Croatian islands: the 12 most beautiful islands in croatia (with map)

A vacation in Croatia is becoming more and more popular with us Germans and many other nations. Especially the Croatian islands promise varied landscapes, beautiful beaches and culture. The total coastline, with the mainland and islands, is more than 6,000 kilometers.

The right Croatian island is guaranteed for every holidaymaker:

Romantics, athletes, party people or families, they all get their money’s worth in Croatia. Over 1244 large and small islands frolic along the Adriatic coast. So that you do not lose the overview, we have for you the most beautiful islands in Croatia collected.

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1. Island of Brač

  • The island of Brač suits you if you … Want to windsurf, love sandy beaches, are interested in archeology and history
  • The island of Brač is more likely not to suit you if you … do not like nature, do not like to be outside, prefer to go on vacation in the mountains or in the city

The 40 kilometers long Croatian island is best known for its "Golden Horn". This The beach protrudes like a horn into the blue water the Adriatic. For many it is the most beautiful beach in Croatia. In addition to this attraction, you will find various places and villages on the island with its approximately 14,000 inhabitants, which are characterized by their picturesque harbors and beautiful beaches.

A highlight of the Adriansel and not so well known are the many small old Croatian and early Christian churches that are spread over the entire island. They are often in rough terrain and are poorly or not signposted at all. Only Sv. Duh in Skrip is identified by a sign. Other churches that you can reach by road are St. Michael’s Church in Donj Humac and the small church of Sv. Juraj above the street in Postira.

Other churches, some of which were built before the year 1000, can only be found after long hikes and using topographic maps.

  • Zlatni Rat (The Golden Horn)
  • Blaca Bay
  • martinica

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2. Island of Krk

  • The island of Krk suits you if you … don’t want to take the ferry, go on vacation with your family, don’t want to travel too far from Germany
  • The island of Krk does not suit you if you … want to surf or kite on vacation, you are not interested in history and sights

The island of Krk is that largest Croatian Adriatic and is located in the far north in the Bay of Kvarner. You can easily reach the island by bridge. It was opened in 1980 and ensures a comfortable journey. Because of its geographical location, Krk is also very popular with Italian tourists.

On the island itself, beautiful beaches and a varied karst landscape with mountains and medieval towns await you. Unique bays with fine sand or gravel make Krk a popular travel destination, especially for families. The beaches around the city of Baska in the south of Krk are particularly beautiful.

In addition to a beach holiday, you can also take wonderful walks on Krk and discover the unique nature. Via the shepherd’s path around the city of Punat you climb up to 541 meters in altitude and are rewarded with a wonderful view of the Kvarner Bay. Or you go underground, into the Biserujka stalactite cave. You can find fortresses, churches and other historical buildings all over the island. Krk is a small all-round talent among the Croatian islands and offers a few highlights for every vacationer.

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  • Vela Plaza
  • Vela Luka
  • Potovosce

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3. Rab Island

  • The island of Rab suits you if you … want to go to where many Germans are on vacation, would like to spend their vacation on the beach, want to go on a nudist vacation
  • The island of Rab does not suit you if you … prefer to avoid fellow countrymen on vacation if you don’t like romance, if you don’t want to take a ferry

It is the favorite island of the Germans among the Croatian islands. The well-known Croatian island with the 3 letters: Rab. Rab is only 640 kilometers away from Munich, which is why many Germans can easily be reached from the south. There is no bridge to Rab, but the ferries run reliably and often. Traveling by car is therefore possible without any problems. The Croatians also call Rab "the happy island". Maybe also because Rab can look forward to 30 sandy beaches. Quite unusual on the islands of Croatia.

The San Marino beach in the seaside resort of Lopar in the northern part of the island is particularly popular. It is ideal for children because it gently falls into the water and the children can play relaxed on the water.

It gets particularly romantic in the evening in the island’s capital, Rab Town. The setting sun bathes the medieval town in the light of the sun sinking in the sea. Couples will experience the full romantic program in the small alleys around the bell towers and the Prince’s Palace.

