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Tips for healthy and beautiful teeth

Combat bad breath and avoid > Posted on September 22, 2016 September 26, 2018 by Rainer Ehrich

Is it every fourth or even every third person? How many people in Germany suffer from bad breath, about the data goes apart. But one thing is certain: there are millions of people. A huge topic that you still do not talk about openly. We do that with this post.

Clean with baking soda – whiter but broken teeth

Radiant, almost supernaturally white, the teeth should be the usual Hollywood beauty ideal. Since it is good if you can use a cheap, fast and always available means for whitening the teeth: baking soda. But beware – do not use baking soda as teeth whitening as this can quickly be dangerous to your health. I’ll explain why.

White teeth with veneers – for a beautiful smile like in Hollywood

We are often unaware of the regular heavy work on our teeth: we drink acidic or discolouring (coffee, tea, maybe a glass of red wine), we bite into crispy bread, chew on pencils, crunch while sleeping, set the teeth possible sports injuries … If the teeth are no longer radiant white or maybe even splintered, veneers help to get a nice smile again.

Anesthesia at the dentist – so patients overcome their fear

If you break out at the thought of the dentist’s sweat, then perhaps belong to the thousands of anxious patients. You would prefer, you do not get anything from the dental treatment? No pain, no pressure? You can be helped with anesthesia by the dentist. Incidentally, this also works without an injection!

No drills in tooth decay – no fear of the dentist

There is hardly a physician who causes a dull feeling in the stomach of so many people as the dentist. Quite a few patients panic a fear when they go to the dentist (must!). And guilt is above all a device: the drill. But what if it does not have to be used – even with tooth decay? I explain that this can work very well.

A visit to a dentist could be almost relaxing, if the nasty sound of the drill is missing …. But with a larger caries, it is unfortunately inevitable to work on the broken parts of the teeth.
The trick is called: early detection. The sooner the first changes in the enamel towards caries are detected, the better they can be repaired. Even without drilling!

Help, my gums retract!

The fatal: It does not hurt at all. And often happens very slowly. Nevertheless, it is risky if you ignore the decline of your gums. Because at the first signs of gum recession can still get a good handle. I explain in this post causes and therapies regarding the retraction of your gums.

Small brush, big impact: that’s what interdental brushes do

Unfortunately, brushing teeth alone is not enough to care for the teeth optimally. The cleaning of the teeth is particularly difficult, especially in the interdental spaces, which does not even reach a good electric toothbrush. Then the handle to the interdental toothbrush can be helpful. I explain to you here how to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

What helps you with pain after professional teeth cleaning

An undesirable side effect, but not so rare, are sensitivities and pain after a professional cleaning. How do these irritations arise? And above all, what can you do to make them disappear quickly??

Professional teeth whitening Home bleaching – the big comparison

Clean, white teeth are a sign of vitality and attractiveness. But through internal and external influences, the teeth become darker with time. In the crystal structure of the enamel, discoloring substances such as nicotine and tannin are deposited. In addition, the teeth change in old age, because degradation products from the blood pigment hemoglobin settle in the tooth substance.

Which home remedies help with gingivitis?

A gingivitis is a treacherous disease – it comes on stealthy, often it is not even associated with pain. This also explains why around 80% of Germans are affected and many do not even realize it. Nevertheless, the consequences can be serious, because a gingivitis – so the term – can be left untreated periodontitis and tooth loss to lead.

In the initial stage, however, it is also possible to control the inflamed gums with prescriptions from the medicine cabinet. Some supporting tools will be presented in this article.

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