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DA Direkt car insurance

calculate DA direkt car insurance

Compare and calculate the current and favorable rates of DA direkt here car insurance and you will automatically receive the insurance certificate required for the registration office EVB-number.

If you decide on a new tariff of DA direkt autoversicherung, your previous car insurance on request automatically, without signature and without bureaucracy cancelled become.

The change of your car insurance can be done every year regularly until 30. November. in some cases you can also change during the year.

Switch to DA direkt car insurance

A change of the car insurance can be made every year regularly until the 30. november occur. However, you have 4 weeks time to cancel, after you have received the premium invoice for the coming year from your current motor insurance company.

You therefore have 4 weeks to look around for a better and/or cheaper car insurance and to compare. Should you then decide to take out DA direkt car insurance, you will have 4 weeks in which to notice of cancellation to your current motor vehicle insurance company to send.

You can also cancel easily, conveniently and free of charge order direct in the comparison calculator. If your previous insurance does not cover you until after the 30. November the premium invoice for the next year is sent to you, so you can also still change in december. But you can also change your car insurance at any time during the current year after changing your vehicle or after a settled claim.

Information on DA direkt insurance

DA direkt is one of the leading direct motor insurers in germany and part of the globally successful zurich insurance group. DA versicherung (deutsche allgemeine versicherung AG), known as DA direkt for short, is the specialized direct insurers of zurich versicherung and thus belongs to the large and globally active zurich versicherung group.

DA direkt has been on the market for over 30 years and is one of the largest motor insurance companies in germany, with around 2 million insurance policies. For many years, DA direkt KFZ versicherung has been offering low premiums in combination with reliable and solid services.

DA direkt insurance includes several insurance lines for private and commercial customers, u.A. Also the division motor vehicle, as well as the motorcycle insurance. The DA direkt car insurance is offered both as a motor vehicle liability insurance, as well as in combination with a partial cover or a fully comprehensive insurance.

DA direkt car insurance benefits

  • DA direkt motor vehicle liability insurance
    those covered by motor vehicle liability insurance property damage and personal injury are insured with high insurance sums: 100 million EUR blanket coverage and coverage for personal injuries up to 15 million EUR per person and event. DA direkt motor vehicle liability insurance also covers environmental damage. If applicable. You can also insure a letter of protection for benefits in the event of an accident or breakdown.
  • DA direkt partial coverage car insurance
    the following damages are insured in the motor vehicle partial cover insurance: damages due to theft, short circuit, glass breakage, game collisions, marten bites, forces of nature (storm, hail, flooding, lightning). Any special equipment is also insured with the DA direkt car insurance. Depending on the tariff, the free choice of repair shop is also insured.
  • DA direkt motor vehicle fully comprehensive insurance
    the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers damage to your own vehicle caused by your own fault and damage caused by vandalism.
  • additional services
    discount protection / discount saver, mallorca policy, GAP coverage for leased vehicles, new price compensation for up to 24 months, free choice of repair shop, damage caused by animals of all kinds, etc.

Current DA direkt car insurance rates 2022

  • DA direkt my tariff basis
  • DA direkt my tariff basis with workshop commitment
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort with workshop commitment
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort special
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort special with workshop commitment
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort plus
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort plus with workshop commitment
  • DA direct my tariff comfort premium
  • DA direkt my tariff comfort premium with workshop commitment

DA direkt car insurance test – experience and reviews

DA direkt car insurance is regularly tested, as it was last year, in various magazines such as finanztest, focus money, EURO and okotest. DA direkt motor vehicle insurance regularly achieves good to very good ratings.

The DA direkt car insurance offers very good and favorable offers and is also in the customer satisfaction in the very positive area.

Conclusion on DA direkt car insurance

  • The DA direkt car insurance offers powerful and at the same time favorable car rates, which can be.A. For the following vehicle types and classes: small car, sedan, station wagon, coupe, convertible, SUV, sports car, roadster, classic car, automatic, manual transmission, e-car / electric car, van, passenger car, rental car, motor home, compact class, luxury class, year-old car, demonstration car, one-day registration.
  • The costs of the DA direkt car insurance are compared to all car insurances in germany in the favorable range.
  • As a result, the rates of the DA direkt car insurance can be classified as recommendable.
  • The DA direkt car insurance with evb number can be calculated and concluded either via the adjacent calculator or directly with DA direktversicherung. The contact details of DA direkt including email address are listed below.

The DA direkt car insurance can therefore also be classified as highly recommendable overall.

Please note that our estimations of the car rates regarding price and performance are based on exemplary calculations, but cannot be valid for all conceivable constellations and calculations. Our evaluation therefore does not claim to be complete or generally valid.

DA direkt contact details

DA direkt insurance
place of unity 2
60327 frankfurt am main

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