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The textile-free bathing pleasure has a special history here. On Rab you will find many beach sections where nudism is allowed. King Edward VIII of England jumped to the Adriatic Sea in Adam’s costume in 1936 and founded the FK culture – with the permission of the local authorities.

  • Suha Punta
  • Sahara
  • Rajska plaza

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4. Island of Cres

  • The island of Cres suits you if you … also like to go to Krk, like to be active and hike on vacation, don’t necessarily need the finest sand on the beach
  • The island of Cres does not suit you if you … want to lie on a sandy beach on vacation, don’t like to be outside, prefer to go to Scandinavia

Cres, like Krk, is in the Kvarner Bay. Just like its neighbor Krk, it is one of the largest in the Croatian islands.

On the south and west coast you will find numerous small bathing bays and pebble beaches. On the north and east coast, on the other hand, things are a bit more rugged. Here it is mainly rocky coasts. You can only get to the island by ferry, or you can cross over to Krk and use the bridge to the Croatian mainland.

Cres is especially worth a visit for hikers. The mountains Gorice and Sis rise about 648 and 638 meters above the island. From the summit you have the perfect view over the Kvarner Bay.

In the north of the island, vegetation with dense forests of oak, chestnut and elm awaited you. The further south you go, the more Mediterranean and barren the landscape becomes.

A special highlight on Cres:

In the middle of the island you will find the freshwater lake Vrana. It is located about 16 kilometers south of the island’s capital in the middle of the island.

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  • Porozina
  • Mali Bok
  • Kruščica

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5. Island of Pag

  • The island of Pag suits you if you … like to party on vacation, you can also sleep where it can be louder, unique natural landscapes fascinate you
  • The island is more likely not to suit you if you … Avoid party vacationers, you don’t like cheese and good wine

You can spend your next party holiday on the Croatian island of Pag. A pronounced nightlife awaits you in the coastal town of Novlaja. The Zrce party beach in particular attracts party people from all over the world.

If you like it a little quieter, then you should rather stay in the town of Pag or other places on the island.

The nature of the island is fundamentally different. While the east coast towards the Croatian mainland is more of a barren moonscape remember, you will find olive groves, pine forests, wine and arable fields on the west side of the island. The reason: under Venetian occupation, the east coast was almost completely cleared. The stormy Bora swept across the country and did the rest.

Pag is located in the Dalmatia region, north of the city of Zadar. From Munich you have a route of a good 655 kilometers ahead of you.

  • Bosana Beach
  • Sveti Duh
  • zrce
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6. Island of Olib

  • The island of Olib suits you if you … want to be on vacation, like sandy beaches, don’t need entertainment
  • The island of Olib is more likely not to suit you if you... want to experience something on vacation, you get bored quickly, want sightseeing and action

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia is undoubtedly the small island of Olib. It belongs to the island archipelago of the city of Zadar and has only around 140 inhabitants. One could almost think that the island was deserted. There are no cars on the island. So if you really want to escape the everyday stress and hectic pace, then this picturesque Croatian island is the right place for you.

On the eastern side of Olib you will find the Slatinica bay with a beautiful sandy beach. On the other side to the west there is a beautiful beach in Olib Bay. You can reach the island from Zadar by ferry. In the only place that bears the same name as the island you will find a small shop for daily needs, a mini market and a butcher.

  • Slatinica bay
  • Olib Bay
  • Sv. Nikola Bay

7. Vir Island

  • The island of Vir suits you if you … you are looking for the perfect place for a beach holiday, you like Krk and Cres, you are interested in history, you like tourist places
  • The island of Vir does not suit you if you … don’t like to go on vacation by the sea

Like Cres and Krk, Vir is one of the most popular islands in Croatia. In summer, the place of the same name, Vir, attracts countless tourists. Because the island is exactly the right travel destination for bathers and sun-seekers. 28 beaches and quiet bays can be found on Vir. From rocky and natural beaches to gently sloping pebble beaches, everything is included. Families in particular appreciate the latter.

