Crazy speeding scene: billionaire tests bugatti on the a2 – authorities now investigating

Czech billionaire radim passer tests his bugatti chiron on the A2 autobahn. The expensive sports car reaches a speed of 417 km/h. He uploads the video of his ride to youtube. Now german authorities are investigating him.

On Monday, the police initiated an investigation into a speeder who was driving at 417 kilometers per hour on the A2 and posted a video of it on the Internet. After intensive testing over the weekend, the driver is now under investigation for illegal street racing, a police spokeswoman said. This will now be passed on to the public prosecutor’s office for legal assessment.

czech billionaire uploads video of his "test drive up

czech billionaire radim passer reached astronomical speed on a german autobahn. Passer tested his bugatti chiron on a stretch of highway on the A2 between berlin and hanover.

A video of his "test drive he had uploaded on his youtube channel. "A lot of people have asked us to share uncut camera footage from the car, so we did", it says in the video description. "we hope you enjoy the ride – this time from a different perspective."

Crazy 417 km/h on the A2 – speeding action was legal

The billionaire also used speedometer and gps data to drive his car. At the top he reached 417 km/h in his luxury sports car. A questionable and dangerous PS spectacle.

In the video, you can also see other vehicles that he overtakes with his speedster. For them, he wrote a message on his rear wing: "have a nice day" (dt. Have a nice day). I wonder if the people being overtaken could even read that at the crazy speed they were driving?

"We thank god for the safety and the good circumstances, because we could reach the speed of 417 km/h!", passer wrote further. At least numerous guardian angels are likely to have been on the A2.

federal ministry of transport criticizes freeway speeders

The Federal Ministry of Transport also voices criticism. Any behavior in road traffic that endangers or could endanger road users will be rejected, a spokeswoman announced. And: "all road users must abide by the rules of the road traffic regulations."

The ministry also noted that the law also requires drivers to "drive only fast enough to keep the vehicle under control at all times". And whether this is the case at a speed of 417 km/h on a freeway can at least be highly doubted.

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Crazy speeding scene: billionaire tests bugatti on the A2 - authorities now investigating

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