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Who does not know that? At every birthday, Christmas or other occasions, mothers try to outdo other sensational cakes and baked goods. They are richly decorated the works of art that little sweet tooth are given at the children’s birthday party. It is also common to bring a cake to school or daycare, which is consumed at a party. Mothers often stand in the kitchen several times on the occasion of their birthday: once for the birthday party, where the offspring invites their best friends, once for school or daycare, once on the birthday itself and again when relatives come to visit. Not everyone has time or patience for baking, if you don’t want the simplest recipes to succeed, simply order a cake of your choice online.

Order children’s cakes online

No time or want to bake? No problem, if you can confidently do without it, just sit at home in front of your PC or laptop and browse through the numerous online cake shops. The sweet sweets with elaborate decor are guaranteed to make children’s eyes shine. The offspring, for example, bake the offspring with the famous stars Movie and television are decorated. Frozen, Cars, Monster High, Barbie – it doesn’t matter, parents can choose from different motifs and thus surprise the birthday child with their personal favorites. You can also choose from motifs related to your favorite sport, such as football or tennis. Cakes with animal motifs such as horses or cute cats are also available on the Internet. However, parents should note the delivery time, after all, it takes some time for the artwork to be completed. Most online shops that specialize in cakes score with a surprisingly short processing time of only 3 working days. Provided, of course, that the customer transfers the money to the provider’s account in good time. If you decide to pay with PayPal or credit card, you benefit from the immediate start of processing.

Combination of buying and designing yourself

If you want to design the birthday cake for the youngsters yourself and save time, there is still the option to use ready-made baking mixes. These come in different flavors. Often only a few additional ingredients are required, you simply mix the dry ingredients with eggs and other liquid food, fill the dough into a mold and after a short time the cake is ready. The big advantage is that you don’t usually have to weigh the ingredients and is often just a bowl to wash off. However, you can also individually make finished cakes from the supermarket shelf. It is best to choose variants without glaze, such as stracciatella cake, gugelhupf or similar. All you need to decorate is fondant in any color, a chocolate or punch glaze. It is also possible to make an icing yourself. Colorful sprinkles or edible sugar balls are placed on the glaze. An insider tip are wafers that can be printed with a photo from your personal album. Then the pet adorns the pastry, a special moment with the whole family or another snapshot. So you can create a unique piece with little effort. Nobody will notice that there is a bought cake under the striking ornament. You can order printed wafers from many retailers online. The edible photos are available in different shapes and sizes. You can order one large picture or several small ones, which are also good for decorating muffins. You are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at every children’s party.

The best tips for baking muffle

Many feel through household, Job and family already overwhelmed. Not everyone feels able to measure themselves against the numerous supermothers when they are baking for the children’s birthday party, who make cakes for friends and family in hours of detailed work. If you still want to bake yourself, you should know a few tips:


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