The center of Vir City is extremely lively. During the high season, tourists can be found in restaurants and souvenir stands. Along the bays you will often find small paths and trails where you can stroll along and enjoy nature.

On Vir you will find – as on many of the Croatian islands – remains of the Venetians. In this case the old fortress Kaštelina.

  • Jadro Beach
  • Lucica Beach
  • Sapavac Beach

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8. Molat Island

  • The island of Molat suits you if you … do not want distraction on vacation, appreciate peace, want to sail on vacation, do not necessarily need sandy beaches
  • The island of Molat does not suit you if you … want to party on vacation and love nightlife, you don’t like being alone

This beautiful island of Croatia is still a little insider tip on the Adriatic coast. Even though more and more tourists have come across the taste of Molat in recent years. On the island itself, a natural flora of green spruce and pine forests awaits you.

The island is popular with sailors because the lonely bays are usually best reached by sea. In the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic you can wonderful Snorkeling and diving. You can also reach the bays from the country. However, these are often rocky or consist of gravel.

In general, Molat convinces with absolute calm and seclusion. The three places on the island are also very clear and still very traditional. If you like it quiet on vacation, this small beauty of Croatia is definitely right.

  • Jazi Beach

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9. Island of Hvar

  • The island of Hvar suits you if you … love the sun, like to combine a beach holiday with an active holiday, like diving or sailing
  • The island of Hvar is more likely not to suit you if you … don’t want to go where everyone is going because it was once in a magazine, no Mediterranean scents like lavender and sage can suffer

According to Forbes magazine, it is one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world and thus clearly on the list of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. Tourists came to Hvar as early as the 19th century, and many tourists and tourists from the upper middle class still come here today. There are often large yachts in the ports of Hvar.

By the way, Hvar is that sunniest island in Europe. It shines here for a good 2726 hours a year from a cloudless sky.

Especially bathing and active vacationers get their money’s worth on Hvar. Numerous bays and hiking trails ensure that you get as close as possible to the nature of the island. The beach of Palmizana is particularly beautiful. Not only swimmers and sailors get their money’s worth in the turquoise sea around Hvar, the island is also a paradise for divers.

If you roam the island, you will notice the many Mediterranean plants. Lavender in particular is very widespread here, which has also earned the island the nickname Lavender Island. Lavender, citrus, rosemary and sage grow especially in the less densely populated east of the island. Wine and olives are also grown on the island.

  • Zaraće Beach
  • Pokonji Dol Beach
  • Mekicevica Beach

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10. Island of Murter

  • The island of Murter suits you if you … love freshly caught fish and olives, like to eat well, you don’t necessarily need sandy beaches
  • The island of Murter does not suit you if you … Want to go on a beach holiday, don’t like olives

It is one of the most beautiful islands on the Adriatic coast: Murter in Dalmatia. The island is eleven kilometers long and is connected to the mainland by a swing bridge during high season. Around 3000 inhabitants live on the island, spread over four towns. Murter is a paradise for all lovers of Croatian cuisine.

Since the people on the island have lived on fishing and farming for generations, you are guaranteed to find fresh and authentic Croatian cuisine here. Especially that Village Jezera is an insider tip for fish lovers.

Another delicacy of the island is olives. The olive trees sprout from the ground like mushrooms. So if you are looking for a special holiday souvenir, then you should definitely buy olive oil from local production.

Murter is also the largest island in the Kornati archipelago. If you are already there, visit the Kornati National Park and find the lonely bays and swim in the crystal clear water.

  • Slanica Beach
  • Cigrada Beach

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11. Island of Solta

  • The island of Solta suits you if you... likes to take it easy on vacation, likes lying or bathing on the beach, likes olives
  • The island of Solta would rather not suit you if you … want to party on vacation

Another insider tip among the Croatian islands that you should definitely remember for your next vacation on the Adriatic coast. Around 20 kilometers from Split you can reach Solta by ferry.

