Delonghi fully automatic coffee maker test:best de’longhi coffee machines 2021

Search the delonghi automatic coffee maker test 2021? Then this is the right page for you. Think of fully automatic coffee machines, espresso machines or coffee makers? It’s something for everyone. Which de’longhi is the best for you?

Delonghi is by far the largest manufacturer of coffee machines. To give you a little idea of how big de’longhi is: they have a 33% market share when it comes to fully automatic coffee machines. This is big!

I explain the advantages of the different brewing methods and models. Because why choose an expensive model when your ideal de’longhi fully automatic coffee machine is much cheaper.

Read all about the different types of machines below and see the best de’longhi coffee machines for each brewing method.

Is the espresso machine broken? Delonghi will come to your home under warranty to fix the problem. So always good coffee.

Have fun drinking delicious coffee from your delonghi!


A coffee connoisseur and enthusiast. I test coffee machines of all types and brands. In this way you can easily find the best for you. Have fun reading about coffee!

Best delonghi fully automatic coffee machine test 2021

The best delonghi coffee machine from the test is the de’longhi dinamica ECAM 350.55.B. This is a top class machine with the highest score of the delonghi fully automatic coffee maker test 2021.

See below the best test of 2021. This fully automatic coffee machines are best tested and judged. So you can be sure that you buy a good delonghi coffee machine! The price ranges from a few hundred to sometimes thousands of euros. The functions of the machines are more extensive in the more expensive models. For example, think of two cappuccinos at the same time, a touchscreen or smart functions.


This de’longhi dinamica 350.55.B is the best delonghi coffee machine 2021. Since it is the best-selling and based on 228 reviews, it is rated 8.9 out of 10 points.

This machine has a double heating system. This double thermoblock ensures that you can prepare cappuccino or latte in quick succession. This heats the system simultaneously instead of sequentially.

Choose from one of 10 different types of coffee and customize it to your taste by adjusting temperature, amount and strength. Then save the settings under your personal profile.

In terms of noise level, this is a pretty quiet de’longhi automatic coffee maker. When making coffee this machine makes a maximum of 68 db noise.

The large water and milk reservoirs allow you to brew many cups in a row. This makes it a good choice also for the office!



The entry-level model from de’longhi is the delonghi magnifica S ECAM 20.110.B. This is the simplest version of the fully automatic machines and the best-selling in recent years. That is why so many reviews! Out of 801 ratings 8.8 out of 10 points.

Start the day with a nice espresso or regular coffee and end the day with a decaffeinated coffee. Everything possible! Milk froth with a steam nozzle for every cappuccino.

You can also set the coffee strength and quantity yourself. The coffee spout is height adjustable. The water tank is 1.8 liters. You can put 250 grams of coffee beans in at a time.

The coffee that comes out of this coffee maker is very delicious. I have tested it myself several times – in different locations – and it never disappointed. You have probably come across it yourself!


This de’longhi eletta cappuccino ECAM 44.666.B makes all types of coffee; from espresso to flat white. With a large water and bean container, you can brew many cups in a row.

Rated 9.1 out of 123 reviews, this machine is very well rated. One of the best from de’longhi in 2021!

The double thermoblock ensures that milk and water are heated at the same time. This way you have to wait much less time for your cappuccino to come out of the machine.

Here you can also save coffee recipes for which you set the temperature, strength and quantity yourself.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this machine does a lot itself. With the automatic rinsing of the milk system, it is also clean again in no time at all.



With the de’longhi dinamica plus ECAM 370.95.T you can not only use the touchscreen display to control the machine, but also with the app! Create your own coffee recipes and save them in your personal profile.

This delonghi coffee machine is rated 9.rated 0 out of 10 points with 71 customer reviews. This is another top of the line appliance from de’longhi – so the choice gets harder and harder!

This appliance has a descaling program, which is useful for easy descaling. You still need to perform manual services, but you will be guided through the selection menu.

you can adjust the recipes for strength, volume and temperature. You can easily save them in your profile.

You can’t make two cappuccinos or lattes at the same time. These you put together. The double thermoblock makes it much faster!



The de’longhi primadonna elite ECAM 650.75.MS is a delonghi top of the line coffee maker. You can easily prepare the most delicious coffee recipes such as cappuccino and latte macchiato using the touchscreen display.

Due to the low noise level of 64 decibels, this machine makes significantly less noise than comparable machines.

Unfortunately, you can not prepare two milk specialties at the same time. But you can make a hot chocolate from chocolate cubes. You just put it in the milk container.

Since there is a double thermoblock in the machine, the cappuccinos and lattes are prepared in quick succession. The machine heats milk and coffee at the same time.

With the free coffee link app, you can also easily brew coffee remotely – or customize your coffee.

The durable materials provide an extra long lifetime. This is a machine that will last for years!

DeLonghi coffee maker PRIMADONNA ELITE CAM650.75.MS

Best delonghi espresso machine test: which coffee maker for you?

The best de’longhi espresso machine in 2021 is the de’longhi dedica style EC685.M. This is the best selling and best rated machine. In addition, it is also inexpensive, so accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to make espresso with a portafilter machine!

De’longhi manufactures espresso machines as well as fully automatic coffee machines. A de’longhi portafilter is a solid device that lets you do a lot of things yourself. Note: it takes some time and practice before you can handle such a machine. It is also advisable to see if there is an integrated grinder, otherwise buy it separately!


The best de’longhi espresso machine is the delonghi dedica style EC685.M. This is a small, decent coffee machine. You can also use it to make a cappuccino through the steam tube. Learning to do this takes some work.

You are looking for a high quality basic portafilter with a lot of manual work? Then this delonghi dedica style EC685.M a good buy. make sure you have a separate coffee grinder!

