Debeka accident insurance in the test and our experiences

Debeka accident insurance in the test and our experiences

the essentials in brief
Accident insurance is insurance that is underestimated by many. If an accident occurs that occurs in your free time, the statutory accident insurance does not pay! Statutory accident insurance is only paid if the accident occurred during working hours or on the way to work or directly from work to home. Those who do not work, are self-employed or have an accident in their free time do not receive any benefits. For this reason, private accident insurance is particularly important. If, for example, renovations have to be carried out on the house after the accident or if the insured person dies due to the accident, the corresponding costs can be covered by the benefits from the contract.

Debeka Versicherung offers a comprehensive portfolio of coverings, including accident insurance, which is an important private provision

Debeka also offers accident insurance and was founded in 1905. Over the years, insurance has not only expanded its portfolio of benefits (it was originally one) "Health insurance fund for the municipal officials of the Rhine province") but also gained experience and therefore knows which services are important in an emergency. The contract portfolio today includes following contracts:

  • Health and pension insurance
  • Liability and legal expenses insurance
  • Travel and car contracts
  • Household and residential building protection
  • Disability insurance
  • Financing and building society contracts
  • Investment and account models

In our report, we focus specifically on the services of Debeka accident insurance, show the highlights in insurance protection and explain how well the accessibility to the insurance is shown.

Per & Overview of contra

+ Website is particularly user-friendly
+ Information also about the benefits of the statutory accident insurance
+ Koma-day money
+ Accident Protection
+ One-off payment for broken bones

– Accessibility is only average compared to other insurance companies

Debeka accident insurance benefits tested

With Debeka Insurance, you have the choice between two tariffs called Comfort and Comfort Plus. Below we present some of the most important services and explain the tariffs in which they are covered and how they differ in the sums.

Both Debeka accident insurance tariffs include important benefits. Which protection is important for you personally can be discussed with a personal Debeka consultant

One-off payment for a broken bone

This benefit is one of the highlights of Debeka accident insurance and is not offered by every insurer. Those who have completed the Comfort Plus tariff will receive a one-off payment of 2,000 euros in the event of a broken bone caused by an accident. It does not matter how this accident happened and how long the treatment will be. This service is a pleasant financial support that freelancers and self-employed people in particular should appreciate, who may not work for a while due to a broken bone and can thus at least compensate for the financial loss to a minimum.

Why the accident pension is an important benefit that should be taken out especially for children

If there is an accident resulting in a disability, this often means that a professional activity may no longer be able to be started and carried out in full. Depending on the degree of disability, only a few hours of work per week are possible, but your own standard of living should be maintained. In these cases, it makes sense to provide for an accident pension. This is paid monthly and can close the financial gap that may result from a loss of work. If an accident insurance for children is taken out, it must be borne in mind that it is quite possible that a one-off sum (which is standard) can be used up after a few years – depending on the amount. With the accident pension, you prevent this problem and ensure that your child benefits from the monthly pension payment later in life – even if something should happen to you as a parent!

Insurance coverage also for leisure races

As a rule, sporting activities are excluded from private accident insurance if it is a matter of achieving top speeds. On the one hand, Debeka generally insures all sports (the only exception is motorsport) and also provides insurance cover if an accident occurred during a recreational race that involved average speeds. Rides with the go-kart are also insured and give parents the good feeling that the child is also covered during such leisure activities!

The coma daily allowance

With this service too, Debeka has a unique selling point that is hardly included in an accident contract by other insurers. If the insured person is in a coma after an accident, the insurance will reimburse a daily allowance for up to 4 years. The maximum payment amount for this is 50,000 euros. You may only be aware of the importance if the injured person is the main earner of the family. If the loss of earnings is not otherwise covered, this benefit can be a pleasant support. After all, the costs for the house, the daily care of the children or even ongoing loans must continue to be financed.