Nine beautiful villages await you on the island.

The largest of them has around 441 inhabitants. You can walk through small harbors, try fresh fish and delicious olive oil. In the village of Gornje Selo, the small olive oil factory is open to interested visitors.

Numerous small bays invite you to an extensive sun and Adriatic bath. The best known and most popular bay Sesula is in the south of the island. More beautiful beaches can be found in Poganica, Podrazanj, Tatinja, Jorja and Stracinska.

  • Banje Beach
  • Veli Dolac
  • Punta Beach

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12.Korcula Island

  • The island of Korcula suits you if you … Like nature and history, want to go on a beach holiday
  • The island of Korcula does not suit you if you … find history and museums boring, nature is not particularly interesting

"The green island" is also called Korcula in the southern region of Dalmatia. You can get to this remarkable island of Croatia by ferry from Split or Drvenik. A breathtaking nature awaits you on Korcula, which invites you to hikes and forays across the island. The capital of the island, also called Korcula, has a particularly famous son. Marco Polo himself was born here.

In keeping with its historical significance, the old town of Korcula is particularly beautiful and has a large number of sights. The symbol of the city are the many towers – because of its visual similarity, the city is also called "Little Dubrovnik".

Of course you can too Family house of Marco Polo visit. For a small fee you can climb the tower of the house and be rewarded with a great view over the island. The Marco Polo Museum is of course also all about the famous seafarer. You follow the explorer on his travels and learn many details about his travels.

The Korcula City Museum and the Svih Svetih Church and Icon Museum are also worth a visit.

Of course, swimming on this island of Croatia is not neglected either. The beautiful beaches of Lumbadra are among the most popular in the country. The Vela Spila cave is located near the second largest city on the island of Vela Luka. Traces from over 20,000 years ago were found here. They are unique in all of south-east Europe and attest to the first life in the late Stone Age in this region.

  • Pupnatska Luka Beach
  • Vela Pržina
  • Istruga

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Which other Croatia islands are there??

Croatia has a total of more than 1,200 islands, some larger and some smaller. However, only 45 of the islands in the Adriatic Sea are inhabited. In terms of area, Cres is the largest, while the island of Ist is one of the smallest inhabited islands in Croatia.

1 Krk
2 Korcula
3 Brac
4 Hvar
5 Rab
6 Pag
7 Losinj
8th Ugijan
9 Murter
10 Ciovo
11 Vis
12 Cres
13 Pasman
14 Dugi otok
15 Vir
16 Solta
17 Mljet
18 Lastovo
19 Iz
20 prvic
21 Slipan
22 Kolocep
23 Zlarin
24 Lopud
25 Silba
26 Vrgada
27 Krapanj
28 Molat
29 is
30 Susak
31 Drvenik Veli
32 Olib
33 Kaprije
34 Zirje
35 Ilovik
36 Rava
37 Unije
38 Premuda
39 Drvenik Mali
40 Sestrunj
41 Rivanj
42 Bisevo
43 Vele Srakane
44 Kornati
45 Male Srakane

Where to find the most beautiful Croatia beaches?

No matter whether on the mainland or on the islands, the beaches in Croatia invite you to a beach and beach holiday. To the popular and most famous Beaches in Croatia definitely belongs to the so-called Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) on the island of Brac. Other fantastic beaches are:

  • Banje beach, Dubrovnik
  • Bačvice, Split
  • Punta Rata, Brela
  • Rajska Plaza, Rab Island
  • Vela Plaza, Krk Island
  • Bijeca, Medulin

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What is the climate like in Croatia??

In general, the climate in Croatia can be divided into three climatic zones. Whether Mediterranean climate, continental climate or the mountain climate, in Croatia finds everyone the right climate for his kind of vacation. The best travel time is based on the three climate zones. If you love a beach and beach holiday, as most do, the months of June to September are ideal.

The Croatian Islands on a map

Fancy the Croatian islands?

From Split you can get everywhere by ferry!


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