Creative in Advent: 13 ideas for Christmas crafting with children

The advent season is approaching and a large part of the SoLebIch community is already prepared for contemplatively beautiful hours at home. Because it’s especially the little ones who enjoy the Christmas season the most, today we show them ideas for children: for pretty Christmas decorations, Christmas tree decorations and DIY Christmas presents. For a creative Advent!

#1 – Lanterns with children art

No pre-Christmas season without candlelight! You can easily make beautiful lanterns out of transparent paper (baking paper also works): The little ones can paint on their favourite Christmas motifs with coloured or wax crayons. Then cut the paper to size and glue it around small jars (preserving jars are good). Tea light inside, ready. Photo: heart-loving aka din

#2 – colorful Guglhupf candlestick

We have discovered another idea for atmospheric candlelight at with lightning concrete you can pour beautiful candle holders in a baking tin for small Gugl (pour concrete for instructions). After drying, these can be painted and decorated with many bright colors (preferably acrylic), glitter and confetti by children of all ages. Great fun with great results!

#3 – Rolling beeswax candles

A great gift idea are even rolled beeswax candles. The finished wax leaves with honeycomb embossing are now available in every craft shop. Simply cut them to size, insert the wick and roll them to the desired thickness. Tie two each with baker’s thread or jute ribbon, decorate with twigs or bells, and the child’s play Advent gift is ready! Photo: Scoutmob

#4 – Lanterns made of clay

Nicole prefers to tinker with air-drying clay with her boys right now. All kinds of plastic things can be formed from the material – great fun for children’s hands! Especially beautiful for the Christmas season I find lanterns in fir shape, as discovered at grabsomeideas. Roll out the clay a half centimetre thick, cut out half circles, make holes in them and then fold them on the straight side (water helps to glue them together). After drying, put them over tea lights, done!

#5 – Garland with snowballs

Every child wants a white Christmas and the wish comes true with this beautiful craft idea: funny snow garlands can be made from cotton wool and white yarn. Simply form balls of different sizes out of cotton wool, thread them on and stretch them through the (children’s) room. Idea discovered at Trucs et Bricolages

#6 – Making Christmas tree decorations

All children’s eyes sparkle at the sight of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The joy is even greater when even made Christmas tree decorations hang on it! You can easily make it yourself from fabric: Just let the little ones paint their favourite Christmas motifs (stars, angels, etc.) on cotton fabric. Place a second layer of fabric underneath and cut out at a distance of about half a centimetre. Double a satin ribbon, place cotton wool between the two pieces of fabric and sew together with coloured thread. Photo: Member Julsetmoi

#7 – Fimo cottage pendant

Fimo is also a wonderful way to make Christmas tree decorations with children. The colorful dough is pressed flat and brought into the desired shape. A nice idea are cottages as seen at husetvedfjörden. For the suspension, make a hole in the pendant, then bake in the oven as indicated on the package. Fimo shrinks a little, this must be taken into account especially in the recess for the suspension. Allow to cool, thread the yarn through the holes and that’s it. Also great as a gift tag!

#8 – Salt dough Christmas tree decorations

Bright Bazar shows another idea for gift or Christmas tree pendants: You can make rectangles out of salt dough and then create patterns with stamps. The dough can be easily made from 1.5 cups of flour, half a cup of starch, one cup each of salt and water and two tablespoons each of oil. Plan one large and one small piece for each pendant. Don’t forget the holes for the suspension. Bake in the oven at 150 degrees for at least an hour, allow to cool and bind together with baker’s yarn. A beautiful gift for the grandparents’ Christmas tree!

#9 – multicolored fir cones

Wonderfully colourful Christmas tree decorations can be made from fir cones and small felt pompoms. Just fix the felt balls with glue to the cone, fix with hot glue or a screw thread for the suspension, done. You can find the whole manual at onelittleproject

#10 – Make greeting cards: Snowmen with finger pressure

Homemade greeting cards are the greatest joy on Christmas holidays! Together with children, you can make beautiful motifs yourself – for example a snowman family: Brush the child’s hand with white acrylic paint and press on brown clay paper. Then stick on faces and snowflakes or paint and write a personal Christmas greeting. Photo: scholastic

#11 – Printing gift wrap paper: with homemade stamps

If you want to wrap your gifts especially beautifully, you can easily make your own wrapping paper: With children it’s great fun to print blank paper sheets with stamps. Simply make the stamps yourself from potatoes, erasers or foam rubber. We discovered the beautiful houses and fir trees on Etsy.

#12 – Making gift tags: With finger pressure

These gift tags with little penguins are also quite enchanting. They are very easy to print with your fingers: first print black dots with your thumbs, let them dry. Then print with white and a smaller finger over it and paint the faces and feet with a brush. A lot of fun with children! Acrylic paints are also best here because they cover well. Photo: Artful Kids

#13 – The classic: Baking cookies

Sweet cookies are a must in Advent and baking with the whole family is a beautiful tradition in the pre-Christmas period. Tasty and easy to make are butter dough biscuits (recipes here): roll out the dough, cut out favourite forms and bake according to the recipe. Make the icing from icing sugar and lemon juice, colour with food colouring and paint the cooled cookies. For painting, piping bags or brushes are suitable. The liquid icing is also a good glue for coloured sprinkles, sugar cane or chocolate flakes. Photo: The Whoot

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