You can brew up to two cups at a time. This means that they include a two-cup sieve holder to put in twice the amount of ground coffee.

The water tank is relatively small, only 1 liter. As a result, this machine needs to be refilled often when used intensively.

This is a good machine if you have never used an espresso machine before. At the beginning it may take some practice, but after a while you will master it immediately!

Best De


With the de’longhi la specialista you get the latest espresso machine from de’longhi. It has only been on the market since late 2021 and is an improved version of the first released la specialista.

With this you get an almost fully automatic espresso machine. You do not have to grind beans yourself. The coffee grinder is built in. The same applies to the automatic tamper and the automatic milking system. You hardly have to do anything yourself!

With a separate tamper, it is difficult to determine how hard you are pressing the coffee. But this built-in automatic tamper does it for you!

That makes this machine a bit like the one from sage. But there you have to manually froth and press the milk. The price of this de’longhi la specialista is not much higher. But it offers you a lot of comfort! Perfect for the inexperienced barista.

3. ECP35.31 (AMAZON]

This de’longhi ECP35.31 is one of the best selling de’longhi espresso machines. It is a small machine without bean grinder. So make sure you still buy it.

Because this espresso machine has a basic quality of workmanship, it does not last as long as piston machines made of, for example, stainless steel.

Use the steam wand to froth up the milk. This can also be just warm milk for a latte.

On top of the delonghi espresso machine you will find a hot plate. This will preheat the cups.

The machine switches off automatically after 9 minutes. The water tank is 1.1 liters and you can adjust the temperature yourself. Another advantage is that this machine is very affordable!



With the relatively old de’longhi icona vintage you buy an espresso machine without built-in grinder. So do not forget to buy a separate coffee grinder.

This delonghi coffee machine is available in 5 different colors. The name says it all! Looking for a retro coffee maker? Then this is a nice example for your kitchen.

You can already heat your cup with a warming plate on the machine. Brew one or two espressos at a time.

The steam tube allows you to prepare delicious milk foam for a cappuccino or a latte macchiato.

In short, this is a coffee maker for a small price and with a nice small design!

Nespresso de’longhi coffee machines

Here you will find all nespresso de’longhi coffee machines from 2021. These are comprehensive nespresso machines. With this you can easily prepare a cup of coffee with capsules. This means you have little maintenance and a relatively inexpensive machine.

Drinking coffee from a capsule machine is something you have to love. The cups are also more expensive per cup of coffee than if you choose coffee beans. Below you will find the best nespresso de’longhi coffee machines!


With the de’longhi lattissima touch you get a lot of coffee machine for little money. You can make the most delicious – and beautiful – cappuccinos or latte macchiatos in the blink of an eye.

Also, the brewing of the coffee takes little time. Your cup of coffee is ready within a minute. And all you need is water and a cup.

You can set the type of coffee you want using the convenient control panel on top of the machine. There are 3 of them preprogrammed in two variants; large and small.

The milk container is enough for 7 cappuccinos in a row. Do you want to put less? then put the milk back in the refrigerator after preparation.

With the automatic rinse function, you can easily rinse the system after each brewing session. So you always have a clean, bacteria-free de’longhi coffee machine!


The nespresso delonghi lattissima one coffee maker was my very first coffee maker. It is a nice small size that fits anywhere. Since the milk container – just like the water container – is quite small, this is a good delonghi coffee machine for a small household.

With just three buttons on the top of the machine, you can brew your cup of coffee with ease. Put a cup in the machine and your coffee is ready in a minute. Choose between espresso, lungo, cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The machine uses the milk in the storage tank. You want to prepare more than one milk specialty? Then you have to charge it or click stop in the meantime.

this de’longhi makes a cappuccino when you fill the milk container half full and a latte macchiato when you fill it completely.

There is little maintenance. Descale once a month. You have to wash the milk system yourself after each use. This is not a good choice for many cappuccinos in a row, but for a small family of two.



With the nespresso gran lattissima EN650.B you get a top-class de’longhi capsule machine. This is the extended version of the above version, the lattissima one.

With the delonghi gran lattissima you have a much larger milk container and more possibilities. So you can easily choose between latte or cappuccino. And you still have milk leftovers in the storage container? Then you just put it in the fridge.

The water reservoir is also larger. This allows you to make up to 10 cappuccinos in a row if your favorite coffee is a milk specialty!

So this is a perfect coffee maker for the office when you really don’t want to bother about a nice cup of coffee. It is one of the most advanced nespresso delonghi coffee machines at a good price!

See the cheapest online store on the right and add it to your shopping cart. Or read the customer reviews!

Why buy a de’longhi coffee maker?

A de’longhi coffee maker is a top of the line machine from a famous coffee maker brand. De’longhi was founded in 1902.

The brand makes your coffee experience even more unique. The complete range of coffee machines should meet all the needs of a coffee drinker. Thanks to the best technology, the most beautiful design and the possibility to adjust the coffee strength, quantity and temperature according to your own taste.

With a delonghi coffee machine you can also make a cup of ground coffee. At the touch of a button, you can also prepare a delicious latte macchiato or cappuccino. Thanks to the often integrated grinding system, you no longer need to buy a coffee grinder.

They have won the reddot award 2018 and 2019 . This award was reserved for the delonghi lattissima one. They also won the good design award for the de’longhi primadonna elite.

Frequently asked questions

The best de’longhi fully automatic coffee machine of 2021 is the de’longhi dinamica ECAM 350.55B.

De’longhi is one of the best brands of coffee machines from 2021. They have many different brewing systems and a wide range of machines. See the complete review here!

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