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Aesthetic teeth from your dental practice Hannover: dental aesthetics for the teeth and the face

Sometimes it’s not so much about the health, but just about the look. Conscious or unconscious – teeth are a very important sympathy factor when we look at our counterpart.

Natural beauty without beautiful teeth does not exist.

In the PODBI344, we have made the aesthetics the basis of our actions – even though the focus is always on health aspects. High-quality, tooth-colored filling material is just as natural for us as crowns and dentures made of metal-free all-ceramic. Learn more about: Dentures from our practice dental laboratory.

Of course, it is not the teeth alone that make the beauty of a face. In the immediate vicinity of the teeth, it is the lips and the contour of the face, which gives us an appealing appearance.

Our dental technicians will advise you competently and take into account your individual wishes. We implement these whenever it is ethically and dental feasible.

We are happy to answer your questions at 0511 562525.

Invisalign go

Slight deformities of the anterior teeth disappear almost unnoticed. With invisible rails (aligners) made of plastic, we bring your teeth back into shape – and no one sees it!


A professional whitening is only available in the dental office. Medical teeth whitening is safe, gentle and successful only with healthy teeth and healthy gums!


The laughter of the Hollywood stars is also in Hanover! Pale-thin ceramic bowls let you shine again. And we pay particular attention to one thing: It has to fit your type!

dental clinic & Dentists Hannover in the PODBI344

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