Cruise ambassador for costa – marketing at its best, better for us!

Cruise ambassador for costa - marketing at its best, better for us!

Better for us!

Sensational action I can only say that!

On the occasion of her 65th anniversary has Costa Cruises via the product tester portal Girlfriend Trend Lounge 65 cruise ambassadors wanted. You could apply until 30.7.13 and on 1.8.13 the lucky ones received an e-mail. Unfortunately, I did not receive an e-mail, except that I would still be lucky enough to “slide” if someone declines, but the probability is probably rather low ;-).

The project contains (for the ambassadors and their escorts):

  • Arrival and departure to the start / finish port
  • 1 week cruise in a balcony cabin
  • Wellness treatment (1/2 hour back massage for the ambassador)
  • 1 excursion (ambassador + companion)
  • Visit to the club restaurant (ambassador + companion)
  • All Inclusive à la Costa” – beverage package

There were 7 different itineraries with different travel dates starting between 8.8.13 and 9.9.13.

That’s marketing at its best!

Unfortunately, Costa may also have its image to supplement by the shipwreck 2012 in front of the Italian island of Giglio. And what did they come up with for a great action! The comment field on the Girlfriend Trend Lounge page has barely stood still. And that’s what word-of-mouth propaganda is all about! I have no information about the number of applicants, but I think there were already a few thousand, even if the travel times were limited.
And almost all those who have advertised or read about the action have reported about it in their friends, relatives and acquaintances, have looked at the Costa homepage, the ships, the itineraries and made his mouth water. Dreamed of cruises and vacation and days spent on the decision feebiebert and thought of almost nothing else and talked about almost nothing else.

On top of that, the Travel Ambassadors report in detail on their cruises. Pictures, films and reports are provided in detail to the non-selected, the girlfriend and girlfriend Trend Lounge readers and all other interested parties. And everyone, including me, is looking forward to it!

Of course, it is really a generous action by Costa, which is second to none. But compared to other marketing strategies or TV spots, the costs are probably limited and the advertising effectiveness is enormous! Especially since I assume that you have not selected any typical cruise travelers, but also increasingly people who have not made a cruise (yes, but menno … I had never made a ;-) … that must be in the Have overlooked selection …) and you can extend the target people quite well.
Cruises still have something a hmm … I do not want to be mistaken … dusty reputation, where as a 40 year old, the average age completely lowers and thinks you are with his parents on vacation ;-). Fun aside, the last few years has changed a lot and I think such actions do their utmost.

Conclusion: Kudos to the marketing crew of Costa, Costa and of course to the girlfriend Trend Lounge team! You have identified the right direction and I wish you every success for this project!
And … if you are looking for more testers and reporters, I’m there &# 128578; !

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