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This year I took part in a creative advent calendar for the first time. That means 24 people get together and everyone thinks of a nice one > met, spent 2 nice hours with coffee and cake and finally everyone took 24 packed things home for their own beautiful calendar. And I can tell you, it’s such a pleasure to open one of the packages every day. What was there for beautiful things key ring, homemade soap, jam, a bracelet, candles, shower scrub etc..

I did not have to think long, then my idea was clear: I wanted to make beeswax floating candles in walnut shells. My daughters helped me diligently and I would now like to share the instructions with you:

  • walnuts
  • Beeswax (I still had beeswax sheets from a set from DM and ordered them here)
  • wick
  • Water bath / melting pot

Instructions: First of all, of course, the nuts have to be cracked and beautiful, healthy shells have to be set aside. If you have collected enough shells, you can cut the wicks into small pieces so that they fit well into the bowl with the wax and fit in from the height Survive piece. Then the wax plates are torn into small pieces or the plates are placed in the melting pot. Heat the water bath until the wax melts. As soon as the wax is completely liquid, it can be poured into the nutshells and wait a moment as soon as the wax needs to harden a little the wick can be inserted into it. After that, the whole thing just has to dry and the floating candles can be lit immediately in a bowl with water or packed to give away!

Have fun copying!

My favorite season has started and I have discovered many wonderful ideas for autumn on the Internet..

  • Bine has a recipe for a delicious onion pie with apple and Camentbert. Very much enjoyed with delicious Federweißer! I cried when I cut the onion and next time we’ll put more apples on it!
  • Here is a great handicraft instruction for catch cups with chestnuts from toilet paper rolls!
  • A nice film for cozy autumn days: Beck’s last summer.
  • Something for the ears: a podcast on mindfulness. The 7Mind Postcast here on loneliness..
  • We have harvested the first own pumpkins from the garden, have already eaten the first pumpkin soup .. We always like the soup according to this recipe..

With autumnal greetings,

Our weekend was very quiet, due to the cold outside and still coughing, runny nose, fatigue.

We diligently water the Easter grass … (here simply wheat grains)

And took short walks in the snow..

Snowflakes were made..

He also did homework and prepared school supplies, cooked and eaten soup, bathed, and watched and nibbled the show with popcorn at home cinema.

I found the contribution about children with Down syndrome great in the show with the mouse. And there is a nice insight into everyday kindergarten life in this report…

We always have more weekend insights at Susanne …

Atmospheric and easily made lanterns are always beautiful.

A beautiful, creative handicraft for the autumn season, ideally suited for children in kindergarten age.

  • Jars (e.g. jam jars)
  • Tracing paper in different colors
  • mixed paste
  • brush
  • tealight

First, tear the transparent paper into small pieces in the desired colors. Brush the glass generously with paste. Now stick the transparent paper to the glass as you wish. It works best if you press the paper with your hands and stroke the edges. Then let it dry, put in a tealight and enjoy the beautiful view!

Have fun copying,

Best Regards,

I love late summer / autumn. Here are a few nice ideas for autumn:

  • The other day we baked this delicious plum cake. Delicious!
  • You can make very light, beautiful candle lights from sandwich bags: Simply place dried autumn leaves under the bags and paint over them with crayons and enjoy the print results! Put glasses with tea lights in and admire the cozy lights!
  • Even more cozy light: hang a string of lights in the room and stick the calyxes of the physalis or Chinese lantern on the lights (if necessary, glue them with the hot glue gun).
  • Make floating candles out of acorn cap yourself: collect the cap from the acorns and fill with wax residue, insert the wick and let it float in the water! So beautiful!
  • Beautiful decoration for the window: beautiful, dried autumn leaves in red, brown, green & Laminate yellow, cut out and stick to the window with paste! Pretty eye catcher and reusable!
  • Make wrapping paper yourself: Such a great idea: Pick flowers and flowers in summer / late summer and let them dry. The dried flowers can then be glued to the roll with butter on bread and butter and left to dry. This creates e.g. beautiful wrapping paper.
  • Preserving jams and other things: I have recently become a big fan of jams & Co that you can jam yourself. I tested this apple chutney and the result: very tasty, I will definitely repeat that again!

