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Braces for adults

What kind of braces are we??

The braces we offer for adults is the so-called harmony rail. The harmony rail is a transparent, invisible plastic splint for adults and adolescents who are reluctant to wear a metal spike. Its inconspicuousness and easy handling make it the perfect alternative to conventional braces. It does not disturb your speech and does not restrict you in your everyday life. If necessary, this loose braces for adults can be removed at any time.

Course of treatment

After a detailed consultation and first test impressions in our dental practice, you will receive your custom-made splints, which gradually give you a perfect smile.

To correct the misaligned teeth, 4-6 splints are made individually for you, which are changed every 3-4 weeks. The duration of treatment is a total of about 6 months. After correcting the misalignment, a retainer (metal wire) is placed behind the teeth, keeping the new position of the teeth upright.

You are interested in the braces for adults and wish a detailed and free consultation?

Appointments within our opening hours can be arranged via our online form or call us at 069/130 146 880. You will find our dental practice at Rossmarkt 15, at Hauptwache / Goetheplatz in 60311 Frankfurt am Main.

Also take a look at our before / after gallery. See also CMD Crunching Rail.

All the benefits of invisible braces for adults

The harmony rail is an effective means of tooth correction. The braces for adults give you back their radiant smile and offers the following advantages:

  • Aligns crooked teeth straight and thus provides a reliable tooth correction.
  • The braces are invisible and can be easily combined with everyday life and working life.
  • The experience with the clip for adults are consistently positive.
  • The harmony rail is made exclusively in Germany and is a modern and effective correction system.

Costs and further information

The cost of braces for adults can be found in our price overview. The exact prices are also dependent on the degree of malposition and depend on the required number of rails.

For one individual price Just make an appointment and present your problems to the experienced dentists of the DentAL dentist in Frankfurt.

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