Decorate your matchboxes with your own photos

Design matchboxes with your own photos

Sometimes you look for a little attention as a gift or as a present. With our crafting idea of ​​the personalized matchbox you are ready for the future. The decorated boxes are perfect as a DIY packaging for small gifts such as jewelry or sweets. Or as a gift at a wedding or as a gift for a birthday. The application options are as versatile as the decompression options of the boxes themselves. That’s why we love these little boxes and look forward to presenting you the crafting instructions for your personalized matchbox today.

This is needed:

  • Empty matchboxes
  • Gift or construction paper
  • Variant A: small photos
  • Variant B: Photo print on self-adhesive labels
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • glue stick
  • Filling (sweets, confetti, jewelry, buttons, photos etc.)

Maybe you still know someone who uses matches in the household or you get the empty boxes in the craft shop for a small price. There are boxes in different sizes. Just look what you want to fill the boxes with.

How to do it:

You can dress the matchboxes in two ways: wrap it in paper or make a sticker on the computer.
Option A: In this variant, you wrap the matchbox with a decorative paper and then put the photo in the box. To do this you first draw the outlines of the matchbox on your gift or construction paper. The thickness of the paper does not matter, but we paid attention to a nice pattern. Then you simply cut out this template and stick it clean on the box. The photo cuts it to the dimensions of the matchbox and places it in the box. You are already done.

Variant B: If you are quite fit with Power Point or even other graphics programs, you can also bring the photo on the box. To do this, you put the outlines of the matchbox in your document and then insert the photo digitally. Your ready-made template then prints easily on full-surface self-adhesive labels (full-page sticker paper). Or you can print it around the corner in the copy shop. He has such labels certainly always there. You then cut the template and stick it firmly on the white box.

Finally, you fill the boxes with candy, confetti or your little present, depending on the occasion. On the bottom of the box, of course, you can also paste small messages like “Happy New Year” or “Happy New Year”. The personalized matchboxes with your photo are perfect as a lucky charm on New Year‘s Eve, gift wrapping for jewelry and buttons, as a gift for the birthday party, as a filling for the Advent calendar or simply as a storage for the little treasures of your kids.

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