Best Regards,

Here are a few nice ideas for Easter and a photo from the garden from last weekend …

For those who are still looking for a few creative ideas for Easter, I have selected a few nice links here…

  • Very cute: Easter nests made of yeast dough
  • Plant cress with eggshells. Always happy …
  • Claudi from “Was für mich” shows her beautiful Easter decoration, including vases for the Easter bouquet. Very cute ! &# 128578;
  • Tanja from the “sugar sweet apples” always has nice and creative ideas .. For those who want to surprise their loved ones with a little something for Easter, “Easter in a bag” might be the right thing..

I wish everyone a happy Easter time offline with family or friends!

Best Regards,

The days are already too crowded and quickly over to blog. As always, there are many ideas, in the match against employment with the daughters against blogging, the daughters always win. The days with cocoa and tree cake, winter barbecues around the campfire, handicrafts, reading books are too cozy.

I would like to recommend a very great, and above all simple, craft idea for Christmas to you today.Stars from bread bags. Made so easy, quick and cheap. Even smaller children can get along well here. We already have some hanging by the window and there are sure to be some more …

Best Regards,

A cozy and lazy weekend is behind us.

The week was exhausting and the desire to laze around was great. On Friday evening we were invited to eat pumpkin soup. Otherwise I just felt like doing nothing, whereby “nothing” with 2 children in the house is also relative.

In addition to annoying things like household, post and shopping, we were walking in the forest, reading, playing and making and decorating in autumn.

  1. With a thick jacket and hat, the weather doesn’t stop us from walking in the forest.
  2. Hearty lunch: Köttbullar, potatoes, red cabbage, corn salad with oranges, bacon, apples & nuts.
  3. Waffles with apple sauce and powdered sugar
  4. colored lanterns covered with colored tracing paper.
  5. Made acorn cap candles.

Here are a few simple ideas for everyone looking for some creative, autumn ideas:

  • Chestnut chains: Drill holes in the chestnuts with a chestnut drill and pull them on a cord / package tape. Nice with pearls or other materials in between.
  • Laminated leaves as window decoration: collect, dry, press leaves. Chase through the laminator, cut out, glue to the window with a little paste.
  • colored lanterns: stick jams or other jars with small pieces of colored transparent paper. It is best to coat with paste, smooth colored paper on it. Let dry, tealight in and admire &# 128578;
  • Make floating candles from acorn cap yourself (see above). There are quick instructions here.

Have fun working,

Best Regards,

Ps: If you want to see more impressions of weekends of other families, take a look at grow safely…

Today a little DIY, how to make a colorful pencil box yourself with children. With us all the pencils were just flying again, I kept hearing the question "Mom, where is the yellow … blue … green …?

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • 1 small shoebox
  • Paint (acrylic, finger paint)
  • brush
  • Hot glue gun

How it works: The toilet paper rolls colorful paint it and let it dry well. We painted them twice so that the color covered well. Then we painted the outside of the shoe box and let it dry. Then the rolls are put in the box until they hold well. I also glued them on with the hot glue gun. Already finished, now the pencil box can be filled and I hope the pencils stay where they belong…. )

Best Regards,

At the weekend we played a lot indoors. The little daughter was sick, I was battered and the big daughter was fit. Because of a viral infection, we could not enjoy the hot temperatures in the water, but we muddled through it …

1. Sort the Lego blocks into an inverted stool 2. Quips – the play of colors

3. See if the dwarf house has changed 4. Thread the beads

5. Make a pencil box & 6. Make strawberry tiramisu

You can find more impressions of family weekends on salvaged guards.


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