Day care facility for children height, child care

Day care facility for children height, child care


The daycare for children height 61 is a 5-group facility and is located in the Vohwinkel district of Wuppertal.

As a direct neighbor, our facility has the height youth facility, which offers campaigns for children, teenagers and adults. In addition to our spacious green outdoor area, which invites you to play outdoors, the neighboring area with the football field can also be used.

Thanks to our partially open concept, all children have a good amount of space available for their own activity and self-education. After consultation with the educators, the children decide which play and learning location they want to conquer on a daily basis. In addition, our facility is characterized by many different cultures, which enables children to learn from our experience in intercultural cooperation with us.

Childcare places and premises

care places

The following childcare places are available in our facility:

Total number of seats Under 3 years 3 years and older
99 childcare places 22 childcare places 77 childcare places

We look after children from the age of 1.


All of our groups are on one level.

Each group has a group room, a side room and another room that is used as a relaxation room. The adjoining rooms have different focuses. The following offer is available to all children across groups: two studios, a library, a construction room and a role play area.

In addition, our large corridor area, which is equipped with a sandpit and a Lego corner, is often used as an additional play area. There is also an exercise room for the children all day.

We also offer the children various exercise options on our outdoor area. Our outdoor area has a sandpit, wooden houses, a large ship climbing frame, a hanging swing as well as a lot of meadow and bushes, which invite you to run and hide. In addition, we also partially use the outdoor area of ​​the neighboring youth center.

Pedagogical focus and special features

The situation-based approach is the basis of the educational work of our institution. The following three areas of education are particularly important to us:

Social, cultural and intercultural education

In our facility, the children enter into social contacts with other cultures, lifestyles and values. The children find differences with curiosity and have the opportunity to deal with them and develop openness.

As educators, we see ourselves as companions for the children, give them security and provide support through which the children develop self-confidence and an idea of ​​their own identity.

The goal is to prepare children for life in a diverse society.

Language and communication

Everyday integrated language education and support is an important part of our work.

With the help of different activities such as In our morning circle, circle games and picture book considerations, the children are encouraged to acquire language skills. Also in free play, spatial equipment, such as role play areas and libraries, give the opportunity to expand the vocabulary.

Embedded in everyday educational life, language support is a cross-sectional task that relates to all areas of education and the daily routine.


The educational area of ​​movement is an important part of our educational work, because movement is a basic need of children. It is also an important prerequisite for healthy child development.

A wide range of movement options and a movement-friendly environment promote the child’s development and education processes. The children are offered various options to exercise their urge to move. For example, the children in our group rooms always have pedestal landscapes, movement modules and "Emmi Pickler"-Materials are available and we regularly visit playgrounds, forests and fields in public.

family center

Our facility has been a certified family center since 2017 and therefore offers a large network of advice and help for families.

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