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The cost to the dentist

The cost of treatment at the dentist can vary widely in Germany. The price differences concern both the actual performance of the dentist (i.e. the dentist’s fee) and the possible performance of suppliers such as dental laboratories.

Dentist fees

Basically, a dentist is bound by the so-called GOZ (fee schedule for dentists) and can only invoice a certain fee rate regulated in the GOZ per individual service. However, since the “level of difficulty” of a particular treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient, the dentist has the option of using a so-called lever set. Specifically, this means that he can multiply the fee rate set in the GOZ by a factor.

A very cheap dentist could, for example, apply a factor of "1" to a treatment in simple circumstances, so that the fee rate specified in the fee schedule would be multiplied by 1. In contrast, an "expensive" dentist can apply a factor of 3.5 or even higher in complex treatment circumstances. This means that the cost of the treatment will be significantly more expensive. For example, if the cost note to be billed according to GOZ is 100 euros, the dentist would bill 100 euros in the first case, but 350 euros in the second case. It is therefore very important that the dentist explicitly explains to the patient why he uses which lever set as part of a medical and cost plan. If you are unsure whether the lever set is justified, you should definitely visit another dentist and get a second opinion or a second offer. In addition to the dentist fee, which determines the cost of treatment, there are also laboratory costs.

Dental laboratory costs

Since dentists often tie themselves to a single laboratory (since they are also responsible for ensuring that the laboratory does a very good job), the total price of a dentist’s treatment depends very much on the choice of the dental laboratory. In recent years there have been some laboratories that have the time-consuming work steps carried out, for example, in Eastern Europe or Asia and can thus offer laboratory work in some cases at a significantly lower price. However, it is questionable whether this laboratory work really has the same quality level as a laboratory work that comes from a laboratory that works near the dentist and thus, for example, when determining color or the like. can also see the patient personally.

If you are unsure whether the costs calculated by your dentist on the so-called healing and cost plan are justified, you should definitely get a second opinion from another dentist or carry out a dentist price comparison online.

About the individual treatments and their costs:

Please note that these are only estimates and the costs can vary significantly from dentist to dentist.

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