Debt rescheduling despite tips, solutions and suitable banks

Debt rescheduling despite tips, solutions and suitable banks

Debt restructuring despite Schufa

Rescheduling is always a sensitive issue. Because a lot has to be taken into account and as a rule a rescheduling is not readily possible. However, if a rescheduling is planned despite Schufa, then this is considered a particularly difficult case. For many people affected, this option is often not that easy.

Although there are plenty of opportunities to undertake retraining despite Schufa, it is of course necessary to examine exactly on what conditions and in which areas this debt rescheduling can be undertaken. And here it is important to keep an eye on the details.

As long as a borrower is not insolvent, he has not made a sworn statement and there is no arrest warrant against him, a rescheduling can be sought despite Schufa. The extent to which it is ultimately possible depends on the size of the debt and the economic circumstances of the borrower.

Because the personal repayment ability must be given. If the borrower is unable to pay the monthly installments, then no debt restructuring can be undertaken.

Our tip: Check in advance whether your personal repayment ability is at a high level. This helps you avoid payment defaults and increase your chances of rescheduling, despite Schufa.

Why is a rescheduling being sought despite Schufa??

The more creditors there are, the more difficult it is to settle outstanding liabilities. Every creditor wants to have his money as fast as possible.

This implies that the creditors try to demand the highest possible monthly installments, which are then also provided with monthly interest. If you as a debtor before such a task, you can usually only capitulate.

Even if you have the opportunity to serve the monthly installments, the debt usually does not decrease. Because in many cases, only the interest will be repaid and the actual debt burden does not shrink.

A rescheduling despite Schufa can be a good solution in such a case. Because the different creditors are summarized so that the debtor in the end has only one creditor with whom he must agree.

In our case, that would be the bank where the rescheduling is done despite Schufa. An individual payment agreement can then be made with this one creditor. The personal repayment capacity increases automatically because the monthly repayment rate can be determined independently.

The following reasons for a retraining despite Schufa can be given:

  • The borrower can not meet his current obligations
  • Due to illness, unemployment or other personal concerns, the monthly installment can no longer be met
  • The borrower independently brought about the overindebtedness situation because he generated various bills which he can not settle
  • Various creditors ensure that a repayment of the liabilities is not possible
  • Personal strokes of fate that could not be avoided
  • The debtor has taken over the guarantee for another person and must now meet its payment obligations

Of course, there are even more reasons that can speak for a rescheduling despite negative Schufa. However, these are much more differentiated and therefore have to be considered differently.

But all these reasons have a starting point. The borrower knows that with his requirements and thus the negative Schufa he does not get a loan from his house bank and probably not from another bank in Germany.

He must strive for an offer that is offered away from the traditional banks and savings banks, despite all the difficulties is a good deal and remains affordable. And that’s exactly where the hurdle lies, which must be taken with a loan in a retraining despite Schufa.

The mediator in a rescheduling despite Schufa

Credit intermediaries are most likely to promote rescheduling despite Schufa, so they try to get the clientele’s attention and offer to help with a rescheduling, even though difficult conditions exist.

Nevertheless, the possibilities for such retraining are very limited. Because there are not many providers who provide a loan despite negative Schufa. And therefore there are not many providers who allow a rescheduling despite Schufa.

Credit intermediaries help in the search for a suitable loan. But you can not do magic and are as limited in their possibilities as any other provider. If you contact an intermediary, you must therefore know that debt restructuring is not automatically possible there, despite bad Schufa.

Our note: Not every offer that prizes a loan despite a negative Schufa and thus a rescheduling, ultimately leads to the desired success. Especially with credit agencies, it is important to ensure that the offer is serious, that no pre-cost and that the interest rates are in a moderate range. A comparison is definitely worth it.

The private loan at a rescheduling despite Schufa

In addition to the credit agencies, there are also some private providers, which advertise a rescheduling despite Schufa. Again, the background must always be questioned. And it has to be looked at, which stands behind the private offer.

When talking about a classic private loan, it is usually the parents, the siblings or the children who help financially and make the money available. Maybe completely, or partially.

Perfect conditions to solve the obvious problem. But only if the debts to the family can be repaid and not just relocated.

But there are also private donors who can be found on appropriate platforms and offer their help there. Private investors invest their money there and of course they can decide who they will lend their money to.

So you look exactly who the borrower is and what conditions exist. A rescheduling despite Schufa is therefore not always possible through a private investor. And if it is made possible, the interest rates are usually very high.

The offer to use a private donor, which one does not know, must therefore always be checked carefully. It must be looked at, whether a rescheduling despite Schufa in such a situation is worthwhile at all.

