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The most important thing about data protection at school

  • This is for school operations Collection and processing of personal data necessary. Therefore, data protection at school is important.
  • Information that not mandatory are only allowed with consent.
  • In the Use of digital aids it must be ensured that the security of the data used is guaranteed.

What needs to be considered when it comes to data protection at school??

Data protection at school: Which regulations have to be observed?

Basically, data protection states that a school is the data that necessary for the performance of their tasks are, may raise. These can include, for example:

Should further information be requested, is consent is always required – usually by the parents if the students are minors.

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Digitization and the consequences for data protection in schools

When it comes to data protection at schools, digital forms of work must also be taken into account. Since the internet doesn’t stop at school either, and now many digital offers used in class this is an increasingly important aspect of data protection at school. Possible applications include:

  • Use of clouds
  • digital class book
  • Online learning platforms

in this connection allowed to As a rule, the data that is required is processed in accordance with data protection in schools. When running a digital class book For example, personal data of the pupils must be entered – this is usually permissible.

However, data security measures must always be taken when using digital aids. To ensure data protection for the students, the Access rights and opportunities be designed so that Unauthorized persons cannot get the information can.

School photos: what data protection provides

School photos? Data protection must be observed. A rather classic theme for data protection in school is the area of photos. Basically, taking pictures is not necessary for school operations. For this reason, photos of students are not allowed per se.

So if students are to be photographed, that’s one express consent is required. It is also important: If the pictures are then to be presented to the public, for example on the school homepage, those affected or their parents must also consent, whereby expressly stated this specific purpose must become.


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