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3rd Talent Festival of grades 1/2 and 3/4 on May 29, 2019

On May 29th, 2019 it was time again. The talent festival of grade 1/2 took place from 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m. The audience watched the various dances with excitement. Many musical performances were particularly interesting. Finally, acrobatic tricks were shown to the audience. A few encores were enthusiastically added. Class 3/4 had its talent festival from 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon. In addition to many excellent dance performances, students in class 4b also performed sporting activities, e.g. Hockey, hip-hop, before. Everyone watched enthusiastically and listened to the diverse explanations and rules. Were particularly interesting also for all the many musical performances, e.g. on the keyboard, with the flute, the violin, the cello and the harp. Finally, students in class 4c presented their self-painted pictures and drew in front of the audience. The talent festival was just great again!

Reading week from March 25th, 2019 to March 29th, 2019

The motto of this year’s reading week was “This was Grandma’s favorite book – children’s book classics that are still being read. The reading week was initiated on Monday, March 25, 2019, by book readings by the author Rainer Hohberg and the author Sabine Städing. The author Rainer Hohberg presented books such as "Von Drache, Witches and Enchanted Souls" and "Ein botanischer Märchengarten" in grades 2, 3 and 4. The author Sabine Städing read from her latest book "Petronella Applesauce – Schnattergans und Hexenhaus" to classes 4a and 4b. The students listened enthusiastically to both authors.

The highlight on Friday, March 29, 2019, was the reading contest in grade 3 and grade 4. In the 3rd grade, six students presented their books. At the end of the competition, the jury agreed that Greta Staufenbiel from class 3b shone with the best presentation. She presented the book "Michel from Lönneberga". Nora Barth and Emilia Bösel took second place and were awarded the rating "very good". Nora presented the book "Alfons Zitterbacke" and Emilia designed her reading lecture based on the children’s book "Pünktchen und Anton". In class 4, Marlene Schildknecht (class 4c) and Zoè Hitschel (class 4a) took 1st place. 2nd place went to Helene Schwinger (class 4b) and 3rd place to Emma Quenzel (class 4d).

Marlene Schildknecht (class 4c) qualified for the city of Erfurt’s reading contest on May 16, 2019. We wish her every success!

"Erfordia Helau!" – Rose Monday in the Wilhelm Busch School, Erfurt

On March 4th, our school community celebrated Rose Monday.

In the morning we met in our classrooms in funny carnival costumes. These were already decorated with streamers, colorful balloons and all kinds of carnival masks. Everyone presented their carnival costume to the other children. There were pretty princesses, creepy witches, cool cowboys, clever FBI agents, magicians, construction workers, Indians, superheroes, …

Then we met in the gym. There Ms. Bock opened the hustle and bustle with the battle cry: "Erfordia Helau!". We particularly enjoyed the mid-range songs “Lollipopp, Lollipopp”, the “Children’s Song Disco Show” and “Aunt Lucky from Knowledge Lucky”. A great highlight was, of course, the appearance of the Anger Carnival Club Erfodia e.V. All small and big fools particularly liked the music to dance and catch candy.

After a break in the open air, all the children returned to their classes to continue partying and playing with music and dance.

After lunch, the fun and the hustle and bustle was far from over! Our nannies had also come up with lots of fun games for us.

Our Rose Monday was a great, colorful, funny and loud day!

Space show on August 31, 2018

On August 31, 2018, the students of the 3rd and 4th classes of our school took part in the DLR space show in the multi-function arena parking hall. The occasion was the "Astro-Alex" Alexander Gerst mission on the ISS.

The students saw an interactive show with experiments to experience and do it yourself. The recoil principle was explained using balloons and an air pressure rocket. Using the free fall in several experiments, the organizers showed weightlessness. In one experiment, even chocolate lentils were put in such a state.

