Dental Crowns Berlin, what do dental crowns cost, how long do dental crowns last?

Dental Crowns Berlin, what do dental crowns cost, how long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns in Berlin – in the dental practice Dr. med. med. dent. Khasin & Colleagues will advise you well

Accidents or root canal treatment may cause teeth discoloration or instability. Tooth crowns can be a solution to restore an aesthetically pleasing tooth structure and stability. There are different types of dental crowns that we can offer you in our practice in Berlin. Together with you, we develop a treatment concept that meets your aesthetic and financial requirements. For example, we use the following crowns in our practice in Berlin:

  • Full cast or veneer crowns
  • Part and pen crowns
  • Ceramic crowns
  • telescopic crowns

We are looking for a solution that suits you individually.

Why do you need dental crowns??

Dental crowns serve primarily to replace a missing tooth crown and cover any damage. A dental crown can make the tooth more stable and return it to its original shape. Crowns that are used in the anterior region can be exactly adapted to the natural tooth color. Dental crowns are also an aesthetically optimal solution. In principle, every tooth can be crowned. The only requirement is that the tooth root still sits firmly in the jaw. The gums must also be intact and healthy.

When will dental crowns be necessary??

In addition to the already mentioned aesthetic aspect, there are other reasons that may speak for the use of dental crowns in Berlin. If, for example, the tooth crown is already damaged to such an extent that a filling is no longer sufficient, a crown can be considered. Other reasons that may speak for a crowning of the teeth:

    • Placing a bridge (crowning of abutment teeth)
    • Root canal treatment (stability of the tooth crown decreases)
    • Malposition of the teeth
    • genetic dental defects

    Dental crown material – from which material tooth crowns are made?

    Similar to a bridge, even with a dental crown, the material can be quite different. Especially in the anterior region, for example, dental crowns made of ceramic and precious metal can be used. These can be adapted very well to the own tooth color. But there are also dental crowns where no metal is used. Further variants are dental crowns made of precious metal-free and precious metal-free materials. Together with you we will find the right material for your dental crown. Also for allergy sufferers there are suitable materials.

    What is the best material for dental crowns?

    In practice, the material has proven to be full ceramic, because it is stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. There is a wide range of dental materials that are made of ceramics. As a material for dental crowns, for example, glass, alumina or Zirkonoxidkeramiken can be used. We are happy to give you more information in a first consultation, which material could be the best for your dental crown.

    From when must or should dental crowns be renewed?

    There are certain reasons that can cause a renewal of dental crowns. These include, for example, defective dental crowns, which have cracks or broken corners. Even loosely fitting, wobbly dental crowns may necessitate a change. It is important that you approach our practice in Berlin as early as possible in the event of these problems. Sometimes the tooth crown does not necessarily have to be changed, it can be repaired.

    Further questions about dental crowns at a glance

    In connection with dental crowns, many questions still crop up, which can be answered in advance. Below we have listed the most common questions and answers that arise in connection with dental crowns.

    How long do tooth crowns last??

    Basically, high quality dental crowns between 15 and 25 years can remain in the mouth. The durability of dental crowns depends on the material and other factors. Gum disease, which may be present as soon as you set the crown or after it, can affect its durability. An unclean crown edge can also lead to the tooth crown having to be changed. In this case, deposits can form on the edge or bacteria penetrate into the interior. Even nocturnal teeth grinding can adversely affect the durability.

    What do dental crowns cost??

    The amount of costs for dental crowns in Berlin depends on the material used and the type of crown. For a solid or metal crown you have to expect a cost of about 650 euros. A veneer crown based on a gold alloy can be a bit more expensive. In this case, the costs for the dental crown are between 700 and 800 euros. In a first consultation in our practice in Berlin, we can tell you more about the cost of dental crowns.

    Which dental crowns does the health insurance company take over??

    The health insurance generally pays only a fixed subsidy for dental crowns, which is based on the recommended standard care. Basically, the fixed subsidy of the health insurance is 50 percent, regardless of the type of dental crown. The bonus booklet containing the regular check-ups may increase the grant a little. Just take a look at our dental practice in Berlin and inform yourself about dental crowns and their possibilities.

    Do you have questions about tooth crowns? Need an appointment?

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