Credit2day Experiences – Smava’s Fastest Credit?

Credit2day Experiences - Smava's Fastest Credit?

Credit2day experiences

The offer of credit2day experiences is still relatively small. Kredit2Day is actually only relatively short active.

Nevertheless, the house already enjoys an excellent reputation. Obtaining a loan on the same day as the name of the lender promises seems to be desirable in many places.

But who is Kredit2Day actually? And is the house reputable?

On the basis of current topical reports we provide answers.

Credit2Day experiences – who is behind the provider?

Before we come to the evaluation of the credit2Day experiences, we first want to explain a few general things about the house. Consider the lessons learned in your credit decision.

Kredit2Day is not an independent loan provider. Instead, the loan offer counts to Smava.

It is a brand that specifically serves the purpose of lending. Smava always founds such brands.

For example, before Kredit2Day, the company advertised long loans under the name “Kredit2Go”. In both cases it becomes clear that these are loans for which lending should be very fast.

Smava, actually known as a platform for comparing loans, does not use the brands to act as a general-purpose lender. Instead, it is about lending being given out very quickly.

However, Kredit2Day / Smava is not a classic instant lender, but instead uses third-party digital technologies.

This is how the Loan Allocation works with Kredit2Day:

  • You submit the application online.
  • You grant online access to your current account via online banking.
  • A computer reads out the income and expenses of the account and thus decides on your credit rating.
  • Online query of Schufa.
  • You will receive a positive (or negative) loan notification.
  • They legitimize themselves online via video ident.
  • They sign the contract digitally.
  • Approved credit pays the bank immediately.

Credit2Day experiences – serious offer?

Direct credit2Day experiences can be found on the net primarily in forums or on smaller platforms. For example, there are no independent reviews for ekomi.

There are thousands of experiences with Smava here. Since this well-known platform is behind the offer, it seems fair to use these ratings.

Finally, Smava vouches for its name for Kredit2Day. This applies to the good as well as the bad.

The Smava experiences are almost exclusively positive. From almost 3000 reviews at ekomi the house receives the rare top rating: 5 out of 5 points.

In the forums and on the smaller platforms fit the credit 2Day experiences. Again, the comments are very positive.

The question of whether the provider is serious, can be said based on these smava and Kredit2Day experiences. Interested borrowers can safely apply for a loan.


Credit2Day apply without risk. Even in the case of a credit rejection (worst case) your Schufa remains unaffected.

This is how the videoident method works

The videoident method is basically nothing more than a video chat. You need a mobile phone with selfie cam or a webcam.

The resolution of the camera must be so good that you realize that your ID card belongs to you. The employee on the other side must also be able to write off information from the ID.

The chat usually only takes one to two minutes. Often it is even faster.

Most providers have gone over to offer their own app that costs nothing and runs on the video chat. Some also rely on free and widely used programs such as Skype.

Kredit2Day – what documents?

With Kredit2Day you do not have to submit any separate documents. The online application is sufficient in this regard.

For credit check a program analyzes your current account and evaluates the Schufa. This eliminates the need to submit documents, such as salary statements.

Lending accelerates the digital process enormously. A whole range of credit2Day experiences portray that the name is actually program.

Anyone who is looking for a loan on a day in the morning can hope that the money will come the same day. Of course, there is no guarantee for that.

Credit2Day possible as a loan without Schufa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a Kredit2Day loan without Schufa. Since the Schufa plays a significant role in lending, the lender can not do without them.

If you are looking for such a loan we may be able to help you. Search on our portal for credit without Schufa or Sigma Kreditbank.

However, we can not offer you a loan on the same day. The loan processing takes about five working days.

You can count on us to work diligently and seriously. Convince yourself!

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