All students found the virtual trip to the ISS particularly interesting. From the start to a spacewalk to landing in the desert. In between, interesting films and photos from space were repeatedly shown on a screen. Finally, around 1400 boys and girls from 15 schools formed a “Hello Alex” on the green of the lawn in the stadium interior. This greeting was sent to Alexander Gerst at the ISS. It was an eventful and exciting school day for everyone.

Reading contest 2018: "Traveling with the time machine – past and future in the children’s book"

The book presentation of the ten participants in grades 3 and 4, who competed in their respective grades for victory in this year’s reading competition, was very interesting and entertaining.

With great reading lectures and sophisticated posters, as well as objects made by hand, the listeners of grades 2-4 were taken on a journey through time and into imaginative worlds that aroused the desire to read the books presented.

The expert children’s jury evaluated the lectures according to agreed criteria.

In class level 3, Marie Bischoff came out on top with an excellent presentation and in the 4th class, Maya Menz and Alexandra Schröder were chosen as winners of the competition.

This year’s reading week, which opened with writer readings by Thilo Reffert and Christian Thielmann, came to a worthy end today.

Press release on the children’s rights case

The children’s rights case moves on!
Erfurt, November 14, 2017. Under the patronage of Mayor Tamara Thierbach, the suitcase full of children’s rights in Erfurt today moves as a symbolic baton from the elementary school at Schwemmbach to the Wilhelm Busch elementary school.
On April 28, 2017, 220 schoolchildren at the primary school at Schwemmbach in Erfurt worked on their children’s rights on children’s rights and collected their creative ideas and wishes for implementing these rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and packed them in the children’s rights case. They proudly present this bulging case to the children of the Wilhelm Busch primary school in Erfurt. Drawings, poems, comics and much more can be found there.
The students of the Wilhelm Busch primary school are already full of excitement. You now have until April 2018 Erfurt to continue filling your suitcase with your ideas, demands and creative ideas. Then it will be handed over to the patron Tamara Thierbach on the Children’s Rights Day, who will exhibit the work in the Erfurt town hall in order to bring the rights of the children closer to the politicians. “Until then, we want to treat children’s rights not just according to the curriculum, but put this explicitly at the center of our work in the school“Says Sabine Rosemann, deputy headmistress of the school and responsible for the Children’s Rights Day.
"The traveling children’s rights case should give the pupils a voice," says Carsten Nöthling, managing director of the German Child Protection Association in Thuringia. "The children show their opinions and wishes about their rights, which are laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and are of enormous importance for their growing up and their living environment". This convention guarantees children certain living standards such as the right to equal opportunities, non-violence, freedom of expression, participation, participation and education.
However, the level of awareness and the implementation of children’s rights show gaps, as the LBS Children’s Barometer published at the end of 2016 shows. More than half of the children in Thuringia between the ages of 9 and 14 said they had heard of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. "But a little over half is not enough! Children’s rights should be known to all children and young people, ”says Carsten Nöthling. Primary school students know more about their rights than children who attended a high school or regular school at the time of the survey.

It is also sad that more than half of the children do not believe that their opinion is taken seriously. Half of the children also said they would like to have more say in decisions in their city or community. This can also be seen as an assignment to schools.
The German Child Protection Association Thuringia therefore calls for the strengthening of children’s rights in the Thuringian Constitution, particularly with regard to the rights to participation, freedom of expression and participation. "With this clear strengthening of children’s rights, we hope that the country will also be more responsible for child-friendly living conditions and equal development opportunities," says Carsten Nöthling. But a constitutional change is not enough! In particular, the adults who spend their lives with children, educators, specialists who make decisions that affect children, like politicians, will have to create structures in the future to get a better look at children’s rights.

The suitcase is the symbol of children’s rights in Erfurt. Every year it is passed on like a baton in sports. The baton leads a group of athletes to the finish. The children’s rights suitcase should do the same. It symbolizes a major goal that children know their rights better, act according to them, as do parents, educators and adults, who observe and respect them.

