Day trip in Helsinki, 5 tips for your visit to Suomenlinna

Day trip to Helsinki | 5 tips for your visit to Suomenlinna

If there is an excursion that EVERYONE in Helsinki really favors, then this is a visit to Suomenlinna, the historic fortress island in front of the Finnish capital. The 18th century fortress is one of Helsinki’s most popular tourist destinations. Several times an hour the boats leave from Helsinki and take you over to Suomenlinna in 15 minutes. The fortress stands on a total of five islands, which are connected by bridges or ramparts and can be excellently explored on foot in one day.

Provision for your picnic on Suomenlinna

The boats leave from the harbor next to the famous Vanha Kauppahalli in Helsinki. Granted, this is one of the very tourist market halls, but there are still plenty of opportunities to stock up for a delicious picnic. Be it freshly made breads, tartes, cardamom and vanilla pullas (yes, that or we delete all pulla variants) or the typical Finnish Karelian pierogi. Pack up, take away and enjoy in a quiet spot on the island.

Walk over the island

Directly at the ferry dock, a large visitor center awaits you where you can inform yourself about the history of the island and book tours. Also many tours start here. The blue route takes you from north to south on foot over the islands and all sights, such as B. the already visible from afar church or the royal gate. Since you change the islands several times and also walk over narrow sections and ramparts, the path is not completely barrier-free and not unrestricted for z. B. pram suitable. Directly opposite the visitor center is the famous dry dock, one of the oldest still active of its kind in the world.

The blue route leads you directly to the defenses, ramparts, cannons and tunnels, which can also be visited almost all. In the tunnels it is pitch black except for a few loopholes and the ground is damp – you feel directly in the appropriate mood.

Toys, customs & Submarine | Suomenlinna’s museums

Suomenlinna is home to a multitude of museums that showcase the history of the fortress and Finland in many ways. A former Submarine puts you back in the second world war. Impressively shown the life of Finnish marines. Not to be missed Suomenlinna Museum, that tells about the history of the fortress island. This is interesting for young and old Toy Museum, that exhibits from several decades ready. The customs Museum tells the story of smugglers and customs in Finland – an exciting journey through time awaits you. Important: Most museums in Suomenlinna are only open during the summer months!

Lonely along the coastal paths

The most beautiful corners of the island we have actually found on the lonely paths right on the water. Smaller bays and beaches line up, to the right and left of the path are lush summer flowers. At least here we forget that we are immediately near a capital. Idyllic, lonely, quiet – Suomenlinna we are enchanted!

coffee & Cake in the cafe vanilla

After plenty of walks and enjoying the island, you will arrive at the end of your trip back in the center of the island. It is definitely worth a detour to Café Vanille. The little house initially reminds a bit of British colonial style. In the rustic interior you will find a cake counter full of sweet and some hearty delicacies. As well, that there are also practical carry-on packaging. So we not only eat a piece of cake on the porch, but also take something for the way back.

Have you been to Suomenlinna before? How did you like it? What else have you discovered that you can recommend? We visited Suomenlinna in the Finnish summer. The lovely Inka from the travel blog looked angled over there in the Finnish winter. Your photos and impressions (especially the crossing!) Are the proof for us, that we have to go to Helsinki in the cold season! More tips for Finland we have put together here.

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