What can the comparison in a retraining despite Schufa?

If a rescheduling is desired, then each interested party should first go on the search for a suitable loan offer. This is the only way to see what is really offered on the market and what really works in the end.

With a comparison calculator, as you find it here on our website, you have taken the first step. You can get offers and check them out. Without intermediaries and without expensive personal loans.

You also see what is possible when it comes to a loan despite Schufa, which is to be used for debt restructuring. Quickly you will realize that not every loan amount can be rescheduled.

By your negative Schufa you have a low credit rating. In the best case, you have a guarantor who will help you with debt restructuring and ensure that at least some credit is available.

However, this guarantor does not automatically ensure that you can also get a loan and go through the rescheduling. It only expands your possibilities and your chances.

Our note: Use a comparison calculator to search for rescheduling despite Schufa. However, before you use this comparison calculator, you need to know which loan amount is being searched for.

The determination of the required loan amount

Admitting yourself that you are financially exhausted is not always easy. Therefore, a rescheduling despite Schufa usually delayed a very long time.

Not infrequently it is already too late to take this step at all. If the debt has become so solid that it can no longer be controlled, then rescheduling is sometimes no longer the option that really helps.

In such a case, it usually only helps to turn to a debt counselor and seek help there. Perhaps in the form of a bankruptcy that ensures order and financial security, at least within a manageable time frame.

In order for a retraining to take place despite Schufa, you need a loan amount, which is a prerequisite for borrowing. For this you need to calculate and list all your liabilities.

Note the following things:

  • All liabilities must be recorded
  • Ask the creditors what costs are incurred for early settlement of outstanding liabilities
  • Check which monthly installments you can afford for repayment
  • Pay attention to your income and expenses

It is important that you carry out your rescheduling despite Schufa on a specific deadline. You should set this deadline in advance, so that you can ask for the exact outstanding liabilities from the respective creditors.

Find the right provider

If the required loan amount for the rescheduling despite Schufa found, it is important to look for the appropriate provider. The German banks give a loan for debt restructuring, despite Schufa only in very rare cases.

You only grant the loan if there is good security. A guarantee is then a prerequisite.

The guarantor must, however, be very solvent and must be able to assure that he is really securing the loan. Otherwise nothing is going on this way.

We therefore recommend that you use our calculator to search for suitable offers. You only see the offers that really work in your case. This saves you a lot of work and also many disappointments.

It is also possible to use a loan from abroad. However, you must resign yourself to the fact that there is currently only one reliable provider that allows a rescheduling despite Schufa. This is the Sigma Credit Bank.

With this offerer you receive only a maximum loan amount of 7500 EUR. Here you have to look, if the loan request and the maximum loan amount match.

If you are trying to reschedule Schufa, please do not assume that this debt restructuring is working. Check all offers carefully and then decide for yourself whether you can really afford this rescheduling.

Restructuring is not always the right way. If many debts have already accumulated and the debts are very high, it may be necessary to go the way into bankruptcy.

Who is entitled to a rescheduling despite Schufa?

It sounds relatively easy to start a rescheduling despite Schufa. After all, offers are kept ready. But it’s not that easy.

A rescheduling despite Schufa is only in question if:

  • A fixed high income is available
  • A manageable loan amount is needed
  • The loan can be secured with additional collateral
  • There is no bankruptcy, no affidavit and no arrest warrant
  • The minimum age of the borrower is 18 years
  • A German bank account and a permanent residence in Germany are available

The self-employed, pensioners, the unemployed, freelancers, students and all those who do not engage in regular work have no opportunity to reschedule despite Schufa. The supply is therefore not only significantly limited, but it also focuses only on a specific population group.

If you belong to the mentioned population groups, which can not make the retraining over a loan, you have maximally the possibility to ask for help in your private environment. Otherwise, you must try to solve your financial problems otherwise.

What can we do for you?

On our portal you have the opportunity to look for a suitable financing for a debt restructuring, despite Schufa. We provide you with various means for this.

If you receive an offer from us, then you can examine the offer in peace and decide whether you want to use it. If you decide to do so, you can print out the offer and thus automatically convert it into a loan agreement.

Send this credit agreement, go through the legitimacy and attach all important documents. If everything has been checked and the loan is approved, you will receive the money after 2 to 3 days.

Our offer is therefore aimed at all those who are looking for a solid rescheduling despite Schufa, without overpriced costs and without any dubious machinations. However, it must not be forgotten that rescheduling, despite Schufa, is a difficult matter and therefore can not be made possible in every situation.

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