Dawr> child benefit in the event of disability: entitlement to child benefit even after the 25th

There are no maximum age limits for child benefit for children with disabilities

Parents receive child benefit for adult children even after the age of 25 if the child cannot make a living independently due to a disability. "According to a ruling by the Cologne Financial Court, this also applies if the disability is diagnosed only after the child benefit age limit has been exceeded and the child was able to make a living before that," explains Isabel Klocke from the taxpayers’ association.

Family allowance application rejected

In the event of a dispute, the daughter, born in 1968, was diagnosed with muscle disease at the age of 30, which leads to a decrease in muscle strength over time. At the age of 40, the degree of disability was 100 percent. The daughter has been receiving a pension for full disability since the age of 43. The mother applied for child benefit for the period from 2010, which the family fund refused: the daughter’s disability occurred at a time when the parents for your Daughter no longer received child benefit.

Hereditary disease existed before the age of 25

An appeal was lodged with the Federal Finance Court (file number: XI R 8/17). "In comparable cases, parents should also apply for child benefit if their children are diagnosed with a disability due to an illness only at a later age, but this was already present before the age of 25," advises Isabel Klocke.

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Entitlement to compensation also for buyers of affected vehicles, which were acquired after the detection of the diesel exhaust scandal

Attorney Prof. Dr. Marco Rogert


Another bang from Lower Saxony, the home country of the VW group. Like the law firm Rogert, which is leading the legal investigation of the exhaust gas scandal & Ulbrich from Cologne announced that there was another turn in Lower Saxony that was not necessarily to be expected.

Hahn lawyer on real estate loan agreements: Revocation also after June 21, 2016 possible


The legal restriction on the right of withdrawal as of June 21, 2016 only applies to real estate loan contracts that were concluded between November 1, 2002 and June 10, 2010.

Payments in the case of illegal online gambling: Participation prohibition in accordance with section 4 (1) sentence 2 GlüStV

Lawyer Guido Lenné


With the judgment won by our law firm on December 16, 2019, the Ulm District Court rightly confirmed that the prohibition on participation in payments in connection with illegal online gambling in accordance with section 4 (1) sentence 2 GlüStV is a legal prohibition within the meaning of section 134 BGB deals.

Berlin testament – possibilities, advantages, disadvantages

Attorney Dr. Ronny Janig


Married and registered life partners can jointly determine their last will in a will through a so-called joint will.

German Lawyers’ Day 2014: Lawyers earn money with Hartz IV – why not??


Lawyers working in social law can also be economically successful in the interests of their clients with unemployment benefit II. On the occasion of the German Lawyers ‘Day 2014 in Stuttgart, the German Lawyers’ Association fought against publications to scandalize the high income of lawyers who work with unemployment benefit II.

Brain damage after nose surgery: Clinic has to pay 800,000 euros in pain compensation

Lawyer Guido Lenné


After a treatment error in a nasal bone surgery, a young man suffered severe brain damage. According to a decision by the regional court in Gießen – file number: 5 O 376/18 – he is entitled to a total of 800,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering. The sum is among the highest that a German court has previously considered appropriate in such cases.


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