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Are you looking for a school where you can acquire your school-leaving qualification and a professional qualification at the same time? – Then you will surely find the right thing with us – also in your area! Depending on which school-leaving qualification you bring or aim for, we offer you a large selection of school types:

  • On the two years Commercial vocational school (business school), you acquire the technical college entrance qualification (intermediate maturity) and a basic professional qualification – good chances of shortening the apprenticeship period!
  • In the area of ​​socio-pedagogical school types, we offer you the vocational school for child care and the vocational school for social pedagogy (training to become an educator) – the latter with the optional additional exam for the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Both training courses are followed by a year of recognition in which you are already working in your new profession. After successfully attending a colloquium to get They then awarded state recognition.
  • The commercial vocational colleges lead to a technical college entrance qualification and a state-recognized vocational qualification. Or do you see your strengths more in the linguistic area? – Then you should take a closer look at our offer in the vocational college for foreign languages.
  • The technical vocational colleges offer you state-recognized vocational qualifications and the additional examination to become a university of applied sciences in two areas:
    – Artistic and creative: photo and media technology
    – Computer / EDP: Information and communication technology
  • If you already have completed vocational training, you can acquire the technical college entrance qualification in one year at the vocational college.
  • And if you are even more ambitious after completing your school qualification and starting your career, you can study part-time with us in Nordbahnhofstrasse – at the Hamburg Fern-Hochschule (HFH) in the study center Stuttgart.

DAA vocational schools

  • Nordbahnhofstrasse 147
  • 70191 Stuttgart
    TELEPHONE 0711 672359-10 TELEFAX 0711 672359-99

Our vocational colleges

You have certainly not booked a gondola ride if you decide to continue your training in a vocational college. Because you decide in these types of school for training with "double top":

Our vocational schools

Vocational schools offer the "2nd way" to a middle education. In addition to teaching general education subjects, you will acquire a solid basic professional qualification or even a state-recognized professional qualification.

Educator training in the technical school for social pedagogy (FSP)

Do you just love dealing with children and promoting their development? And you see your professional future. B. in a daycare center or a youth center? – Then the educator training is made for you.


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