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And again P!NK drummer Mark Schulman! With no drummer have we done more than with Mark Schulman. There are two reasons for this: He is internationally one of the hottest live drummers of the biggest acts in the world (Pink, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, Sheryl Crow, Cher, Velvet Revolver, Foreigner, Frank Gambale, Udo Lindenberg, Destiny’s Child and many more and also goes on tour with Japanese rock stars!), so he is on tour a lot and therefore inevitably makes a stop in the df locations and holds workshops on his off days. But Mark has also become a close buddy of Cloy, independent of df-workshops, who also lives privately for three to four days with Cloy and Muriel at home, where he has his own room, so to speak :)

This is also the case on these days, when Mark lives with Cloy between 6 and 10 February and gives three complete days of private lessons in df-Munich and df-Stuttgart. We do not have many photos of this stay, but you will find them in the df-Chrono: see March 1996, March 1997, December 2006, July 2007 and February 2008 :)

VIPs and friends

Some can hardly be distinguished from others in connection with drummer’s focus and the manifold activities around a drum school and have grown together seamlessly over the years! That’s what happened at dinner with Gil Ofarim at Muriel’s and Cloy Petersen’s house. The topic was: “Do you know a good dentist?” Ooooh… BINGO! Into the black! Cloy has three old North German friends who run the nation’s largest dental clinic called “Smiledesigner” with 15 dentists and 60 MTAs! All the celebrities were already there! So let’s go! Gil and Cloy have a super relaxed trip (MUC > Bremen > rental car > Bremerhaven), both go to the dentist, live in the Hotel Atlantic in the Sail-City below and start in the evening with the friends the fat party in the Lloyds opposite :)

A bit of advertising for the dental clinic Smiledesigner can’t hurt at this point! Chief and owner Jan Linneweber is the coolest dental doc in the world! You can’t feel a single syringe with him! If someone is looking for a VERY cool Rock’n’Roll dentist, then come to him with a nice greeting from Cloy.

VIPs and friends

Gil Ofarim’s father Abi invites us privately to his book presentation. Abi Ofarim brings out his biography “Licht und Schatten” with a lot of press hype and presents it to the public at a party with invited VIPs on 10 April 2010. The venue is the Munich “Kalypso”, a few meters away from drummer’s focus. At Calypso, actor Torsten Münchow reads extracts from the book in a thrilling way. In between there will be musical accompaniment with Abi, his two sons, ROB-Blues guitarist Robert Kopetz and df teacher Thomas Bittner at the Cajon. The band rehearsed once before at the df. At the highlight of the evening Abi spontaneously called Cloy Petersen to the stage to accompany the third encore “Nagila Hava” on the Cajon. The anyway not so big Kalypso raged and burst at the seams with over 300 guests! The evening ended with everyone on stage and 15-16 VIPs and friends (among them Tommy Fuchsberger, Cornelia Corba and the actresses/singers Allessa Olvedy and Judith Hildebrand) at 7am at Muriel and Cloy Petersen’s home, who live a few meters away…


drummer’s focus München in cooperation with Just-Drums brings the fantastic Jan Delay drummer Jost Nickel to the stage of Just-Music München! Jost was recently on tour in Germany with Jan Delay (a few days before the workshop at Zenith Munich) and his tour stories were all still fresh! VERY nice anecdotes from the life of a German tour and studio drummer! Jost’s playing is extremely intense and expressive. A df teacher would say “dense” and very modern :)

Anyway, it was a very exciting and entertaining workshop with Jost Nickel at full house and a very nice following evening with /

VIPs and friends

Please see above the post with Gil Ofarim 26 February. This went faster than planned: Gil came back so excited about his stay in Bremerhaven and the dental treatment at the dental clinic Smiledesigner, that his father Abi Ofarim wanted to go to Cloy’s North German friends SOON! So “same procedure”: MUC > Bremen > Rental car > Bremerhaven > Teeth > Atlantic > Party… and back ;-) / /

Abi was no less enthusiastic than his son Gil a few weeks earlier. Since Cloys Bremerhaven friends are also passionate musicians and play in amateur bands, guitar and Cajon were of course spontaneously ready for a session with world star Abi Ofarim and Cloy Petersen on the evening of May 7th at Lloyds ;-) Abi entertained the whole restaurant after a few minutes until 2am and there were standing ovations! Once again such a legendary night, which you won’t forget and which is annoying why there is no TV station with cameras… at least the mayor of the neighbouring town Langen was there… something ;-))

VIPs and friends

On May 7th on the return flight Bremen > MUC the day before (see above) Abi to Cloy: “What are you doing tomorrow?”… “I visit Matthias Jabs and get a pass for the Scorpions concert tomorrow…” ;-)

That’s exactly what happened. Of course Abi wanted to come with us… see the photo in the guitar shop of Matthias Jabs called “MJ-Guitars” in Munich-Giesing at Pariser Platz as well as some impressions of the Scorpions farewell concert in the Munich Olympiahalle on 8 May 2010. Horny Mugge… BIG above all!

Anniversary in Markdorf

Reinhold’s Drum-Shop celebrates its 20th anniversary and Andy Witte meets (again) Manni von Bohr.

Mark Schulman also stops at drummer’s focus Cologne, here for the third time.

The rehearsals for the production of the “Funhouse Summer Carnival” open-air tour of superstar P!NK had taken place in Cologne – how practical :-) On the day of the premiere show Mark still finds time and leisure to give some private lessons, before he performs in front of 30.000 fans at the Rheinenergiestadion in the evening.

studio session

And once again PINK drummer Mark Schulman… Please read a few lines higher, what is written at “7.-9. February” under “private lessons”… otherwise we could repeat ourselves here ;-)

During his Pink tour on 14 July 2010, Pink drummer Mark Schulman will record twelve tracks for a producer from Las Palmas, who travels to Munich especially for this purpose, at the Munich recording studio “Studio 6.01”. During the whole studio work drummer’s focus students are allowed to participate and listen. Mark Schulman easily plays the twelve tracks on pre-produced tracks, which he had heard for the first time before (that’s the usual way), and then sounded as if all his life he had been occupied only with these tracks. The whole thing after a night of bad sleep in the travelling tour bus of PINK from Nice to Munich (twelve hours) with arrival at the Bayerischer Hof at 1 pm. Unfortunately we only have this one souvenir photo of this day, but as I said, please read above. we’ll repeat ourselves otherwise ;-))

Concert and backstage visit

Cloy and Muriel Petersen visit the concert of Blind Guardian at Zenith Munich. The bass is played by Oliver Holzwarth, brother of drummer’s focus teacher Alex Holzwarth. Everyone meets backstage after the concert.

The brothers Oliver and Alex Holzwarth are both permanent band members of Rhapsody of Fire.

Concert and backstage visits

Cloy and Muriel Petersen are invited by the drummer Flo Dauner to the concert of the Fantastic Four in the Olympic Hall. A big cinema will be the concert with a specially constructed stage, where the musicians can be driven up and down like in a lift.

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