Additional modules that optimize the contract and offer real help

With the accident protection insurance, which can optionally be integrated into the accident insurance contract, some extras are taken over, provided that these are not paid by the health insurance company. These benefits include loss of earnings, the assumption of costs for help in the household and a compensation for pain and suffering up to the amount of 200,000 euros. In addition, up to a sum of 200,000 euros, the costs are incurred if the house has to be converted to accommodate the disabled or if a move is necessary due to the disability. Other, additional expenses, which ensure a disabled-friendly environment (e.g. conversion of the car) are paid again up to 10,000 euros. With this performance protection, Debeka offers a powerful package that not only offers important financial help after an accident, but also makes everyday life easier at the beginning with household help.

These advantages also speak for Debeka accident insurance

Whether a contract is paid annually or during the year is often a question that is due to your own financial options. An annual form of payment is usually too great a cost factor, so you switch to a form of payment during the year – with the disadvantage that this means that a surcharge has to be paid. Debeka Versicherung dispenses with this surcharge and therefore makes it possible for people who do not have great financial means to conclude a contract that they can also afford monthly (without surcharge). Debeka’s contracts are also designed to run for a period of one year, so that, theoretically, it can be decided annually whether you can continue to pay the contract or if you want to change insurance.

The automatic performance update is also a very pleasant performance. If new conditions come into effect at Debeka accident insurance or if individual benefits are improved, these better benefits are automatically included in your own contract – without you having to take action yourself! A big plus of Debeka: The insurance not only shows what is covered by private accident insurance, but also clarifies what is covered by statutory accident insurance, where statistically most accidents occur and how the benefit comparison between the statutory and Debeka’s private accident insurance!

Very few people know the difference between statutory and private accident insurance. Debeka does valuable educational work here

The accessibility of Debeka accident insurance – our experience

If there are questions about the contract or a new contract is to be concluded, good accessibility to the insurance is particularly important. The Debeka Versicherung telephone hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Personal contact with the insurance company is also possible and the website can be used to quickly determine where the nearest Debeka agency is located. Basically, it should be noted at this point that Debeka also provides an FAQ on accident insurance. Many questions can already be answered independently.

You can also contact us in writing. This is not only possible by email, fax and post, but also via various forms on the website. In addition to general inquiries, the address or bank details can also be changed via the forms, for example. Overall, the accessibility to the insurance is generally okay. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a great number of insurance companies allow longer opening times for contacting by phone (sometimes also on weekends) and that modern communication channels such as online chat or video chat advice are also offered.

The user-friendliness of the online platform and the calculation tool

Finding out about insurance benefits on the website or finding contact information is not particularly difficult. The page is very simple and clear and especially on the start page it is noticeable that Debeka does not use eye-catching advertisements or particularly colorful graphics compared to other providers. Nevertheless, the website is well designed and you can find everything you need to know about information on the pages of the individual insurance products. It is also particularly practical that quick access to the individual tariff calculator is made possible from the start page. The tariff calculator itself is also pleasant and easy to understand and provides both tariffs so that a quick price comparison is possible. It is also pleasant that the possible extensions are listed in a short overview with the corresponding service content.

The tariff calculator is clearly structured and enables the contribution to be calculated quickly

Our conclusion on Debeka accident insurance in the test

Accident insurance through Debeka is an important contract in your life. Insurance protection from a simple broken bone to complete disability – the Debeka offers comprehensive protection and also provides full insurance protection for athletes or children who do recreational racing. The fact that benefits are paid for broken bones is actually one of the highlights at Debeka Insurance. Even the coma daily allowance is hardly to be found on the market and represents an opportunity to create a small, financial freedom as a family member even in this emotionally difficult phase and to be able to continue to cover ongoing costs.

The accessibility to the insurance is generally okay, but not to be compared with companies that allow significantly longer telephone contact times or offer modern communication channels. The many agencies of Debeka Versicherung throughout Germany ensure that a personal advisor can be reached, which should not be underestimated in an emergency!

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