Cuddle weekend in the baltic sea beach hotel villa del mar

Cuddle weekend in the baltic sea beach hotel villa del mar

Cuddle weekend

Cuddle weekend – more time for togetherness

Visit us and experience a romantic weekend on the Baltic coast.

Invigorate your partner with a cuddly weekend in our romantic beach hotel Villa del Mar with a fantastic sea view, a romantic 4-course candle light dinner, a massage, a common rose bath for lovers with aromatic oils in the duo-bath with romantic candlelight and a glass of sparkling wine.

Travel period 02.01.2019 – 17.05.2019 / 22.09.2019 – 08.12.2019

(except holidays and holidays)

2 nights with breakfast buffet

a classic full body massage per person

a rose bath for two in a large duo whirlpool tub with two glasses of sparkling wine

2 cozy bathrobes

Price for 2 people in 1- or 2-room suite (Suite 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12 and 15)

Cuddle weekend – heart-refreshing animation of the partnership

Book the cozy weekend brings more momentum into a relationship, no matter how long you are involved. Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship suffers too fast in everyday life. After all, both partners have many obligations, such as the work, the children, the pets, the appointments with parents or parents-in-law at the doctors, club appointments, constant shopping, house cleaning and more. You rarely see each other, have little time for each other and often spend your everyday life in hectic and stress. The togetherness is simply too short, even if you do this again and again. Again and again, something seems to come in between and so this does not happen, you should just book the cozy weekend. This one wants to use often at home for themselves, but then there is always something against the cuddle weekend, which is just a shame.

You can book our cozy weekend as a couple or you can simply surprise your partner with the booking, either as a fixed booking or as a gift voucher. So the cuddly weekend at the Villa del Mar could be a great wedding present, a gift for a golden wedding or just a little surprise in between. This shows that you want to hold on to the love and that you want to finally enjoy time with the cuddle weekend time again for two. Far from other family members, parents, children, friends, work and more. Only time for two and for a very good price, in a very nice place and in a wonderful hotel Baltic Sea Poland, which is right on the beach. Is there anything more romantic for a couple in love, which has earned togetherness?

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