-determination (roots and wings)

Intimacy, sexuality, loyalty, infidelity

Children or the decision to remain childless

Gender conceptions and family pictures of men and women;

Distribution of rights and duties;

Power relationships in the relationship

(after R. Welter-Enderlin; 2007)

"The seasons of love":
Get to know the natural phases of a couple relationship

Topics include, for example:

Parents will – living as a couple – separate from the family of origin

Renegotiate autonomy and commitment;

Take stock and "Bodies buried"

find personal and common meaning / common tasks?

Develop visions for the next "season"

After the professional phase:

find productive meaning in life

Tolerance with physical weaknesses

Just recently lovers, now love- & Parents:
the first child is there!

First the baby, then the crisis?

Help! I no longer understand my husband!

Mental crises from fathers are still a TABU-theme. Be often not only Mothers, but also fathers in the period before and after birth confronted with emotional issues; Fathers sometimes feel redundant and frustrated and are strongly reminded of their own childhood issues.

One goal of therapy can be to develop a feeling of mature fatherhood among the fathers so that the young family can develop well.

Couples, patchwork families &
the normal one "madness": Puberty / family counseling

If the loved ones "small" You the "Salt the soup"..

The children’s drama recognize and act adequately

Care, comfort and still set limits

Solve the guilt dilemma

Grandparents, friends and other teammates in complex systems

Here you will find more information on family therapy and family counseling


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