Croatian weekdays

One of the first things you learn in Croatian is the days of the week.

As in most languages, the name of every day of the week in Croatian has a meaning that is still clearly related to the etymology of the word.

ponedjeljak – Monday
Importance: “The day that follows nedjelja”

utorak – Tuesday
Origin: from an old Slavic word that meant "the second"

srijeda – Wednesday
Importance: “The midday”

četvrtak – Thursday
Importance: "The fourth day" (četiri – four).

petak – Friday
Importance: "The fifth day" (pet – fifth)

subota – Saturday
Origin: from the word “Sabbath”.

nedjelja – Sunday
Importance: “Day without work”

Some interesting side notes .

  • It is not uncommon for Croatian children to accidentally subota(Saturday) as “šestak” ( šest – six) when they learn the days of the week for the first time.
  • Above we listed the days of the week with Sunday first, but it’s still good too knowledge, that in Croatia the first day of the week is usually Monday.
  • Unlike in English / German, the days of the week are not capitalized, unless they are used at the beginning of the sentence.

The use of days of the week when speaking Croatian

When you talk about a specific day

To talk about doing something on a particular day of the week, you use preposition u with the Accusative, such as:

Vidimo se u subotu. – I see you on Saturday.

Igram tenis u utorak. – I play tennis on Tuesday.

Idem na posao u četvrtak. – I work on Thursday.

When you talk about recurring events

When talking about recurring events that take place on the same day every week, you use the instrumental such as:

Subotome idemo u cinema. – We go to the cinema on Saturdays.

Utorkom igram tenis. – I play tennis on Tuesdays.

Četvrtkom radim. – I work on Thursdays.

Practice: Some useful vocabulary for learning!

sada – now

danas – today

jučer – yesterday

prekjučer – the day before yesterday

sutra – morning

prekosutra – day after tomorrow

ovaj tjedan – this week

sljedeći tjedan – next week

prošli tjedan – last week

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