Sports festival on October 25, 2017 in the athletics hall

Join in, stay fit!

On Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, the time had come – at the annual sports festival in the athletics hall in Erfurt, all of the school’s students were again able to demonstrate their sporting skills at various stations. Not only the great sports hall impressed, but also the associated movement and the playful aspect proved to be a successful change from everyday school life for the little athletes.

After the kick-off and the welcome, there was a powerful warm-up phase for all participating athletes with background music. The relay race then started, with three boys and girls from all classes in grades 1 to 4 competing against each other. The classmates cheered on the representatives of their classes from the stands and showed enormous team spirit.

After the sprinters were cheered enough in their classes, the different stations went into it with great euphoria. These included: Long jump, 50m run, snake run, jump rope, stand jump as well as target throw for grade 1/2 and medicine ball shocks for grade 3/4.

There were also stations with various games where the little athletes could let off steam, among other things, by sack hopping and rifle throwing. Pedalo and stilts also aimed at their skill. The children also had a lot of fun at – and especially in – the crawl tunnel.

At the stations, we received support from the regular students of the Kolping School in Erfurt and numerous leisure educators throughout the event. Even the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Mittelthüringen e.V. stood ready and gave the children important information about first aid; here the pupils could also try themselves out. Fortunately, no real sports injuries were recorded at the sports festival.

To top it off, the little athletes received their own sports pass, in which they could marvel at the values ​​they had achieved, as well as various prizes. Finally, the awarding of all winners took place during the first evaluation stage of our "All Attention – Project" through grade 3.

We look back on a successful festival, which awakened the sporting spirit – both large and small – for all participants.

Special thanks go to the organizers as well as the eager helpers at all stations and with the supervision of the classes.

Class 1 sports festival evaluation
50 m
place Surname great time
1. Moritz Wolf 1a 9,4s
2. Arne Otto 1c 9,8s
3. Theo Scharfenberg 1a 9.9s
3. Erik Günzel 1c 9.9s
1. Marlene Gehlau 1c 9,8s
1. Mathilda Gehlau 1c 9,8s
3. Lotta Martin 1b 9.9s
meandering flow
place Surname great time
1. Till Liß 1c 12,95s
2. Jakob Sunday 1b 13,06s
3. Niklas Hertha 1b 13,28s
1. Mathilda Gehlau 1c 13,50s
2. Jolina Römhild 1b 13,70s
3. Marlene Gehlau 1c 14,40s
Class 2 sports festival evaluation
broad jump
place Surname great width
1. Theo Gneist 2 B 3,18m
2. Richard Spangenberg 2 B 3,11m
3. Finley Rimbach 2a 3,09m
1. Helena White 2 B 2,87m
2. Anna Seipelt 2 B 2,84m
3. Sarah Miliute 2 B 2,65m
3. Elly Hager 2c 2,65m
50 m
place Surname great time
1. Bastian Rehbein 2 B 8,6s
1. Lukas Böhnke 2 B 8,6s
2. Richard Spangenberg 2 B 8,9s
2. Ismael Ismael 2c 8,9s
3. Lukas Baisnee 2c 9,2s
1. Carla Albrecht 2 B 9,5s
1. Nora Barth 2c 9,5s
2. Elly Hager 2c 9,6s
2. Enda Nolte 2c 9,6s
2. Anna Seipelt 2 B 9,6s
2. Helena White 2 B 9,6s
2. Johanna Weske 2 B 9,6s
3. Emilia Gruber 2 B 9,7s
meandering flow
place Surname great time
1. Phil Pix 2a 12,48s
2. Lukas Böhnke 2 B 13,08s
3. Ismael Ismael 2c 13,19s
1. Miriam Ritzmann 2a 13,54s
2. Johanna Weske 2 B 13,67s
3. Lucy Möller 2a 13,69s
Class 3 sports festival evaluation
broad jump
place Surname great width
1. Phil Pfeifer 3c 3,47m
2. Pierre Rene Lange 3d 3,45m
3. Henry Rapp 3a 3,16m
1. Katelyn Aladian 3d 3,26m
2. Malou Barsakow 3a 3,13m
3. Greta Schalles 3c 3,10m
50 m
place Surname great time
1. Pierre Rene Lange 3d 8,3s
2. Milo Lesser 3c 8,5s
3. Phil Pfeifer 3c 8,6s
1. Kimera Feyerabend 3c 8,5s
1. Katelyn Aladian 3d 8,5s
3. Shalyn Blivier 3d 8,7s
medicine ball
place Surname great Points
1. Pierre Rene Lange 3d 30
2. Phil Pfeifer 3c 28
3. Darian Daugs 3b 27
3. Bruno Eckhardt 3d 27
3. Milo Lesser 3c 27
1. Katelyn Aladian 3d 29
2. Lucy Sachs 3a 28
3. Jouce Schumann 3d 28
Class 4 sports festival evaluation
broad jump
place Surname great width
1. Elias Wittke 4c 3,95m
2. Tim Assmus 4b 3,47m
2. Erik Hesche 4b 3,47m
1. Todorina Koslova 4c 3,46m
2. Isabell Stiskall 4a 3,45m
3. Alicia Merezki 4a 3,32m
50 m
place Surname great time
1. Erik Hesche 4b 8,1s
2. Jakob Weske 4c 8,3s
3. Brian-Luca Koschinski 4a 8,5s
3. Tim Assmus 4b 8,5s
1. Annely Metz 4b 8,3s
2. Samira putsch 4b 8,7s
2. Alicia Meretzki 4a 8,7s
2. Todorina Koslova 4c 8,7s
medicine ball
place Surname great Points
1. Brian-Luca Koschinski 4a 23
2. Elias Wittke 4c 21
2. Julien Geyer 4b 21
1. Nashmil Hellmann 4c 22
1. Todorina Koslova 4c 22
3. Alicia Meretzki 4a 19
3. Isabella Stiskall 4a 19

