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Lifelong a beaming smile

Healthy teeth into old age – who does not dream of it? Already in childhood one preaches how enormously important the dental care is. Dentists and parents are right – proper and regular brushing is critical to achieving the goal of lasting dental health. What you need to consider at home and how you practice Gahmlich & Find colleagues in Hannover for your dental health can be found on this page.

Dental care – what does this term actually include? Tooth care is much more than the usual brushing with the toothbrush. All important information and important treatments at your dental team Gahmlich & Colleagues learn here. Learn even more important facts about the proper care of your teeth.

New quality of life

Dental health means quality of life

Healthy teeth are first and foremost an aesthetic aspect to many people. Deformed teeth with missing teeth can have a negative impact on self-esteem for sufferers. In the worst case, this can also lead to social withdrawal, which is usually associated with problems in language education caused by missing teeth. Gastric digestion problems can also be caused by severely damaged cavities, proving that dental problems affect the entire body.

The consequences of bad dental care

Consequences of neglected dental care

If the teeth are intact, you hardly notice them, only when they start to hurt, you realize how important dental health really is. Because the consequences of neglected teeth are not to be underestimated. Direct consequences of neglected dental care are caries and periodontitis, which in extreme cases can also be causes of tooth loss.

If a patient is affected by missing teeth, he usually has quite a few complaints. These include u.a. the problems of word formation and food intake already described. Missing teeth in the jaw can lead to bone loss, even to bone loss. A disorder of the functions of the temporomandibular joint and unbalanced load on the muscles of mastication often causes additional severe pain.

Tips from the professional

You can do that for your dental health

Every adult should take care of daily dental care to avoid these risks from the beginning. We recommend the practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover not only to use a toothbrush, but also to floss and interdental brushes to guarantee a comprehensive dental hygiene. It is very important, in addition to the proper care of the teeth, also the diet. It should be noted that extremely sugary drinks stick to the teeth for a particularly long time and can quickly lead to tooth decay.

Regular appointments for prophylaxis can greatly support dental care at home and thus contribute to the goal of permanently healthy teeth.

Consultation in our practice

The practice Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover help with proper dental care

As your dentist advises the practice Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover like to know a lot about the right dental hygiene, because many patients are unaware of the importance of this topic. Individual consultations and discussions of the diagnosis are very important to us before appropriate treatment steps are discussed. Our goal is to safeguard your health.

To achieve this, the practice offers Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hannover treatments for prophylaxis, treatment of paradontitis, tooth preservation and to improve or restore the dental health.

Prophylactic examination – what is it??

The term summarizes various forms of treatment for the prevention of oral and dental diseases.

This includes the examination of oral hygiene status. This measures the degree of dental deposits, thus demonstrating to the patient how successful his dental care really is. For this the method of staining is used, which is a common form especially for children, to make the residues visible.

After the oral hygiene status is usually followed by a professional teeth cleaning. Here, the interdental spaces are cleaned, soft and hard plaque is removed and the teeth are polished. To strengthen the tooth enamel and counteract tooth decay, a fluoride paste is applied. If there are indications of tooth or gum disease, the exact finding is diagnosed and, if necessary, a follow-up treatment agreed. In order to optimize dental care, the practice recommends Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover to have such an investigation done every six months.

Caries as a consequence

Periodontal disease and tooth decay as a result of neglected dental care

Bacterial infections can make patients suffer from periodontitis – and this is not uncommon. Goal of our practice Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover are not only keeping the health of their teeth clean, but also the entire mouth, including tissue. In order to prevent periodontal disease, proper dental and oral care is essential. This daily care should be ensured through regular prophylaxis sessions in practice. Gahmlich & Colleagues are optimally supplemented.

Periodontitis is a bacterial inflammation of the gum tissue that causes periodontal pockets. The disease is detected in our practice in Hannover by means of periodontal screening index, so an early measure can prevent the spread of periodontitis. After a precise diagnosis, X-ray or 3D images, there are various ways to treat the disease. Often the complaints of those affected can be remedied with the help of individual antibiotic doses. If a non-operative procedure does not bring the desired success, the periodontitis can also be treated surgically by a dentist.


The result of neglected dental care is caries disease in most cases. Triggered by excessive sugar consumption, the bacteria in the mouth begin to produce acid. Due to the increased acid concentration of the enamel is attacked – it breaks down on lime and holes are formed. Quickly arise complaints, such as increased Temperaturempflindlichkeit.

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