Daycare planner, city of leverkusen

The daycare planner, the reserve portal for daycare places in the city, received an update in November 2019.
The site is not only visually improved, but technically changed so that it is easy to use with all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, the Internet address, user accounts and access data remain unchanged or have been adopted.

  • Important: If you need a childcare place in a day care center for your child by August 1, 2020, you are requested to reserve the child in the portal by January 2020.

The daycare planner

The parent portal lists all day care centers in the city, all municipal and the institutions of the independent organizations. In addition, as of April 2, 2019, the persons who offer child day care and who have expressly consented to the publication of their data in the parent portal are listed. The portal provides you with initial information about the various childcare options and gives you the opportunity to reserve your child online for a childcare place in a daycare facility in Leverkusen.

Info on day care for children

You can also find more information about individual day care persons and large day care centers in the city. Access is via the contact details provided on the profile page.

The day carers and day care centers in the parent portal are listed who have expressly consented to the publication of the data.
However, online reservation via the portal is not possible.

    For contact details of other day care persons and day care centers, please contact:

City of Leverkusen
Department of Children and Youth
Child Day Care

Terms of use

Inform – select – reserve
By entering your personal search criteria (e.g. age group, district) on the home page, you will receive the care offers that are suitable for you first Information. After successful registration using your email address, you can You your Reserve the child in up to five selected day care centers. Your reservation will then be sent to the facility you have selected and your child will now be on the waiting list for these facilities.
Please contact the respective facility management personally to arrange a viewing or get-to-know-you appointment or the appointment for the "Open-door day" to inquire.

Commitments or cancellations
The selected daycare centers check whether the desired place can be offered to you. You will be informed of a promise by telephone, email or post. Furthermore, the status in the user account of the parent portal at this facility changes to ‘Pledge’.
You can also see in the user account whether a ‘Cancellation’ of a request device. Further reservations can now be made in selected request facilities.

User account – overview – changes
You can reserve your child at the same time – conveniently from home – in several day care centers. So you have the current status of your reservations in view at all times and can make changes at any time. The online reservation is therefore generally recommended.

Further information on the daycare planner can be found in the parent portal under the ‘Help’ menu..

Offline also possible

In any case, the parent portal offers everyone an overview of the childcare available and the Conception of Institutions such as U-3 care, inclusion or family centers.
However, if you do not want to use the nursery planner as a preregistration, you can still contact the daycare facility in person.


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