Dental Health Day on 09/20/2017

On September 20, 2017, an extraordinary school day was held at our school under the motto "Healthy starts in the mouth – together for strong milk teeth". The day started with a breakfast with a bite from home-made healthy treats such as "Mega Stark Quark" or "Super Kraft Muesli" of the 3rd and 4th grades. Then the students visited various stations on the topic of dental health and healthy nutrition. They had a lot of fun with toothbrushes – field ball and other sports games. The students watched the film “Kalle, Klops und Karies” enthusiastically. Finally, the dental nurses dripped a special staining liquid for the teeth onto the pupils’ lips. In the darkened caries tunnel, fluorescent ultraviolet light made the dangerous plaque visible in bright yellow. Then the students brushed their teeth thoroughly at the toothbrush fountain and practiced the right toothbrushing technique. Dental health day at our school was a lot of fun for all and the students learned a lot. Many thanks to all involved and helpers on this day!

School introduction on August 12th, 2017

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, it was time again. School Introduction! A special day at our primary school. Everything was prepared for the school enrollment: the school house and the courtyard were decorated and many pupils of grade 2 tried the program for the "little ones" very diligently. At 10 a.m., our headmaster, Mr. Müller, warmly welcomed our freshmen and the many parents and guests. Everyone looked very excited. First-year students in particular wanted to finally belong to our school. Everyone was enthusiastic about the funny play “Kasper comes to school”. There was a lot of applause for the children in the 2nd class. But the most beautiful thing came at the end: every new student was finally allowed to hold their sugar bag in their hands. Our first graders beamed and were overjoyed. Everyone will definitely never forget this day. After all, it only exists once in a lifetime. We wish our 1st grade children a lot of joy, fun and patience while studying for their first four school years. Be hardworking and always remain “curious”. Life has so much exciting and interesting for you.


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