Dealing with gifted children

A person’s talent can have many facets. There are above-average talents in various areas. Social-emotional, artistic-artistic, sport and intellectual skills. But what difficulties does a gifted child bring and how can it be dealt with??

What is giftedness? What can make a gifted child so special??

Giftedness is one intellectual talent well above average. In order to be able to define the term, one uses the Gaussian normal distribution. In each year 2-3 percent of the children are considered highly gifted. One speaks from one Intelligence quotient of 130 of giftedness. Strongly prominent skills are not always recognizable, rather many children are characterized by an early-developed and above-average interest. There is also creativity and motivation. Only then leaves yourself special ability to recognize from the outside.

A gifted child shows one early on great curiosity and the need for information. Gifted people have one increased absorption capacity and an associative working brain. These skills are due to accelerated thinking. As a result, highly gifted children are about 1 1/2 to 2 years ahead of their peers on an intellectual level.

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This intellectual advantage shows up in one exceptionally rich vocabulary, an urge for something new, the interest in special areas in which knowledge is acquired and the joy of abstract symbols. Furthermore, one can accelerate learning ability, early reading and arithmetic, as well Perfectionism and independence to be watched. This makes it difficult for highly gifted children to deal with children of the same age who have normal talents. It falls out of the norm early on and the child notices that. Highly gifted children often seek contact with the elderly to try to reach the same intellectual level otherness to hide to adjust its performance to the average,

tries to find a suitable valve with conspicuous behavior.

A child’s self-competence can only be trained well if it is safe and secure feels. A child can then be saved feel, when it is strengthened in its self. And only then is the intellectual ego able to perform optimally. Gifted children need a lot of support, to get access to their self. This requires special relationship work. Sometimes the children and your family need therapeutic support on their way back to their own competencies and motivation.

Dealing with gifted children

Many do not know that dealing with a gifted child is exhausting. These kids must be encouraged and utilized, so that they can develop well. Highly gifted children must be allowed to ask questions, learn to read and experiment. Highly gifted children can usually read, write and do arithmetic before starting school. Then it is no wonder that they are bored, do not participate in the classroom or interfere. A gifted child has the same need for recognition as any other child.

Help for gifted children and especially for parents

The DGhK is the German society for the gifted child. It is a Non-profit association. The DGhK operates throughout Germany. In this association parents, as well as pedagogical specialists, psychologists and other interested people can volunteer for the promotion of gifted children. The society came from the experience that highly gifted children have problems in school and in social Integrate handling when their needs are not perceived and therefore they cannot develop their skills.

A gifted child has to learn that it is different and that it is good. The child’s environment must accept that a gifted child is different and must take up and support them.

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