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  • Zahnklinik Kronenwiese AG is a Company limited by shares (AG) with its legal headquarters in Wolfhalden. Zahnklinik Kronenwiese AG belongs to the industry «Operation of medical and dental practices» and is currently active.
  • There are 2 active persons registered in the management.
  • Under «SOGC notifications» you will find all commercial register changes, the most recent one was made on 24.12.2010.
  • In the commercial register the company Zahnklinik Kronenwiese AG is registered under the UID CHE-115.731.610.
  • On the same address as Zahnklinik Kronenwiese AG there are 2 other active companies registered. These include: dermalinaHANDEL GmbH, Jürgen Peter Event-Consulting.

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Kronenwiese 11639427 Wolf heaps

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U >CHE-115.731.610

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Dental Clinic Kronenwiese AG

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Newest SOGC notifications: Dental Clinic Kronenwiese AG

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Publication number: 5958252, Commercial Registry Office Appenzell A. Rh., (300)

Praxis Kronenwiese AG, Wolfhalden, CH-300.3.016.667-8, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No. 110 dated 10.06.2010, p. 3, Publ. 5669634).

Company new:Zahnklinik Kronenwiese AG.

Publication number: 5669634, Commercial Registry Office Appenzell A. Rh., (300)

Praxis Kronenwiese AG, in Wolfhalden, CH-300.3.016.667-8, Kronenwiese 1163, 9427 Wolfhalden, Aktiengesellschaft (new registration).

Purpose: The purpose of the company is to operate a dental practice. The Company may: – enter into all commercial, financial and other transactions and conclude contracts directly or indirectly related to its purpose; – establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad; – acquire, encumber, dispose of and manage real estate in Switzerland and abroad; – provide financing for its own account or for the account of third parties and enter into guarantees and sureties for subsidiaries and third parties; – acquire, manage and dispose of securities and industrial property rights.

Share capital:CHF 100’000.00.

Payment of share capital:CHF 100’000.00.

Shares:10’000 registered shares at CHF 10.00.

Qualified facts: Contribution in kind / acquisition of assets: When the company is founded, it takes over the business of the sole proprietorship Dr. med. dent. Per Abbing, in Wolfhalden, in accordance with the agreement dated 01.06.2010 and the takeover balance sheet as at 31.12.2009 with assets of CHF 334,484.73 and liabilities of CHF 117,126.90, for which 10,000 registered shares of CHF 10 each are issued and CHF 117,357.83 credited as a receivable.

Publication organ:SHAB. Notifications to shareholders shall be made in a form that allows proof to be furnished by text, namely by letter, telex, fax and e-mail to the addresses listed in the share register.

Transfer restrictions: The transferability of registered shares is limited in accordance with the Articles of Association. According to the declaration of the Board of Directors dated 01.06.2010, the company is not subject to an ordinary audit and waives a limited audit.

Registered persons: Abbing, Per, Swedish citizen, in Wolfhalden, Chairman of the Board of Directors, individually signed; Abbing, Sabine, of Basel and Busswil near Büren, in Wolfhalden, member of the Board of Directors, collectively signed by two persons.

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